The “Not-So Dreaded” End of the Year Evaluation: 3 Reasons Why Principals Should Celebrate You!

By: Jon Konen | May 22, 2018

How many teachers actually look forward to sitting down with their boss to review their performance? Evaluations at the end of the year may be dreaded by some teachers. As a principal, I have been on both sides of this conversation. Let’s back up, there is something wildly wrong with the ...
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Dear Students… Here are the 5 Big Ideas I Hope You Learned This Year

By: Amy Konen | May 21, 2018

It’s that time of the year where my students are tested to death.  They have state testing, end of year testing, MAP (Measured Academic Progress) testing, end of unit testing and all of us are overwhelmed by it.  With all this testing to see what my students learned, how much ...
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5 Reasons All Educators Should Be Recruiting the Next Crop of Teachers

By: Jon Konen | May 17, 2018

I recently watched a presentation in my own school where the students were signing for their Spring Music Concert. One of the songs they chose was Hall of Fameby the band, The Script. The lyrics in the song are powerful as they pronounce what profession they are going to be, “Be ...
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7 Strategies to Combat Community Opposition to Public Schools

By: Jon Konen | May 7, 2018

It is not a secret that our public schools are under more scrutiny and they are held to higher levels of accountability than ever before. I would like to believe public educators are not afraid of accountability. We believe in setting standards and expectations for all students and all staff ...
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When Special Education Students Die: How It’s Affected Me and How I’m Coping

By: Mary McLaughlin | May 2, 2018

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon here in N.E. Arkansas. The weather was beautiful. The sky was a clear blue with those fluffy white clouds which let us know Spring is here and Summer will make its warm presence known very soon. It was a great day to sit outside ...
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A Principal’s 12,000 Steps

By: Jon Konen | Apr 30, 2018

DISCLAIMER: This article has no intent to brag about what we do as principals. The purpose is to illustrate to the public, what most principals do on a daily basis. The job has changed and continues to evolve! The concept of a principal from years past, sitting at their desk ...
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My Special Ed Students and Special Needs Son Come First… But I’m a Close Second

By: Mary McLaughlin | Apr 20, 2018

I teach Special Education. Is that really a THING to teach? It has forever sounded so awkward to me when people asked what I do for a living. I mean, how does one TEACH someone Special Education? Over the years, I’ve learned to say, “I work as a Special Education ...
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What is the Harkness Discussion? … Why I’ve Embraced this Method and How It’s Worked for Me

By: Michelle Areaux | Apr 19, 2018

If you are like me, you are always trying to find new and innovative ways to get your students engaged in your lesson...or at least to buy into what you are teaching. The daily “sit and get” or the constant shuffling of stations can grow tiresome. One new learning style ...
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8 Ways Teachers Can Build School Culture with the Support of Their Principal

By: Jon Konen | Apr 17, 2018

What attracts teachers to specific schools? You will hear a myriad of responses, but most likely, it comes back to culture. Who wants to be in a school where the culture is toxic? You can walk into such a school and know that relationships, respect, and trust are not valued. ...
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