24 Future Forward Ideas: Part 1 in a 4-Part Series Exploring Practical Strategies for Better Teaching Based on What We Learned in 2020-21

By: Jon Konen | Jul 27, 2021

Part 1 of 4: Before We Rush to Get Back to Normal   “In a rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth getting back to.” -Author and life coach, Dave Hollis Before we rush back to normal, let’s stay here and reflect on what we ...
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We Did the Math on What a Teaching Degree Will Earn You Over the Life of Your Career. Here’s What We Found…

By: Brian Miller | Jul 14, 2021

Your guide to nailing down exactly what you’ll spend earning a teaching degree, and the actual dollar value of that education over the course of your career.   Okay, okay… we know that no one goes into teaching to get rich. You do it because you love it, because there’s a warm ...
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Ever Wonder What Your Teacher Benefits Are Really Worth?

By: Jon Konen | Jun 30, 2021

Your Complete Guide to Understanding What Your Healthcare Coverage, Pension and Other Teacher Benefits are Worth in Real Dollars.   Even if you’re not a teacher or planning to be one, it’s not likely you missed the big national debate about teacher compensation over the years. Public opinion on education spending is complicated. ...
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This Summer, Give Yourself Permission to Get the R&R You Deserve

By: Brian Miller | Jun 30, 2021

Sometimes, when I don’t feel like going to work, I wear my grandfather’s tie. Other times, when I know I will have a difficult meeting with parents or am struggling to trust in the goodness of humanity, I wear my grandfather’s tie. When fears of failure or prolonged defeat tie ...
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Top 6 Reasons Why 2020-21 Was the Worst School Year Ever… and Why Next Year Will Be Better

By: Jon Konen | Jun 22, 2021

Never has a school year given us so much to gripe about… and never has summer break brought such a feeling of sweet relief. In the past week since school closed, it’s been nothing but sunshine and margaritas as I slip into the bliss of morning hikes, beach days and ...
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Top 10 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Got As a Graduating Senior

By: Jon Konen | Jun 7, 2021

Giving a graduation speech or any speech can be stressful. In fact, it’s the number one fear out there! A recent National Institute for Mental Health survey showed a full 75% of people said it’s the thing they dread the most. Public speaking ranked even higher than death in some ...
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Prom Night for Our Special Needs Students – How We Brought a Little Magic to a Difficult School Year

By: Mary McLaughlin | Apr 20, 2021

When we were at the early heights of the pandemic, I was granted a transfer from my long-held elementary special education gig to one at my district’s high school. I would go from working with students who were, for the most part, in need of significant academic support to working ...
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If You’re a Teacher Thinking About Moving, There are 8 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself (and Your Heart) Before Making the Decision

By: Jon Konen | Mar 23, 2021

Here I sit in the hospital thinking about how many times I have been here. Staff at the hospital know me from frequent trips here over the past twenty years. My dad turned 90 this past week and I can’t thank the Benefis Hospital in Great Falls, Montana enough as ...
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11 Strategies Teachers Can Use to Deal With Difficult Adults

By: Jon Konen | Mar 9, 2021

Wouldn’t you like to never talk to or be around certain people ever again? Your brain wants to tell your mouth so many things, but as an educator, you need to show unbelievable restraint. In the job you get to experience the joy of being able to work with some amazing ...
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