Basketball Relay

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

Students will practice teamwork, dribbling, and shooting a basketball.

Grade Level: 3 - 6th

Subject: P.E.

Length of Time: As Desired

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Objectives & Outcomes

Learners should be able to dribble a basketball, take turns, and shoot the basketball with some accuracy (making a basket is not necessary but should be attempted).

Materials Needed

  • Large open area for children to spread out, basketballs (1 per team)
  • Tape for starting line (optional)


Opening to Lesson

Begin by having students partner up and bounce a basketball back and forth. Have students dribble between each bounce to their partner. Next have students take turns trying to make a basket with their partner.

Body of Lesson

  • Have students pick teams. Two or three depending on class size.
  • Have the starting point for the relay marked on the floor at one end of the gym/playground.
  • Tell students that they will be doing a relay with their team. The rules are as follows:
    • When the whistle blows (or you say go) the first person is to dribble the ball across the gym, try to make one basket (must aim and really try) and then dribble back to the next person in line. If they stop dribbling or lose the ball while dribbling they must go back to the line and start again. This continues until the last team member has crossed the finish line.


Offer the winning team a choice of three activities to choose from for the next class so they can decide which activity the next class will have for their grade level.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation will be based on participation, following directions, and simple observation.

Modification & Differentiation

Depending on the disability some exceptions to how the ball is moved may be needed. For older students who are advanced you may want to place cones to dribble around.

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