Kwanzaa Art

Kathryn Gregory
Multiple Subject Teacher

Students will discuss the 7 principals of Kwanzaa and then draw pictures of an example of each.

Grade Level: 3 - 7th


Length of Time: 30-40 Minutes

Objectives & Outcomes

Students will analyze the principals associated with Kwanzaa. Students will demonstrate understanding of the principals of Kwanzaa through art.

Materials Needed

  • Kwanzaa worksheet (attached)
  • Kwanzaa Principles explanation (attached)
  • Coloring supplies


Opening to Lesson

  • Teacher asks students what they know about Kwanzaa.
  • After student discussion, read this summary.
  • Kwanzaa is a cultural celebration in the United States that celebrates aspects from Culture across Africa. During the celebration, families light candles each night for 7 nights and discuss the principals of Kwanzaa.

Body of Lesson


  • Put a copy of the principles of Kwanzaa on the overhead.
  • Read the first principle, Unity, and the definition.
  • As a class discuss what it means to strive for unity in the family, community, nation, and race.
  • Draw a sketch of an example of unity. This can be done in 1 color and very basic.
    • Examples:
    • Draw classroom students working together on a project.
    • Draw a family helping clean after dinner.
    • Draw a family at a piano recital of another student.

Guided Practice

  • Have students work in groups, partners, or individually to discuss, write examples, and draw a sketch of each of the rest of the principals on the worksheet provided.

Independent Practice

  • Have students choose their favorite principle and draw a nice picture of it using crayons, markers, or colored pencils.
  • Optional: If you are interested in making this a display board, you may want to assign principles to the students or monitor how many students do their final drawing of each principle so that they are evenly distributed.


  • Talk about what the most important principle is.
  • Ask students what their favorite example was.

See our Guide to Teaching Holidays.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Students will complete an art project.

Modification & Differentiation

The teacher can provide small group or on-on-one instruction. Students can also work in partners.

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