For Love or Money?

By: Mary McLaughlin | May 26, 2016

I got paid Friday. While that day always makes my heart happy, what makes my heart happiest after nearly two decades in the profession is the same as when I first stepped into my very first classroom: working with the kiddos in my class. They are the reason I do what I ...
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The Facts on Implementing College Readiness – A Positive Approach

By: Lisa Nielsen | May 26, 2016

I have been an educator (or a teacher) my whole life; I just did not know it right away. I spent many years in Corporate America building a career in business (finance and publishing) as a project management focused executive. During my career, I was lucky enough to begin adjunct-ing ...
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The Passion for Knowledge

By: Cailyn Dougherty | May 25, 2016

The passion for knowledge has always been within me. It was something, even at a young age, I could remember having. I would create these expansive stories in my head about adventures a character had been on or struggles a character had gone through. Of course, when I was younger, ...
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Brain Breaks: Not Just for the Kiddos

By: Cailyn Dougherty | May 25, 2016

When I think back to when I was in school, we worked from the start of class to the end of the day. The only time we had breaks was if we needed to go to the bathroom, or finished all of our work. These little moments were few and ...
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A Quick Lesson on Being Career Ready

By: Lisa Nielsen | May 25, 2016

As a self-described expert on college and career readiness, I know what I am talking about when I say there is a need to get students today ready for their next steps into careers. I have written two books in a series on this called The Book on Career Readiness and ...
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By: Donald A. Fuller | May 20, 2016

For the veteran educators, no one wants to think of starting back to school this close to summer break.  There are final exams to give, boxing up your classroom, and vacations to think about.  However, if you are just finishing up your student teaching experience and lucky enough to land ...
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The Low-Down on Strategies That Actually Work

By: Michelle Areaux | May 20, 2016

I know all teachers can say first hand, going to professional development courses can be a cruel punishment. Not wanting to sound negative, I am going to be brutally honest here and say the required trainings can be both exhausting and soul draining. We are expected to sit for hours, ...
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How Do You Like Your Principal to Celebrate You?

By: Jon Konen | May 19, 2016

A good principal will differentiate, like students, the ways he or she celebrates you! The question is, “How do you like to be celebrated?” Have you ever thought about it? What can your principal do to make you feel appreciated? Like reading abilities of sixth graders, teachers have a wide variety ...
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