The New PE Class

Middle School and High School Teacher

The students will create a PE activity to share and demonstrate to peers.

Grade Level: 9 - 12th

Subject: P.E.

Length of Time: 2-3 Class Periods

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Objectives & Outcomes

The students will be able to create a new and original game/activity for a PE class, as well as identify and calculate approximate calories burned, physical benefits of activity, variations for physically disabled, and the advantages/disadvantages of the activity.  The activity must involve physical movement, either upper body, lower, or both.

Materials Needed

Access to the Internet or other resources to compare other activities for calories burned, muscle movements, etc.  Possible PE class supplies such as cones, balls, etc.

Prepare ahead of time:  Rubric for assessment purposes.  Make up a new sample game/activity for demonstration.


Opening to Lesson

  • Ask students: What is your favorite PE activity of all time, any grade level?
  • Allow for responses and discussion.
  • Ask students what they liked best about it and why
  • Allow responses and discussion
  • Contrast the question asking about the worst PE activity ever and why
  • Allow for responses and discussion

Body of Lesson


  • Teacher will demonstrate new sample game/activity to students
  • Tell students the benefits, approximate calories burned, etc.
  • Ask students what grade level they think it is appropriate for
  • Tell students they will be inventing a game/activity for demonstration and presentation

Guided Practice

  • Explain the assignment in detail to the students
  • Distribute rubrics
  • Encourage students to think outside the box
  • Remind students to recall what they liked and disliked about past PE activities
  • Tell students the activity must involve physical movement of some kind
  • Allow students to use the Internet or other resources for calorie research, muscle use, alternatives for disadvantaged students, etc.
  • Remind students to identify the grade level for the activity
  • Tell students some of their “inventions” may be used for future PE classes at other grade levels
  • Have students present the activity to their peers during regular PE sessions
  • Teacher will use the rubric to assess the presentation

Independent Practice

  • For homework: Have students create a marketing poster or Power Point presentation to publicize their new game/activity for use in other schools.


Students present marketing posters for display in the gym or other prominent location.  Discuss with students the challenges they faced in trying to create a new game/activity.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Rubric for assessment for each student based on creativity, presentation, and other objectives.

Modification & Differentiation

Students work in pairs.  Assign specific types of activities to each student:  Example- must use a ball, must involve running, must involve gymnastic moves, age-level, etc.  Demonstrate to other grade level PE classes.

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