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Teacher.org is dedicated to supporting teachers. From providing free lesson plans to mapping out teacher discounts and teacher blogs to online teacher degree guides, we want to help teachers thrive in and out of the classroom. We are committed to assisting teachers in order to foster deeper engagement and opportunities for students to excel. We want to do our part in making the lives of today's busy teachers a bit easier.

That is why we offer a wide range of free teacher tools and resources. Ranging from sensitive topics such as religion and holidays to professional development, our Teacher Guides and Articles will help new and current teachers tackle the art of teaching. Our Lesson Plans for Teachers are engaging and based on standards, so that teachers can easily incorporate them into an existing curriculum. The Teacher Discounts section will help you save your hard earned money as you make purchases for yourself or your students. The Scholarships for Teachers section is a great tool for anyone who is continuing their education.

Free Resources for Teachers

Explore our teacher tools and resources. We are continuously working to find and create the best free resources for our community of teachers. Be sure to check back often as we frequently update this section. Please feel free to let us know if you have great ideas for teacher tools and resources. We would love to hear from you!

Teacher Guides and Articles

You are the Wild Card: A Guide to Infusing Fun Into Your Curriculum

Guides and articles in this section help teachers conquer sensitive topics such as teaching about religion and holidays in the classroom as well as expectations of a teacher's salary. Articles also address the questions of becoming a teacher, specifics regarding teaching credentials and professional development.

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Lessons plans in this section can easily be integrated into an existing curriculum, as many are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Explore the lesson plans as they are organized both by subject and grade. These lessons have been created by K-12 teachers from all over the United States. Please let us know if you would like to share your own lesson plans with the Teacher.org community. We would love to spotlight your selfless dedication to teaching.

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    Scholarships for Teachers

    Whether you are working on you Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree or Doctorate Degree - we have listed some wonderful scholarship opportunities that are available to you. Scholarships are also available for teachers who are no longer in school. Browse through our Teaching Scholarships and Grants to see what you can apply for!

    Teacher Discounts

    Everybody loves a good discount, especially teachers! We have created a list of discounts available for teachers. Discounts are organized by category including clothing, travel, insurance, supplies, technology and more. Explore the list to see how you can save on your next purchase.