Shaving Syllables

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

In this visual arts lesson, students will use a unique medium to create letters, words, and pictures that are easily erased and altered.

Grade Level: K - 2nd


Length of Time: 20-45 Minutes

Objectives & Outcomes

Learners will follow directions to write letters, words, and then draw a picture in shaving cream.

Materials Needed

  • large tables or tarps (can be used on individual desks)
  • unscented shaving cream,
  • "Monster Poem" (attached)



Opening to Lesson

Begin by telling students they will use a fun medium to practice writing letters/words and then to draw something very specific. Spray shaving cream for each student and ask them to spread it around in front of them.

Body of Lesson

  • Start the lesson by asking students to write either the alphabet or their name in the shaving cream. (Depending on grade level).
  • Proceed by having students write spelling words or simple sight words (Depending on grade level).
  • Finally, have students listen and draw as you read the included poem about a ‘monster’.
  • Read the poem all the way through first, then read again as students draw.


Allow students free time to draw or write what they want in the shaving cream.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment will be based on participation and student ability to follow directions appropriately.

Modification & Differentiation

Some students with sensory issues may not be willing to interact with shaving cream, try offering them gloves or a different medium.

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