Coordination Course

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

This plan will allow students to practice coordination while staying physical.

Grade Level: K - 5th

Subject: P.E.

Length of Time: 10-40 Minutes

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Objectives & Outcomes

Learners will be able to demonstrate age appropriate physical skills while completing several stations of an obstacle course.

Materials Needed

  • scooter boards
  • jump ropes
  • gym mats
  • cones
  • basketball and net


Opening to Lesson

Begin by telling students that they are going to show off all their skills in gym class for the day. Explain that each station in the course has a different activity and they must take turns completing each. Show students each activity.

Body of Lesson

  • Explain to students that they will be expected to do (attempt) each activity in the course/stations.
  • Show students which activities they will be starting with. Suggested activities include walking (forwards and backwards) through a set on cones in a zig-zag pattern, shooting a basketball 5 times, riding a scooter around an obstacle, tumbling or crawling across a gym mat, jumping rope 5 times, etc.
  • This can be accomplished in several ways to accommodate time and class size.
  • If using stations separate students into groups of 3 or 4 to take turns trying each station.
  • Separate students into two teams and allow the course to be run as a relay race in which the next person cannot start until the previous team member has completed a section.
  • The final option is to simply let one student attempt the stations at a time as others watch.


Ask students which skill they have the most trouble with overall. Have students share how they would change (or added to) the stations to make things more enjoyable.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Students will take turns completing the different stations in an obstacle course. Assessment will be based on students attempting each station appropriately.

Modification & Differentiation

For those with disabilities some activities may need to be omitted or made more easily accessible.

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