Multi-Ball Basketball

Middle School and High School Teacher

The student will participate in a game of basketball using various sizes of available balls.

Grade Level: 9 - 12th

Subject: P.E.

Length of Time: 1 or 2 Class Periods

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Objectives & Outcomes

The students will be able refine skills of a lifetime activity, basketball, interacting with respect and sportsmanship with their peers.

Materials Needed

Different sizes and types of sport’s balls:  basketball, soccer, whiffle ball, dodge ball, nerf ball, of any other ball that can fit into a basketball hoop

Prepare ahead of time:  Set up teams of students, collect different sport’s balls, assign a point value to each ball (smaller = less points), create scoring sheets


Opening to Lesson

  • Display the different sized and types of sports’ balls for the students to see
  • Ask students which sport each ball is normally used for
  • Allow for responses
  • Ask students what every ball has in common except for being a rounded shape (a football is okay to use)
  • Allow for responses
  • The answer: Every ball can fit into a basketball hoop

Body of Lesson


  • Throw one of the balls into a nearby hoop, hopefully successfully
  • Ask students if the size or type of ball will make it easier or harder to score a basket
  • Allow for responses (It may be easier to score with the smaller balls, depending on the type, bounce, etc.)

Guided Practice

  • Explain Multi-Ball Basketball and the rules
  • Give the point total for each ball
  • 7 on 7 and two balls may be used per team at any given time
  • Teams may exchange either ball at any time during the game, official ball exchanger standing near center court, one for each team
  • Dribbling not necessary, but a pass must be made within 3 seconds of possessing the ball
  • There are no dead balls, time outs, throw-ins, etc.
  • Game is to be fast paced and almost non-stop
  • All other basic basketball rules are enforced, fouls, etc.
  • Assign students to their teams
  • Assign coaches (optional)
  • Game continues until end of class or preset time limit

Independent Practice

  • For homework, assign students to write a report about the history of a sport that uses a ball, focusing on the development of the specific ball over the years since the sport’s inception


Following the first game, discuss the experience with students, ask for suggestions for rule changes, etc.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Assess the student’s in the usual manner for a PE class

Modification & Differentiation

Use more or less balls for the game; adapt rules relative to students’ abilities and skills; assign students who are unable to play as coaches/scorekeepers; play half-court games to increase simultaneous participation; adapt length of games; use soccer nets instead of basketball goals (Multi-Ball Soccer)

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