10 Things to Like About America as It Relates to Education

By: Maury Cook | Aug 24, 2016

Every time I take a look at the news on the internet someone is painting a “doomsday” view of American education. I recently read an article about the PISA scores in which America ranks about 30th. We are being compared to other countries that have either greater populations, greater value ...
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Text Coding for Struggling Readers

By: Michelle Areaux | Aug 24, 2016

All educators are thrown different reading strategies that are supposed to close the gap with our reluctant and struggling readers. Every year it seems a new and powerful method is developed that will be the saving grace all teachers dream for. As wonderful as that sounds, many of us understand ...
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5 Trends in Professional Development We Must Think About

By: Jon Konen | Aug 23, 2016

We know that professional development of a teaching staff is the number one strategy to increase student achievement. In fact, I believe in it so much that I devote over 1/3 of my budget on professional development. Looking at the ways in which teachers like to receive the professional development ...
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The Power Of Positive Thought

By: Maury Cook | Aug 22, 2016

Michael Jordan was cut from his basketball team around his sophomore year of high school. Imagine if he had listened to the person who told him he was not good enough and decided to play baseball instead. What would the outcome have been? Would Air Jordan exist? I wonder…. As ...
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By: Mary McLaughlin | Aug 22, 2016

Dear parents and caregivers of school-aged children: As we look toward the beginning of a new school year, I task you to be bold in challenging your children to be better humans as a goal to achieve during this school year. Strike that. Instead, I task you with encouraging your children, ...
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Unpacking Your Heart

By: Mary McLaughlin | Aug 22, 2016

It is the first of August. My school year ended in late May and resumes August 15. I successfully completed my first year in a new school, in a new district. I was blessed to make many wonderful friends, find my place, resume my passion, reignite my calling, the sound of ...
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212 Degrees of Customer Service in Education

By: Jon Konen | Aug 17, 2016

Dr. Bill Daggett preaches, “Culture trumps strategy!” How do we get our whole school to focus on culture? Let’s take the school’s temperature…If 100 degree is warm, than 212 degrees is boiling! Customer service in education may not seem foreign to many educators, but this is what we do every ...
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3 Keys To Building Mental Toughness In Our Children

By: Maury Cook | Aug 9, 2016

I visited my good friend Norma this weekend. Norma is an incredible woman who lives alone in the mountains on her small ranch, miles from the nearest town and hospital. Her long- time companions are her faithful dogs, farmyard chickens and the 50 head of cattle she raises year round. ...
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5 Strategies to Teach Children Patience That My Dad Taught Me

By: Jon Konen | Aug 8, 2016

Can you teach patience? I think you can! Having an amazing dad that is the epitome of patience has taught me a lot. Staff members wonder why I don’t get rattled when a kid yells, screams, or even tries to throw stuff at me when they are frustrated. It goes ...
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A New Normal – Explaining Loss to Child with Special Needs

By: Mary McLaughlin | Aug 1, 2016

Last week I enjoyed the best kind (in my mind) of vacation:  a beach vacation. The opportunity to sit and watch the waves crash to shore in a pulsing, cacophonous, capacious rhythm which makes my heart happy, my mind relax, and my body become serenely placid. Ahh…the joys of getting ...
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