Leadership: 7 Unintentional Lessons I Learned from Failure

By: Jon Konen | Feb 4, 2019

Failure is often misinterpreted. We shy away from failure, especially if we are perfectionists. When in reality, it can be the greatest learning experience and an opportunity for personal growth. Recently I applied for a superintendent position in my school district. The district is the second largest in Montana with roughly 10,500 ...
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You Can’t Control All the Factors That Lead to Problem Behavior, But You CAN Manage It In The Classroom

By: Mary McLaughlin | Jan 24, 2019

I have three dogs—Homer, Scruffy, and Murphy (whose whole name is Murphy Hugh Jackman…long story). Homer came to me because of a rainy day. Typical for me on a rainy day, I picked up my lap top and sat down to mindlessly browse the web during Christmas vacation.  A page popped up ...
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Training and Retaining Great Talent in America’s Teaching Ranks

By: Mary McLaughlin | Jan 9, 2019

In the last week of the year. All across this great land of ours, American Teachers were enjoying the reprieve from day-to-day tasks involved with educating America’s youth. Not many (okay, probably a lot really ARE…I’m probably the only slacker) were reading professional articles about enhancing classroom practice.  Probably few were ...
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The Construction Foreman Parent: 5 Strategies for Raising a Kind and Humble Child

By: Jon Konen | Jan 8, 2019

This picture is worth 1,000 words and it tells a story. A story of a child’s hard work with football…signing day! Our son recently signed a letter of intent to play football for University of Montana Western. There is a back story to this picture that I would like to ...
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Being An Agent of Success At a Time When Many Are Opting Out: Remaining Committed To Your Career Dream

By: Mary McLaughlin | Dec 29, 2018

What Is Going On? My heart is heavy. A friend and I were chatting about our mutual alma mater.  We were discussing our teacher prep program, graduate programs, and their application to our current jobs. I asked how things were rolling in the university’s teacher prep program.  Reminiscing about the challenges we faced ...
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Over Christmas Break, I Promise to… 10 Strategies for Going on an Education Diet

By: Jon Konen | Dec 13, 2018

Yes, I truly believe we must step away and have a break from our classrooms and schools routinely. The school year has a few breaks built into the schedule, and several 3-day weekends. Then, educators have a summer break which can be and should be rejuvenating! Though our roughly 180 ...
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15 Memes That Make Me Laugh, Cry, and Try!

By: Jon Konen | Dec 11, 2018

Memes can be powerful reminders about the current state of education. It will interesting to compare them ten or twenty years from now. What we focus on now, may or may not be what we focus on then. As educators they can have a impact on what we do daily, or ...
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Accepting Personal Responsibility and Being a Good Teacher-Leader

By: Mary McLaughlin | Dec 5, 2018

I have, on more than one occasion, been told I am bossy. It is a term assigned to me which has really never bothered me. I’ve also been called four-eyes, ugly, chicken legs, fatso, a b****, mean, stupid and loads of others. Over time, one either begins to believe the words they ...
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The Toilet Paper Caper: Why We Should Celebrate our Janitors

By: Jon Konen | Nov 6, 2018

31 cameras later and I refuse to use them to solve the Toilet Paper Caper! We have cameras in just about every location on our school campus. We have solved many problems by reviewing the tape. We have a camera in the hallway outside of our main bathroom. The camera ...
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