Music Movement

Middle School and High School Teacher

The students will move to the music based on its beat, words, tune, and other variables.

Grade Level: K - 12th


Length of Time: 1 Class Period

Objectives & Outcomes

The students will be able to use listening skills, coordination, and other physical movements to experience an effective workout.

Materials Needed

Music player

Prepare ahead of time: The teacher must prepare a 30 to 45-minute selection of various tempos and types of music.  Slower pieces should be shorter in length than the faster pieces.  Start slow and then mix it up.  It needs to include slow music as “rests” for the students.  Use a wide range of music from classical to rap to pop.  Prepare a specific area in the gym each student must remain; use cones or other markers if necessary.


Opening to Lesson

  • Ask:  Who likes to dance to music?
  • Allow for responses and discussion.
  • Say:  Well, today, you won’t be dancing, but you will hear music, and you will be moving.

Body of Lesson


  • The teacher will play some sample music and show the students the different types of slow and fast movements they can make.
  • Remind students they will not, and are not permitted to, dance with other students.

Guided Practice

  • Tell students to check their heart rates and remember the number.
  • Begin the music.  Encourage students to be creative with their movements.
  • Be sure students remain in their “spots”.
  • Play the music loud enough so students cannot carry on conversations with others.

Independent Practice

  • Encourage students to create their own music to use at home for exercise.


  • Students check their heart rates again for comparison.
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Assessment & Evaluation

Students check heart rates prior to and then after the activity.       

Modification & Differentiation

Use in a classroom setting, but students can only move arms and legs, staying near the desk.  Use outdoors once a week for the entire school to participate.  Adapt movement requirements for physically challenged students.  Hearing impaired follow other students’ movements.  Allow students to take turns creating the 30 to 45-minute music selection, especially for older grades.         

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