7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Teaching Degree Program

By: Teacher.org Staff | Aug 15, 2023

women teaching young children at a atable
Being a teacher is one of the most meaningful careers one can pursue. Few people have the influence that teachers do when it comes to shaping the lives of young people and helping them mature into productive members of society. When you decide to be a teacher, choosing the right teaching ...
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Teachers vs. Tech: Putting an Old Adversary to Good Use

By: Sam Medley | Aug 9, 2023

girls in computer lab coding
Since the first clunky cell phone rang in a silent classroom, technology’s place in education has been hotly debated. Does its potential for good outweigh its potential for disruption? Do kids need more screen time than they already get at home? Is educational technology actually beneficial or is it just ...
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AI and The Classroom

By: Jack Levinson | Aug 2, 2023

teacher pointing at computer screen
If you’ve been following recent developments in technology – or even if you haven’t – it’s likely you’ve heard about the growing prominence of artificial intelligence. Once the subject of sci-fi novels and speculative tech studies, AI has recently taken the world by storm, with implications for professionals in all sorts of ...
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Side Hustles for Teachers

By: Jack Levinson | Aug 2, 2023

earning extra money
For those working in education, money is rarely the primary motivation. Worldwide, teachers are underpaid and are driven by passion and dedication to their students. In spite of this commendable effort, most people need additional income to support themselves and their families. It can be sobering for some who are considering ...
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Empowering Educators: Adapting Modern Teaching Degree Programs to Current Education Policies

By: Teacher.org Staff | Jul 17, 2023

A teacher conducts online classes indoors, adapting teaching degree programs to match current education policies.
Empowering Educators: Adapting Modern Teaching Degree Programs to Current Education Policies Educating children requires individuals with a special set of abilities to undertake the delicate process. It is also a process that is constantly changing and evolving. We continue to learn more and more about how children learn best, and school ...
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Engineering Success: Breathing New Life into STEM Education in Rural Alabama

By: Sam Medley | Jun 27, 2023

county school bus
STEM education is more important now than it has ever been. Rapid advancements in AI are already forcing vast swaths of workers to reskill and retrain. And with data becoming the hottest commodity of the 21st century, employers in virtually every industry need people with solid backgrounds in statistics, programming, ...
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Navigating Teacher Certification Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide

By: Teacher.org Staff | May 17, 2023

female high school teacher standing in front of interactive whiteboard teaching lesson
Navigating Teacher Certification Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide Understanding teacher certification requirements is crucial to meeting them and getting credentialed to instruct students in a classroom. Without teacher certification, you're not legally permitted to teach students in any school, even if you have completed the required coursework, tests, degrees, or other specified ...
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Resources for Teachers Who Want to Create Inclusive Classrooms

By: Teacher.org Staff | May 10, 2023

One of the most prevalent conversations among teachers working today is the urgent need to make classrooms more welcoming for students of all backgrounds, beliefs, and identities. This is a critically important investment that will allow you to reach as many students as possible as well as providing an environment ...
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Learning How to Say No and Set Boundaries with Parents

By: Jon Konen | Nov 21, 2022

How to increase your “NO!” toolbox! No other time in my 23 years of education has it been harder to say “no” to people. We want to be pleasers and support our all stakeholders as much as possible, but sometimes there’s a limit to what we can do. What I have ...
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