5 Questions to Improve the Participation in the Professional Community

By: Jon Konen | Feb 12, 2018

“Step up and lean in,” is a common leadership adage that can be heard resonating across school districts in America. This aphorism has a strong nonverbal insinuation that literally means, volunteer and take part when there are leadership opportunities. Leadership directly affects the professional community. Some leaders raise and cultivate ...
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What About the Teacher’s Safety?

By: Mary Ribeiro | Feb 9, 2018

Back in the stone ages when I was in elementary school, we had no Special Needs students in our school, so I was completely unaware of the fact that kids were not all the same apart from skin color and/or national heritage. Where were they? The district in which I grew up ...
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6 Questions to Tackle When Communicating with Families

By: Jon Konen | Feb 9, 2018

Who are the greatest teacher partners in education….PARENTS! Some educators may not agree, but the exemplary teachers understand that we are only with students for roughly 1,000 hours each school year. Parents or guardians are with students the other 7,500 hours a year. That is roughly 7.5 times more with ...
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5 Questions to Tackle When Maintaining Accurate Records

By: Jon Konen | Jan 28, 2018

Accountability has become synonymous with many four-letter words, as well as it being immediately associated with a negative connotation whenever it is used. Educators do not shy away from the concept, but feel a need to be at the proverbial “table” when establishing the expectations, routines, and procedures that will ...
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11 Strategies to Encourage Students to Own Their Learning

By: Amy Konen | Jan 19, 2018

How often have you run out of time during a lesson and it simply ends with a lot of teacher talk and not enough time for student processing?  Many times, I have found myself doing the talking when it is time to head out for lunch and kids simply pack ...
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5 Questions to Tackle When Reflecting on Teaching

By: Jon Konen | Jan 19, 2018

“May the Force be with you!” Almost as commanding as the force, do you use the power of reflective thinking? The ability to reflect effectively can help a teacher both personally and professionally. One of the most underutilized tools educators use is the ability to reflect. Whether reflection is seen as too ...
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6 Questions to Tackle When Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness in the Classroom

By: Jon Konen | Jan 19, 2018

A teaching lesson bombs...in fact, about 15 minutes into the lesson you realize the students are not engaged or even looking your direction. What do you do? Some teachers may plow through the lesson and have the attitude, “I taught it, so they should know it!” Responsive teachers are not ...
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6 Questions to Tackle in Using Assessment in Instruction

By: Jon Konen | Dec 23, 2017

The amount of hours we currently assess our students is under fire…and rightly so! The plethora of assessments ranging from state, district, and even school testing requires our students to show what they know more than ever. Accountability is the name of the game.  Some states test over 30 hours ...
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5 Potential Triggers to Be Aware of During the Holiday Season

By: Amy Konen | Dec 21, 2017

It’s here, it’s here!  My favorite time of the year!  I love the hustle and bustle of shoppers and crowds.  I love that everyone comes home to be together and that I get to play Christmas music twenty-four hours a day and sit in the glow of my twinkly tree.  ...
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