Ride ‘Em Cowboy/girl

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

Objectives & Outcomes

The learners will work on gross motor skills and coordination.

Materials Needed

  • Pool noodles (made into ‘stick horses’ - pictured below)
  • *Need enough to allow about five students at a time to racepool-noodle


Opening to Lesson

  • Begin by showing students their ‘ride’ for the day.
  • Tell students they will race on their horses around the gym and they should try to gallop as fast as they safely can.
  • Demonstrate how to ride the horse.
  • Ask students to think of a name for their horse.

Body of Lesson

  • Have students choose a horse and practice ‘riding’ a bit before the first race.
  • Allow the first set of students to race. If time permits let the winners have a final race if desired.


  • Have students discuss whether it was difficult to ride a horse.
  • Have students share their horse names.
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Assessment & Evaluation

Students will race while riding stick horses around the gym. Assessment will be based on showing good sportsmanship and participation.

Modification & Differentiation

Allow students to ‘ride’ as well as possible or carry the stick horse.

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