Water, Water, Everywhere

Middle School and High School Teacher

The students will identify products that need water to be manufactured, and the amount needed for each product.

Grade Level: 8 - 10th


Length of Time: 1-2 Class Periods

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Common Core Alignment

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.9.RST.2 -

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.9.RST.7 -

Objectives & Outcomes

The students will be able to identify products that are manufactured using water, and the amount of water used to make each product.

Materials Needed

Access to the Internet or other resources, list of products to research (some using water, others may not)

Prepare ahead of time:  A sample product and the amount of water used to make/create the product (cotton shirt – 700 gallons).  Worksheet with questions related to the assignment.  Determine number of products for research.


Opening to Lesson

  • Display the cotton shirt or other sample
  • Ask students: What does a cotton shirt and water have in common?
  • Allow responses and discussion
  • Ask students if they can guess the amount of water needed to grow and create the cotton/shirt
  • Reveal the answer

Body of Lesson


  • Ask students if they can think of other products needing water in the manufacturing process
  • Discuss the students’ responses

Guided Practice

  • Explain the assignment to the students: They will receive a list of products and identify if they need water to be manufactured, and if so, how much water is needed.
  • Distribute list to students
  • Distribute worksheet with questions related to the assignment
  • Allow students to use the Internet or other resources
  • Remind students to use multiple sources for information
  • Students must answer the worksheet questions for each product
  • Ask students to also include alternatives to the product which might help conserve water. (For example, instead of a cotton shirt, use of another fabric or material.)
  • Once they are completed, the students will turn in the list with responses to the questions

Independent Practice

  • For homework: Have students list every day uses of water at home or other places, and to research the average amount used by each person per year. (Drinking, showering, etc.)


Discuss the importance of conserving water, effects of water pollution, droughts, etc.  Price increases, lack of drinking water, wasting water, and other related issues.  Have students share homework research.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Teacher-created quiz/test based on information about water, responses to worksheet questions.

Modification & Differentiation

Students do the research in pairs.  Assign one product to each student to research amount of water used and alternatives.  Students present information to class verbally.  Create Power Point presentations.

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