Christmas Around the World Part 1

Kathryn Gregory
Multiple Subject Teacher

Objectives & Outcomes

Students will compare and contrast the most important points and key details presented in two texts on the same topic. Students will demonstrate understanding of a text through creative interpretation.

Materials Needed

  • A worksheet describing how Christmas is celebrated in 5 locations around the world
  • Construction paper
  • Art supplies such as paint or colored pencils


Opening to Lesson

  • Explain to students that Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated all around the world. Some families celebrate it with their church in a religious way, some families celebrate with their families without any relation to religion, and some families do not celebrate at all.
  • Ask students if they celebrate Christmas at their house and ask them what they do.

Body of Lesson


  • Project Worksheet 1, Christmas in the United States on the board for students to see.
  • Call on a student to read about how Christmas is celebrated in the United States.
  • On a world map, show students where Germany, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, and Australia are and ask students what they know about these countries.
Option 1 (Interactive Class Activity)
  • In advance, cut Worksheet 2 into individual pieces so that each country is on a separate paper. Give one country to each student.
  • Tell each student to read about their country.
  • Tell students you are going to partner them and they will learn about how other countries celebrate Christmas.
  • Tell them to hold up on their fingers the number written on their sheet. (Mexico 1, Australia 2, Trinidad and Tobago 3, Germany 4)
  • Tell number 1 to go and find a number 4 and stand by them.
  • Tell number 2 to go and find a number 3 and stand by them.
  • When all students are paired, have them read their countries information to their partner.
  • When they have finished, tell number 4 to go find number 2 and share country information and tell number 3 to go find number 1 and share their information.
  • When they have finished, tell number 4 to go find number 3 and share country information and tell number 2 to go find number 1 and share their information.
Option 2 (Independent or Partner Reading)
  • Pass out the worksheet with all the countries listed and have students read independently or with partners.

Independent Practice

  • Refer to the first worksheet with the images of a typical United States Christmas Celebration and tell students that they will draw a similar scene from one of the countries they learned about.
  • Have students choose, or assign students to draw a scene depicting the country’s celebration of Christmas.


  • Let students show their pictures to the class
  • Discuss the similarities and the differences of the way Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Assessment & Evaluation

Students will complete a drawing and have a discussion.

Modification & Differentiation

The teacher can pair students or allow them to work in small groups. Teacher can also provide small-group instruction to those who need assistance.

Learn more about teaching students about holidays and history here.

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