If You’re a Teacher Thinking About Moving, There are 8 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself (and Your Heart) Before Making the Decision

By: Jon Konen | Mar 23, 2021

Here I sit in the hospital thinking about how many times I have been here. Staff at the hospital know me from frequent trips here over the past twenty years. My dad turned 90 this past week and I can’t thank the Benefis Hospital in Great Falls, Montana enough as ...
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11 Strategies Teachers Can Use to Deal With Difficult Adults

By: Jon Konen | Mar 9, 2021

Wouldn’t you like to never talk to or be around certain people ever again? Your brain wants to tell your mouth so many things, but as an educator, you need to show unbelievable restraint. In the job you get to experience the joy of being able to work with some amazing ...
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Teacher Self Care: 5 Strategies for Giving Yourself Time to Recoup… So You’re Able to Give More of Yourself

By: Jon Konen | Mar 2, 2021

Have you heard of the saying, “Covid Fatigue?” Imagine a classroom full of students with bright eyes and happy faces. All the students are dancing in the classroom and singing a song about obtuse, acute, right, and straight angles. Their arms stretched out matching the type of triangle in which they ...
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As Politics Cloud the Conversation About How to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19, Educators are Caught In the Middle

By: Jon Konen | Feb 18, 2021

6 Reasons to Be Compassionate with Teachers As We Follow Guidelines for Mitigating the Spread of COVID-19   “Sympathy leads to empathy, which in turn supports people acting with compassion!” a quote that I use often. I first heard about this continuum from Pete Hall and Kristen Sauers in their book titled, ...
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As We Begin Year Two of the Pandemic, It’s Time to Talk About the Mental Health of Our Students and Teachers

By: Mary McLaughlin | Feb 8, 2021

Last week my school’s second semester began. My paraprofessional and I were talking about how time flies when I said, “I feel like we’re all doing okay. Everyone’s working their guts out, but we’re halfway to summer vacation. Dang, we’re good.” She just stared at me.  The pregnant pause was just ...
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“If not us, then who?” – 7 Reasons Why Remote Learning Options NEED to Be a Permanent Part of Public Education

By: Jon Konen | Feb 2, 2021

  “Never let a good crisis go to waste…” – Winston Churchill We can fight the idea of remote learning becoming a mainstay in public education. In fact, it’s pretty easy to pick on. We know it isn’t as strong a method of instruction as compared to learning onsite and face to ...
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Teaching is Not a Job. It’s a Calling…

By: Brian Miller | Jan 6, 2021

“What keeps you going? What encourages you? Why haven’t you quit?” I read those lines a few days ago in a book entitled, Leading with a Limp by Dan Allender and instantly underlined them. Not because I’m ready to turn in my keys, but because I know a lot of educators ...
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Rising Above the Pandemic to Make the Rest of the School Year Great for the Students We Teach

By: Mary McLaughlin | Dec 29, 2020

Winter break is finally here and I’m exhausted. My colleagues are worn out. My administrators are ready for a rest. We’re pooped. But we feel a sense of satisfaction that in a year that will go on record as the ultimate crapfest, we’ve done our best to make it as ...
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As This Year Continues and the Pandemic Grows, Listening Is the Greatest Tool an Educator Can Wield

By: Brian Miller | Oct 13, 2020

“Everyone just seems to be on edge,” the father told me from his driver side window. I was walking home from work and one of my senior parents had stopped me to ask about how things were going. I met him in the road. “Pretty great, considering the circumstances,” I ...
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