When Special Educators Find New Jobs

By: Mary McLaughlin | Aug 1, 2018

The Builders Tried To Build My parents were born in the 1930’s. They are stereotypical of the Builder Generation in every aspect of their being. They are hard workers. They saved a lot of money from their middle class working years to enjoy a lovely retirement. They held their family to a high ...
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The Top 3 Ways to Ward off Energy Vampires

By: Jon Konen | Jul 31, 2018

“I want to suck your blood!” said an Energy Vampire. Jon Gordon’s book, The Energy Bus, is absolutely fantastic…in fact, I have wanted to read it for years, but hadn’t hit the shopping cart button on Amazon until this summer. He defines 10 rules to fuel your life, work, and team ...
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Why Are There So Many More Kids With Special Needs Today Than When I Was a Kid?

By: Mary McLaughlin | Jul 16, 2018

Fair question, right? Easy answer? Sort of. Not really but kind of… biology and medical technology. What You Don’t Expect When You’re Expecting My best friend Lisa and her husband Jeff have been married about 12 years. When they discovered Lisa was pregnant, they were not yet married but decided to do what they’d ...
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Why Public Education? … This Independence Day We Take A Look at How Public Schools Strengthen Society by Strengthening Individuals

By: Jon Konen | Jul 2, 2018

*Posted with permission. Here is a math equation we can stand behind… Compassionate Community Support + Strong Public Education = Solid Foundation to our Society Our forefathers created a feeling of nationalism by bringing people together from diverse backgrounds, religions, and areas of the world. The idea of freedom was prevalent among ...
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4 Reasons to Brand the Work We Do in Public Schools

By: Amy Konen | Jun 28, 2018

When my teaching career began 25 years ago, I never had to face a lot of people who did not believe in public schools. People were grateful I did what I did--teach primary students; they would say to me, “I don’t know how you do that all day. I respect ...
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Labels in Special Education: Are They a Suggestion… or a Life Sentence?

By: Mary McLaughlin | Jun 6, 2018

We live in a post-modern society where labels are kind of our thing. We’re trying to move away from pigeon-holing, stereotyping, or classifying people, but, in my opinion, in our attempt to NOT label people, we are doing exactly that. Who Am I? I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a ...
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The “Not-So Dreaded” End of the Year Evaluation: 3 Reasons Why Principals Should Celebrate You!

By: Jon Konen | May 22, 2018

How many teachers actually look forward to sitting down with their boss to review their performance? Evaluations at the end of the year may be dreaded by some teachers. As a principal, I have been on both sides of this conversation. Let’s back up, there is something wildly wrong with the ...
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Dear Students… Here are the 5 Big Ideas I Hope You Learned This Year

By: Amy Konen | May 21, 2018

It’s that time of the year where my students are tested to death.  They have state testing, end of year testing, MAP (Measured Academic Progress) testing, end of unit testing and all of us are overwhelmed by it.  With all this testing to see what my students learned, how much ...
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5 Reasons All Educators Should Be Recruiting the Next Crop of Teachers

By: Jon Konen | May 17, 2018

I recently watched a presentation in my own school where the students were signing for their Spring Music Concert. One of the songs they chose was Hall of Fameby the band, The Script. The lyrics in the song are powerful as they pronounce what profession they are going to be, “Be ...
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