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The Benefits Of Learning a New Language and Being Bilingual

If you’re like most people, your experience with learning a second language came in high school. You took French or Spanish because it was required of you. You learned a few random phrases like, “Where is the library?” and, “I don’t speak French.” Once you were done with the class, you didn’t put much more…
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50 Amazing Field Trip Spots in the U.S.

Field Trips. They are children’s favorite part of elementary school and probably high school too. But field trips don’t have to just be about getting a day off from class. Savvy teachers who understand their students need something that will hold their attention understand there are plenty of events and attractions across the country that…
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Parental Tips and Advice to Get an IEP Approved for Your Child asked a highly involved parent about the troubles with getting access to an IEP, specifically, "What kept you up at night?" We changed names to remain anonymous but this should take nothing away from the validity or circumstance of the concerned parent answering - these are her exact words. We ask all parents to…
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20 of the Best Anti-Bullying Picture Books for Teachers

In the past five years, bullying has become a hot topic in school yards and parent-teacher meetings across the country. It isn’t that bullying incidents have increased dramatically, it is just that parents and teachers and students are all far more aware and conscious of the threat of bullying. One strategy to combat bullying is…
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Top Technology Apps for Teachers and Administrators

Technology in the classroom is so commonplace at this point that writing a list about technology in the classroom actually seems cliché. In fact, just starting a piece about technology in the classroom by talking about technology in the classroom is probably cliché. Of course this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be talking about it either.…
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