Have Times Really Changed?

By: Mary McLaughlin | Nov 4, 2016

Today is a lazy day here in my home. Went to early church, went to the grocery store, went to the local waffle place, went to the dollar store, ran a load of laundry, and then put on my p.j.’s to enjoy the rest of the sunny, warm, breezy, Southern ...
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5 Tips for Developing Important Study and Organizational Skills for Your Child

By: Mary McLaughlin | Nov 4, 2016

As parents we are inundated with information on a daily basis and with social media the information is coming in greater and more frequent waves than ever before. Keeping up with the day to day household chores can be daunting even without the information coming from your child/children’s school(s). However, ...
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Promoting Literacy Using Anchor Texts

By: Michelle Areaux | Nov 4, 2016

For most teachers, we spend countless hours planning and creating fun lessons for our students to enjoy. In reality, most of those lessons never see the light of day because we are forced to now design each daily lesson around a standardized test that, honestly, does not measure what our ...
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The Best LIVE PD, EVER: 7 People Who Supported My Elucidation of Education

By: Jon Konen | Nov 4, 2016

It’s funny that in the business world when you steal other company’s ideas, you may see yourself in a lawsuit. In education, we encourage our people to beg, borrow, and steal successful ideas in order to implement them in our own schools. Since I started in education back in the ...
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Halloween: Hauntingly Frightening or Ghoulishly Great?

By: Mary McLaughlin | Oct 27, 2016

I recently had a conversation with a parent of a special needs child regarding the October festivities surrounding Halloween. The parent shared how his son, now an adult, would see costumes at WalMart. The child would be so terrified of what was down the aisle that he would refuse to walk ...
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Top Technology Apps for Teachers and Administrators

By: Kylie Hall | Oct 19, 2016

Technology in the classroom is so commonplace at this point that writing a list about technology in the classroom actually seems cliché. In fact, just starting a piece about technology in the classroom by talking about technology in the classroom is probably cliché. Of course this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ...
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Pay People More VS. Pay More People?

By: Jon Konen | Oct 18, 2016

Managing a school budget is difficult. You are working with people who chose the profession to serve the families in your community. What should a superintendent do when he knows the staff deserves more money and at the same time knows that he could be hiring more people to support ...
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8 Steps to Start a Power of Praise Program

By: Jon Konen | Oct 15, 2016

Do you spend more time calling parents on a student’s bad behavior or good behavior? If I could give one piece of advice for new teachers, new administrators, or other educators wanting to change the culture of their school or classroom, it would be to start a Power of Praise ...
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The Homework Horror

By: Tricia Koechig | Oct 15, 2016

Across our country, there is a wide-sweeping debate over the issue of homework. Homework. The dreaded word, that causes anxiety in a child’s heart and frustration in parent’s futile attempt to get the “busy work” out of the way. As an upper elementary teacher, it can be difficult to balance ...
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Patience Is a Virtue: Have I Got Any?

By: Mary McLaughlin | Oct 15, 2016

One of my friends has a special needs son who is soon to be 25. Given the type of disability the son has, he will always need to live with someone who will look out for his best interests and oversee the meeting of his own basic needs, love him, ...
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