Dear Novice Teacher: An Open Letter About What You Really Need To Know For a Successful Teaching Career

By: Mary McLaughlin | Nov 9, 2021

Road sign with three arrows and Decisions Ahead
Dear Novice Teacher, New Teacher, Seasoned Teacher, or Teacher Considering Leaving the Profession; We need you. Don’t go. You are here for a reason. We are in a profession where things go wrong, things seems too tough, we see things that break our hearts.  We ache alongside those who are grievously wronged.  ...
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Our 50 Favorite Online Bachelor’s in Education Teacher Certification Programs for 2022

By: Scott Wilson | Nov 8, 2021

50 favorite bachelor's in education teacher certification
Teacher training has gone high-tech over the past decade. Online education was happening before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s definitely mainstream now. There isn’t any kind of degree you can’t get over the internet today. Even grade schoolers are getting their homework assignments by Zoom. The wave has broken, and virtual ...
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State-by-State Ranking of Where Teacher Salaries Go the Furthest in Buying a Home

By: Staff | Oct 15, 2021

It’s the American dream: a house, a yard, and a white picket fence. Housing costs have rocketed toward the moon over the past decade, however. In May of 2021 the median home price blasted past $350,000, according to the National Association of Realtors. That puts the biggest part of that dream out ...
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5 Ways To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is In Building Supportive Relationships with Your Students

By: Jon Konen | Oct 13, 2021

Relationships, relationships, relationships! We know that having positive, trusting relationships in their lives this is the number one indicator of student success... Then why don’t we double down on relationships? We push the curriculum. Many of us are getting students ready for the first assessment, then the next assessment, and then ...
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I Never Forgot What It Felt Like to Struggle in School… So I Decided to Become the Teacher I Always Wished I Had

By: Mary McLaughlin | Oct 8, 2021

During my K-12 years I had one simple career goal.  Anytime anyone would ask me that age-old question that adults always feel compelled to ask young ones, my answer came reflexively:  a lawyer. Probably not what you were expecting me to say, huh? Even though learning was challenging for me, the dream ...
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October is National Principals Month – 9 X 5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Principal

By: Jon Konen | Oct 5, 2021

In my experience, I believe the hardest job in education is the principalship. For those of you in education, you know I am right. Principals are in the trenches with staff and students, consistently communicating with the community and parents, and they are the filter of all situations. The decisions principals ...
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How the Pandemic Has Taught Us to Get Back to Basics and Embrace the Concept of Total Wellness

By: Jon Konen | Sep 22, 2021

24 Future Forward Ideas: The Final Installment in Our 4-Part Series Exploring Practical Strategies for Better Teaching Based on What We Are Learning in the Pandemic. Part 4 of 4: What We Know to Be True! At this point, we all recognize that the pandemic brought to the forefront a lot of ...
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Powerful Educational Technology Solutions That Will Outlive the Pandemic

By: Jon Konen | Sep 8, 2021

24 Future Forward Ideas: Part 3 in a 4-Part Series Exploring Practical Strategies for Better Teaching Based on What We Are Learning in the Pandemic Part 3: The Power of Being Flexibly-Virtual   When educational leaders transitioned to virtual offsite learning last year, some of the implications of what it meant to ...
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Five Ways for You and Your School to Thrive in the 2021-22 School Year

By: Brian Miller | Aug 30, 2021

The 2021-22 school year is here, and after a summer of hoping and believing that this year would bring us back to normal, many of us are discovering that we may not be so lucky. In many school districts, the debate on masks is once again at the forefront, social distancing ...
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How The Challenges Created By COVID Will Be Good For The Future Of Education

By: Jon Konen | Aug 25, 2021

24 Future Forward Ideas: Part 2 in a 4-Part Series Exploring Practical Strategies for Better Teaching Based on What We Learned in 2020-21 Part 2: Reasons to Be Positive About the Future...    In part one of this series, we started looking at what it might mean to return to “normal” after a pretty strange ...
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