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How to Become a Teacher Through Certification

how to become a teacher through certification
Are you interested in becoming a teacher but aren’t sure where to start? It can be daunting to begin a teaching career, as there are several paths that each have advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering carefully. Ultimately what’s important is that you pick the track that is suited both to your long-term goals…
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8 Strategies As the Wild Card to Change Stale Curriculum

Part 4 of 5 …  Join us in the fourth installment of a five-part series that tells the story of how one dedicated principal observed positive change in the classroom when teachers incorporated the principles and philosophy from the popular book, The Wild Card by Hope and Wade King. Let’s empower you as a teacher!…
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10 Things You Should Not Do This Summer: Permission to Pause

Burn out can come at any time, but more so at the end of the school year. After 20 years in education, this year has been one of my most difficult and stressful. In years past, I usually start dreaming about the books, professional development, podcasts, and articles I want to get caught up on…
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