On Top of Spaghetti

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

This plan will allow students to practice coordination while staying physical.

Grade Level: K - 3rd

Subject: P.E.

Length of Time: 10 - 40 Minutes

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Objectives & Outcomes

Learners will be able to demonstrate age appropriate hand eye coordination while taking turns with classmates.

Materials Needed

  • colored tape
  • hula hoops
  • pool noodles
  • large rubber balls


Opening to Lesson

Begin by asking students if they have ever eaten spaghetti. Ask what sometimes comes with spaghetti (meatballs).

Body of Lesson

  • Explain to students that today half the class is going to try to share meatballs (balls) with the other half of the class who will have spaghetti (pool noodles), but those with spaghetti do not want meatballs on their plates (hula hoops or tape on floor).
  • *Remind students they are not to hit each other with the noodles or balls*
  • Split students into those who are meatballs and those who have spaghetti. Lay hula hoops on the floor and put spaghetti (noodles holders) around eat hula hoop (no more than two students per hoop).
  • Only the meatballs can run around and place meatballs (balls) onto the plates. Spaghetti holders should use their noodles to try to move the meatballs (balls not students) off of their plate. They can only use the noodle to move the balls. After a few minutes have the groups switch places.


Ask students which part was the hardest (meatballs or spaghetti). Have students explain what the hardest part of being spaghetti was. What strategy was used to get the meatballs off the plate?

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Assessment & Evaluation

Students will take  turns being ‘it’ or defending. Students will play the game appropriately based on direction while demonstrating hand-eye coordination.

Modification & Differentiation

For young children or those with physical disabilities that limit strength, use tape on the floor in place of the hula hoop for easier ‘defense’.

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