The Toilet Paper Caper: Why We Should Celebrate our Janitors

By: Jon Konen | Nov 6, 2018

31 cameras later and I refuse to use them to solve the Toilet Paper Caper! We have cameras in just about every location on our school campus. We have solved many problems by reviewing the tape. We have a camera in the hallway outside of our main bathroom. The camera ...
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Musings of Vulnerability From a Fifty-Something Special Ed Teacher… and Step-Parent of a Person With Special Needs

By: Mary McLaughlin | Nov 1, 2018

It is 11:43 a.m. and I am ready for bed. Today is Saturday. My husband, a paramedic, is working day one of his two day shift. My husband is a wonderful man.  Actually, the best. How many wives do you know who get in their car after school to see a dozen ...
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How a Fishing Derby Led to New Friends and New Insights About Making Sure Students with Autism Aren’t Left Out

By: Mary McLaughlin | Oct 29, 2018

Today my friend’s child’s school went fishing. Imagine this:  a group of five hundred kids, all seven and eight years old. They are at a fully stocked pond at a scenic park situated amongst rolling hills, beautiful woods, and adjacent to a couple of lakes. The sky is beautifully blue. The air is ...
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7 Reasons Why I Am Humbled to Win the NDP Award as told By My Elementary Students – Part 1

By: Jon Konen | Oct 12, 2018

Humbled to say the least – let me start out by saying there are much better principals out there than me…many in my own school district. I recently was honored to win the 2018 National Distinguished Principal (NDP) Award from the National Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals (NAESP). One ...
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A 5th Grade Teacher’s Guide to Surviving October

By: Amy Konen | Oct 10, 2018

It is October and I sit here wondering if I am doing enough for my students. Am I providing enough for them to be ready for 6th grade by the end of this year? Am I giving them knowledge, strategies, friendships, and hopefully, good memories of this year? My own reflections ...
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Twice Exceptional Students: Understanding What Makes Them Unique and What Will Help Them Connect

By: Mary McLaughlin | Oct 1, 2018

Some storms are expected… Hurricane Florence has dominated the news for the past few weeks. Florence was expected to dump up to 40 inches of rain.  Wind damage and flooding were projected to be residual with an extreme physical and financial toll for victims. Hurricane winds were projected to be upwards of 100+ ...
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11 Ways Football is Your Classroom

By: Jon Konen | Sep 25, 2018

If you love football and you love teaching like me, I tend to find similarities at every turn. This article is meant to encourage discussion during any football or educator gathering. This article is not meant to make you a football expert, or an armchair quarterback, but it can be ...
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How an Old Teacher Learned to Survive in a New Position Where Cattiness and Cliques Rule

By: Mary McLaughlin | Sep 13, 2018

My good friend Marti had a very nice job in a district near her home. She was a Special Education Teacher in a self-contained classroom. Her ten students were moderately to mildly disabled. Two of her kids were medically fragile but in stable health. Marti was very connected to her students’ ...
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8 Things to Think About As You Start the School Year

By: Jon Konen | Sep 4, 2018

As you start school this year, do you feel you are more efficient than last year? What makes us feel better after we get more years under our belt? Starting my second decade of education…I can’t believe it. Many of you have been around longer than then that, but most of ...
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