Daily 5 and Alternative Seating: 4 Reasons Why They Are a Perfect Fit Together

By: Amy Konen | Aug 6, 2017

After an 11-year break from the classroom, I am finally stepping back into that world and I would not be giving the whole picture if I said it did not make me nervous.  I am excited to put in action all the ideas I know are best practices for kids ...
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Inspired or Just Sweaty?

By: Mary Ribeiro | Aug 5, 2017

We go back to work officially this coming Monday. My brain is not ready and my body is rebelling because it did not get enough summer in the sun thanks to a grueling summer of graduate classes and loads of fun times indoors writing papers and doodling with analytical statistics. ...
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Eight Ways to Teach Empathy

By: Jon Konen | Aug 1, 2017

Back to the main Bully Prevention Guide. Teaching empathy may be the most effective strategy that we can use to raise socially conscious students. Empathy crosses all curriculum areas and can be used to empower students to think, be responsible, and advocate for themselves and others. In fact, devising curricular experiences that ...
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One School Wide Philosophy: High-Trusting Relationships

By: Jon Konen | Jul 31, 2017

Back to the main Bully Prevention Guide. PU #52 - School-Wide Philosophy Regular teachers are really done with school, just like many of the kids that cause problems in their classrooms. These teachers start sending more kids to the office than ever before. It seems what was once tolerable, manageable, and not a ...
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4 Terms for Translating Behavioral Jargon

By: Blain Hockridge | Jul 26, 2017

As a graduate student in behavior analysis, one of the most frequent topics brought up at the conferences I’ve attended is how to translate behavioral jargon to a non-behavior analytic listener. This could include parents, caregivers, teachers, principals, counselors, etc. The reason why this can be difficult, and thus such ...
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13 Ideas to Combat Bullying at the Community Level

By: Jon Konen | Jul 24, 2017

Back to the main Bully Prevention Guide. You have to watch this video from a recent school board meeting June 5, 2017 from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Click here. After watching the video that went viral on Facebook recently, I was horrified to hear from this seasoned award-winning teacher that she was leaving the ...
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Behavioral and Special Needs Issues: Becoming a Teacher-Parent Team

By: Blain Hockridge | Jul 18, 2017

As an educator of children, perhaps the most important thing you can accomplish is getting on the same page with a student’s parents or other caregivers. The 2-8 hours that you’re with the child pales in comparison to the amount of time his or her parents will spend feeding, bathing, ...
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When Special Education Lives in Your Home

By: Mary Ribeiro | Jul 13, 2017

I have never had a predilection toward Math. The very thought of the subject gives me hives. I get physically ill just walking into a bank or chatting on the phone with my accountant, which can be problematic because she was my dear friend long before she became my accountant. ...
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6 of the Most Hideous Cyber Bullying Tactics Used By Students

By: Jon Konen | Jul 13, 2017

Back to the main Bully Prevention Guide. I loved this meme from Facebook I recently read, it states… It seems both my son’s should be classified as “Wifi Explorers.” They constantly look for Wifi hot spots so they can stay connected without using their data. As parents, we are thankful for the data ...
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