Race to the Answer

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

This lesson will allow students to practice teamwork, basic math skills, and get exercise through a relay race.

Note: Problems/difficulty level can be altered by grade

Grade Level: 1 - 5th


Length of Time: 20 - 30 Minutes

Objectives & Outcomes

The learners will work on basic math skills while getting physically active through a relay race that requires problem solving.

Materials Needed

  • Small dry erase boards with markers (can create your own with construction paper or tag board in a sheet protector)
  • Room to run a relay
  • Large wall(s)


Opening to Lesson

  • Begin by explaining to students that they will be placed on teams to run a relay race.
  • Explain that they will have to line up in the order they choose, run to the wall, solve a math problem without help, and then run back to tag the hand of their team member.
  • Tell students that they cannot help each other solve the problem. Explain that after all team members have run their problems will be checked, if one is wrong then the team can choose a single member to go correct the wrong answer.
  • This person can be decided on ahead of time.

Body of Lesson

  • Separate students in a random fashion into equal teams. Give students a few minutes to decide who will run in what order and who will run to fix any incorrect problems.
  • Make sure all problems are legibly written and can be reached by all students. Remind students they must tag the hand of the next runner before they can start. Make sure a line has been placed on the floor in front of each team.
  • On your say have students start the race. Make sure the students are answering questions correctly to know who wins the relay race.


  • Allow the winning team to choose how the next relay will be completed (crab walk, walking backwards, crawling, on scooter boards, etc.). Replace problems with new problems.
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Assessment & Evaluation

Students will work together in a relay and correctly answer age appropriate math questions while doing physical exercise. The winning team will work the fastest as both runners and in correctly solving each math problem.

Modification & Differentiation

To keep teams even have students run twice if needed. Offer very simple problems for those students who may struggle or allow students to choose which problem to solve.

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