Teaching is Not a Job. It’s a Calling…

By: Brian Miller | Jan 6, 2021

“What keeps you going? What encourages you? Why haven’t you quit?” I read those lines a few days ago in a book entitled, Leading with a Limp by Dan Allender and instantly underlined them. Not because I’m ready to turn in my keys, but because I know a lot of educators ...
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Rising Above the Pandemic to Make the Rest of the School Year Great for the Students We Teach

By: Mary McLaughlin | Dec 29, 2020

Winter break is finally here and I’m exhausted. My colleagues are worn out. My administrators are ready for a rest. We’re pooped. But we feel a sense of satisfaction that in a year that will go on record as the ultimate crapfest, we’ve done our best to make it as ...
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As This Year Continues and the Pandemic Grows, Listening Is the Greatest Tool an Educator Can Wield

By: Brian Miller | Oct 13, 2020

“Everyone just seems to be on edge,” the father told me from his driver side window. I was walking home from work and one of my senior parents had stopped me to ask about how things were going. I met him in the road. “Pretty great, considering the circumstances,” I ...
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Giving Teachers the Tools and Training They Need to Better Support Behavior Management Efforts In the Classroom

By: Mary McLaughlin | Oct 9, 2020

A friend and I were enjoying one of our occasional FaceTime chats.   We are both special education teachers and we are both from Michigan. She had called me to tell me she’d recently read about a decision made by the Sixth District Court of Appeals regarding a school district ...
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How the Reality of COVID-19 In the Schools Impacts Even Non-Believers

By: Mary McLaughlin | Sep 23, 2020

My state’s school districts headed back to school a few weeks ago.  With hesitation, I returned to my classroom. It didn’t really feel as though I had much of a choice. My state doesn’t have an active teacher’s union as seen in other cities and states. There is no true ...
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Returning to School in the Midst of a Pandemic: One Teacher’s Perspective

By: Mary McLaughlin | Sep 9, 2020

The inevitable is upon us.  After months and months of rising and falling data about the ill, the potentially ill, and the dead… being quarantined and wearing masks is still, advisably, the best option for prevention.  So it would make sense, then, that we’re heading back to school. Oh, wait... I have ...
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10 Podcasts To Prepare for Anything That Might Come Our Way in the 2020-21 School Year

By: Brian Miller | Aug 19, 2020

Years ago, when I wanted to be a writer, I read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft and was struck by one of his foundational truths: if you want to be able to write good stories, you need to be reading good stories - all the time. I ...
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Augmentative and Alternative Communication is Giving Non-Verbal Students a Voice in Mainstream Classrooms

By: Mary McLaughlin | Aug 17, 2020

How Integrating a Means of Communication Can Benefit Social and Academic Development for Special Needs Students   Within the next few weeks, students are expected to return to classrooms across America. With the Covid-19 pandemic leaving everybody scrambling for remote learning and teaching solutions just as the school year was coming to ...
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Happy 30th Birthday to the Americans With Disabilities Act!

By: Mary McLaughlin | Jul 27, 2020

How in One Generation, Accessibility and Opportunity Became a Human Right for Everyone   Thirty years ago on July 26, President George H.W. Bush signed The Americans With Disabilities Act into law. The legislation literally removed physical barriers –and along with them certain social and employment barriers too – so people with ...
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Valuable Lessons from Atari on How to Level-Up on Education Post-COVID-19

By: Brian Miller | Jun 11, 2020

Atari joystick and games
“If I was going to school right now to be a teacher,” a colleague said during the COVID-19 lockdown, “I’d be thinking about doing something else.” “Why?” I asked. “Because this isn’t teaching,” he said with no trace of a smile or humor anywhere on his face, “This is hell.” I’d never heard ...
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