Pass It Off

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

This lesson will allow students to practice passing, dribbling, and bouncing skills using basketballs

Grade Level: 3 - 5th


Length of Time: 20 - 30 Minutes

Objectives & Outcomes

The learners will work on skills related to basketball.

Materials Needed

  • Basketballs
  • Tape for floor


Opening to Lesson

  • Begin by telling students that they are going to practice skills associated with basketball.
  • Demonstrate how to properly dribble, pass the basketball, and bounce the ball to someone else.

Body of Lesson

  • Explain to students that you will call out a direction for them to complete and then pass or bounce it to a partner.
  • Begin by pairing off students and giving each pair one basketball. Have one partner on one side or the gym/room behind a tape line and one on the other side.
  • Start simple by having the partner with the ball dribble for a three count and then bounce the ball to a partner, have the partner do the same.
  • Continue to change the orders to challenge students (dribble the pass without the ball bouncing, dribble for a five count without stopping and then pass the ball but let it bounce twice before it gets to the partner, etc.)


  • Allow students to take turns trying to shoot baskets.
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Assessment & Evaluation

Students will practice skills related to basketball such as dribbling, bouncing, and passing with a partner. Evaluation will be based on participation and the ability to attempt and improve on the necessary skills.

Modification & Differentiation

Allow students to practice as possible based on abilities.

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