Video Diary

A. Wills
Multiple Subject Teacher

In this performing arts lesson, students will work to create a short video diary to showcase the import parts of their life and edit the video into a 5 minute or less montage using EZVid or similar program.

Grade Level: 7 - 12th

Subject: Arts

Length of Time: 30 Minutes a Day for Several Weeks

Objectives & Outcomes

Learners will appropriately use video cameras, computers, and create a short video diary about their lives.

Materials Needed

  • video cameras or cellphones (with permission)
  • computers (for editing)
  • editing software


Opening to Lesson

Begin by asking students if they have written in a diary. Next ask students how they would describe their lives to someone who had never met them. Tell students that the saying goes ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and this is the basis for the next project.

Body of Lesson

  • Give students a video camera or gain permission for them to use personal cell phones.
  • Explain that over the next few days they are to create a video diary entry about themselves with clips from their lives and narration about who they are.
  • Explain that the videos will be edited down to 5 minutes or less but more video should be taken.


Allow students to share videos in class and fellow students to critique each video.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment will be based on creating a video that accurately and appropriately showcases the students likes and dislikes in a school appropriate manner in under 5 minutes.

Modification & Differentiation

Some students may need to work with a partner or have parent help with this assignment.

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