Save the World

Jacqui DeKlerk

This lesson is intended to motivate students to become environmental superheroes.

Grade Level: 2 - 5th

Subject: Environmental

Length of Time: Two 45 Minute Lessons

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Objectives & Outcomes

The learners will be able to demonstrate an understanding to the environmental problems and how they can help.

Materials Needed

  • student notebooks
  • pieces of cardboard
  • projector/internet


Opening to Lesson

  • Ask students who their favorite superheroes are— why do they like them? What makes someone a superhero?
  • Write on the board the different names, as suggested by the students, as well as the characteristics. Ask them to think about real life superheroes— can they name any?
  • Explain to them that by the end of the lesson they will create their own superhero, someone that they can be like!

Body of Lesson

Activity 1

  • Students will watch a video - Save the world: 
  • Students will get into small groups of 3-5 and create a short play. They must act out an environmental problem (e.g.. trash in the rivers, pollution), how it affects the environment/animals, and give practical ways to change this. Eg. recycle, use less plastic, organize river clean ups.
  • The students will then act out their plays in front of the class.

Activity 2

  • Students will invent an “environmental superhero”: on a piece of cardboard they will draw a picture of their superhero, and write what he/she specifically does to help the environment.
  • (These could be placed around the classroom as a reminder to the students what kind of people we need to save our world).


Students will make a list in their notebook of all the characteristics of a “environmental superhero”, and then write a promise (and sign it) to themselves to do their best to be a superhero whenever they can.

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Assessment & Evaluation

The play will show their understanding of the damaging affects that pollution, trash etc has on our environment, and that they understand that it is up to them what difference they can make.

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