Yarn Painting

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

This lesson will allow students to practice creating art using a unique medium, yarn.

Grade Level: K - 3rd

Subject: Arts

Length of Time: 20 to 60 Minutes Depending on Grade Level and Design

Objectives & Outcomes

Students will use yarn and glue to ‘color’ in a picture or pattern sheet.

Materials Needed

Yarn (various colors), scissors, glue, cotton swabs, printed pictures or pattern sheet (samples included)


Opening to Lesson

  • Explain to students that they are going to paint without paint today.
  • That they should choose colors that make sense in order to make their picture look good.

Body of Lesson

  • Show students how to put glue on a cotton swab and paint a small part of the picture.
  • Then show students how to wind yarn around to ‘paint’ their picture.
  • Explain they can cut pieces of yarn to fit into small sections.
  • Allow students to create their paintings.


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Assessment & Evaluation

The students will use yarn to ‘color’ in the sheet they are given. Students should use multiple and complimentary colors to create the picture.

Modification & Differentiation

Special needs students may be given extended time or help in cutting yarn.

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