Mini Diorama

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

This visual arts lesson will allow students to share some personal interests in the form of a diorama. Sample rubric included.

Grade Level: 2 - 8th


Length of Time: Several Class Periods

Objectives & Outcomes

The learners will create a diorama that describes their life, hobbies, likes, dislikes and present these to a small group or the class.

Materials Needed

  • 1 shoe box per student (or similarly sized box
  • Art supplies (scissors, markers, paper, glue, etc.)


Opening to Lesson

  • Begin by asking students think about their favorite things, activities, hobbies, and subjects.
  • Have students list these things on paper if desired.
  • Explain that they will be the focal point of their next art project

Body of Lesson

  • Have students create a diorama using 3D objects, drawing, painting, magazine cutouts, etc.
  • The diorama should showcase their personality and likes/dislikes in life.


  • Ask students to share the diorama and why each object/color/ or drawing was chosen.
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Assessment & Evaluation

  • Students will create a diorama with at least three 3D items and a fully covered box (inside only).
  • This diorama will be presented and explained to the class or a small group (teacher preference).
  • Evaluation will be based on a rubric (sample provided).

Modification & Differentiation

Allow students extra time and scaffolding as needed.

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