Secondary Education Degree

Secondary Education refers to the three or four years of high school that follow middle or junior high school. Depending on the jurisdiction, secondary education may also include middle or junior high school. While these years are compulsory in the U.S. to a certain age, special training of the teachers and staff is a necessity.

Secondary Education is focused on dealing with students who are in the first stages of preparing for adulthood. These are the years in which a student may choose a career path or begin working toward a college major. These are also the years in which teenagers are becoming adults and going through all the growing pains of such a transition. Those who choose to go into secondary education will likely have to choose one or two specialties/subjects which may include English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, or a number of others.


Secondary Education was not a requirement in the past. In fact, few people were educated beyond the basics of elementary school. However, as schools became compulsory and free to attend, the number of students enrolled increased greatly. Expectations also changed in the level of education required, which required teachers to be trained in certain areas. This led to the education system as we know it today.

A secondary Education teacher will not only learn the theories of teaching, planning, and implementing a curriculum, but will choose a specialization such as Math, Literature, Social Studies, or Science. This can be a general studies course or specific types of subjects such as Biology, Calculus, or even a Foreign Language.

Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education

How Do I Know If a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education Is Right for Me?

Those who seek a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education often have a goal in mind to become a High School or Middle School teacher.


Gaining a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education means more than getting accepted into an accredited college. Those wishing to go into an education program will typically also have to pass the Praxis CORE Academic Skills for Educators exam or an equivalent state exam. This Basic Skills exam covers general math, reading, and writing abilities. Most education departments will require passing scores prior to official acceptance into the program. Some schools also require letters of reference, a certain GPA, and prerequisite courses. A clear background check will also be necessary.


Depending on a student course load, an average Bachelor's Degree will take between 3 and 5 years to complete. Generally, anywhere from one to two of those years are focused on meeting general studies requirements.

Combined with a Teaching Certificate/Credential, a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education will allow you to teach at the middle and high school levels in the subject area of your training. Some areas are in higher need than others with math and science job growth higher than other general areas.

Find Information About Becoming a Teacher In Your State

Each state has different requirements for becoming a certified teacher. To find out specific requirements, click on your state.

What Type of Courses Will I Need for a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education?

Although each college will have their own curriculum, the following are popular courses for a Bachelor's in Secondary Education program.

Secondary Teaching Methods

Teaching at higher levels is much different from teaching young children. This class will help you learn the techniques that work best with older students at higher levels of abstract thinking.

Classroom Management

A classroom full of hormonal teenagers can be a recipe for disaster if you are not aware of how to implement appropriate classroom management methods. This class will teach the basics in classroom management technique to allow your classroom and teaching to stay on track.

Adolescent Psychology

Adolescents think and process differently than young children which means an entire class needs devoted to the psychology of adolescents and how the way in which this age group thinks can affect teaching.

Potential Course Topics and Research Interests in Secondary Education Bachelor's Programs

The four-year bachelor's degree in secondary education consists of a university program in which students specialize in one or two subject areas with the intent to make those subject areas ‘teachable' by having a deep understanding of the subject matter. In addition to classroom studies, each student-teacher is required to complete at least one block of teaching practicum; many states have implemented two or three such practicum blocks, as time in the classroom with a mentor benefits teacher practice. While programs do vary between institutions, most programs contain the following elements:

  • Develop a time-effective and efficient method of lesson planning that encompasses differentiated instruction and evidence-based evaluation
  • Objectively assess student work for established learning objectives, culling out exemplars to retain from year to year
  • Develop a scope of knowledge in teachable subjects in order to effectively teach curriculum
  • Learn about educational, social, and developmental milestones of high school students
  • Learn and practice an effective and inclusive array of teaching principles
  • Learn through practice effective interaction skills to use with fellow teachers, administrators and support staff
  • Effectively maintain the classroom environment and school culture by networking with other school and district stakeholders
  • Foster proactive, neutral, and evidence-based relationships with families and students about student achievement
  • Practice student-teacher, family-teacher, and collegial conflict resolution
  • Practice and refine classroom management skills
  • Create opportunities for formal and informal mentorship throughout undergrad studies, volunteer work and practicum placement
  • Access collegial support and ‘team teaching' opportunities throughout coursework, volunteer work and practicum
  • Observe classroom procedures and routines as a teacher in the practicum classroom
  • Survey youth and teen developmental and cognitive milestones as they relate to secondary educational coursework and timelines
  • Review and report on effective teaching practice for children in the same classroom environment but who are at different developmental or academic levels
  • Enhance and diversify teaching practices for youths who are from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Critically examine the relationship between schools and their communities over time
  • Debate aspects of the ‘ideal' school through various social and cultural ideologies
  • Learn foundational concepts related to language and literacy at the secondary level as they impact learning and teaching high school students
  • Gain practical skills that are key to helping children retain and expand language, reading fluency, and other English skills
  • Gain practical skills that are critical to helping students learn problem solving, advanced operations, algebra, calculous, and geometry
  • Create effective pedagogical groupings of students for instructional purposes, group work and classroom management

Online Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education

Gaining a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education online can be an attractive option for those who are also working or caring for a family full time. Some Bachelor's Degrees are available in full online, though education degrees will likely require observations within a classroom setting in some manner. However, completing even part of one's classes online can save time and money by eliminating the commute.


Online degree programs allow for a very flexible schedule. Since physical attendance in a traditional college classroom is not required, students can complete their studies whenever and wherever. The decision is completely up to the student and how they wish to coordinate their studies with their daily schedule. Many students these days have jobs to keep up with and families to care for. These responsibilities restrict a student's time and ability to attend classes on a campus. In many cases, these students rule out schooling altogether. Luckily, online education has become a viable and reputable option. With online degree programs, students do not have to worry about missing class due to work or family obligations.

Opportunity and Accessibility

With online degree programs, students are able to join programs regardless of their geographic location, scheduling restrictions, or physical ability. Good internet connection and a reliable computer are two basic things that are needed for an online education. Students have even reported that online courses are easier to concentrate in, since there are less distractions from other students and classroom activity. This may be a good option for students who are easily distracted, as they will be able to work alone and at their own pace.

Example of a School's Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education Program

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

Bachelor's in Secondary Education

Program Overview: This program is designed to prepare secondary teachers to step into the classroom. Those that complete the program will be licensed in the state of Nevada.

Required Courses: Basic courses are required of all education majors, however, subject specific courses will vary greatly depending on the specialization of your choice. Visiting the college website can offer specific insight into each subject area.

Admission Requirements: Proof of graduation from an accredited or approved high school with a 3.0 GPA is necessary for admission. This is in addition to a complete application. If all high school credits as needed have not been attained, you may have an ACT score of at least 22 or a Nevada Advanced high school diploma, or a combined SAT score of at least 1040 for admission.

Tuition: A full time resident student can attend classes for approximately $2,700 per semester. However, additional hours above 12 credits will result in higher costs overall.

Program Website

Master's Degree in Secondary Education

How Do I Know If a Master's Degree in Secondary Education Is Right for Me?

A Master's Degree in Secondary Education is for individuals who wish to further their careers in the field of education.


Getting a Master's Degree in Secondary Education will require a Bachelor's Degree and possibly a teaching license/credential that is valid. The following may also be required:

  • A GRE score within the last three to five years is a typical requirement
  • Passing scores on the basic and specialized PRAXIS exams in your area of study are often required. PRAXIS exams are often substituted for specific exams administered by the candidate's home state.
  • A clear background check is needed to participate in school based activities and observations
  • As a Secondary Education major you may be required to show professional experience in a related field for some programs


A Master's Degree can usually be completed in two years, but may take three for some individuals. Some colleges offer a fast paced degree that can be completed in a year, but this is filled with intense course loads and work.


As with any program leading to a career in teaching or related to teaching and education, an accreditation by CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation) is necessary.

What Type of Courses Will I Need for a Master's Degree in Secondary Education?

Though course titles will vary from school to school, the following are generally a part of a Master's Degree in Secondary Education program.

Law and American Education

Though studying education and teaching children, there are a number of laws that must be adhered to both in and out of the classroom. Teachers are role models who are often held to a higher ethical and legal standard than many. This class will help prepare you for that challenge.

Language and Culture

Language, slang, mannerisms, and colloquialisms are often culturally specific. This class will help differentiate what is proper and what is culture and how this can differ in the classroom.

Technology Applications for Learning Environments

As a teacher in the 21st century, it is important to be familiar with the numerous forms of technology available in and outside the classroom. This technology can be a help to the aspiring teacher. This class will help you reign in the options for technology use in the classroom.

Potential Course Topics and Research Interests in Secondary Education Master's Programs

Pursuing a master's degree in secondary education offers a unique opportunity to further students' scholarly and professional development. Upon completion of the degree, master's students can pursue work in the classroom, as an administrator, educational leader, or researcher. While programs do vary between institutions, many of the core elements of the master's program are as follows:

  • Examination of leadership in educational institutions and in other organizational, professional and community settings
  • Enhancing student learning for the social, cultural, digital and economic needs of today's students
  • In-depth evaluation of programs and persons to assess performance appraisals, participatory evaluation, evaluation capacity building, psychometrics, standardized testing and large-scale assessment are taught in depth
  • Curriculum and policy studies for current and historic educational systems through a global context
  • Analysis of educational movements that inform current understanding of curriculum and policy in education
  • Relate current issues in education to administrator, educator, and researcher roles
  • Examination of societies, cultures and languages and how each shapes education
  • Critical discourse of the social, historical, cultural and linguistic dimensions of education
  • Critical discourse of how the issues of power, diversity, gender and marginalization affect students' education
  • Contemporary perspectives on culture and literacy
  • Examination of education, the minority student population, and paths of educational mobility
  • Analysis of historical perspectives on institutionalization
  • Second language education and its impact on English language learners and their immediate familial groupings
  • Engage with current research and practices as applied to the teaching and learning processes in the secondary school environment
  • Engage in pedagogical study across a range of contexts in the secondary environment
  • Consider adult education, learning and motivation in the secondary school environment
  • Critically analyze educational technologies and their impact on the secondary school learner and classroom
  • Planned and ad hoc professional development and its impact on teacher practice in the secondary school environment
  • Secondary students who require special education services and planning the inclusive classroom environment
  • Learning and teaching in specific curriculum subjects in the high school environment

Online Master's Degree in Secondary Education

Getting a degree at any level online can be a valid option for those who cannot fit a traditional classroom schedule into their busy lives. This option often offers the same level of education at a more convenient pace and schedule.


Despite all the benefits of earning a degree online, it may not be the best route for everyone. In a lot of cases, those who easily find success in an online learning environment are self-starters. Such learners are able to motivate themselves to remain organized, plan studies, and stay on top of their work. This type of student does not rely much on others to motivate them. Reflect on yourself and determine if you think you would be able to describe yourself as a self-starter. If so, you will be likely to find success in an online learning environment.

Flexible Time Schedule

We are at a day and age where online degree programs have become a common and reputable way to earn a degree. As more and more students choose online schooling, it seems one of the biggest appeals is the flexible time schedule. Degree candidates are often discouraged from going on to earning a master's degree because they do not think they will be able to fit the class schedule into their daily lives. Fortunately, online degree programs have opened up many doors for these people. Since physical attendance is most commonly not required, students have the ability to choose when and where to complete assignments and watch lecture videos.

Example of a School's Master's Degree in Secondary Education Program

California State University, Fullerton

Master of Science in Education with a Concentration in Secondary Education

Program Overview: This program is designed to help secondary classroom teachers upgrade their skills, techniques, and knowledge to prepare to become curriculum leaders in the field.

Required Courses: There will be, at a minimum, 31 units for each Master's level student. All units will be advisor approved prior to scheduling. The majority of units will be in the core course work area.

Admission Requirements: You must first enroll at Cal State Fullerton to be considered for the Master's program. You must then show a Bachelor's degree from an accredited program with a good standing at all previous colleges/universities. A minimum of a 3.0 GPA and a complete or ‘in progress' basic teaching credential is required.

Tuition: Tuition for Master's level students will range between $2,000 - $4,000, based on the program and residency requirements, per semester.

Program Website

Doctorate Degree in Secondary Education

How Do I Know If a Doctorate in Secondary Education Is Right for Me?

A doctoral degree in Secondary Education is for individuals who wish to further their knowledge and stamp their expertise in the field. Programs are usually research intensive and challenging.


This type of program will require prior completion of a Master's Degree in a related field with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Some schools will accept students with a Bachelor's Degree if the program offers a joint Master's Degree and Doctorate. However, most programs will require teaching experience, teacher certification, and a Master's Degree.


If a previous Master's Degree has been earned, then a Doctorate Degree in Secondary Education can take on average 6 to 9 semesters to complete. If no Master's Degree has been earned, then an additional 2 to 4 semesters will be required.

Financial Aid

A Doctoral Degree in Secondary Education can be costly, but financial aid through FAFSA, grants, loans, and internships are often available. In addition, certain subject areas that are high need (foreign language, math, science, advanced classes) are often repaid by schools once the teacher agrees to a set number of years at that school.


An accredited program is the only type of program that will lead to a higher level teaching degree, which means an accredited program is of high importance in this field.

Career Advancements

Earning a Doctorate of Secondary Education can open doors to higher level positions within the education realm. This may include a job as an administrator, academic coach, specialist, or coordinator. With a higher job title also comes a greater potential for earning over time and with experience.

What Type of Courses Will I Need to Take for a Doctorate in Secondary Education?

The overall goal of a Doctorate program in Secondary Education to prepare top educators to create, assess, and teach students and teachers the best practices as needed in various locations. Those holding a Doctorate may also teach future teachers in their area of expertise.

Educational Research Methods

Doctoral research is an integral part of the educational process at this level. This class will help prepare you for the hours of research ahead in relation to your dissertation.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Educational Process

As a Doctorate level teacher, you are likely to hold a higher position within the school system. This means that you may have the responsibility of evaluating an educational process in a single classroom or an entire school system.

Faculty Leadership

Holding a Ph.D or Ed.D can move you toward leadership roles within a school system. Be prepared to take on that leadership role with pride and grace through proven leadership techniques, as taught in this type of class.

Potential Course Topics and Research Interests in Secondary Education PhD Programs

Educators who are interested in becoming doctoral candidates in the field of secondary education may apply to a select number of programs throughout the nation. Often, candidates must declare a specialty on which to focus, like curriculum and pedagogy, cognition, literacy, assessment, policy, leadership, or special education. Students continue their research in a practical or clinical setting, depending on their interest and goals. Highly individual, Ph.D. and Ed.D. programs do have some similar foundational elements, like:

  • Research groupings of exceptional learners; gather data on to meet learning needs by providing an inclusive classroom and school environment
  • Compile meaningful data on power, culture, race, class, ethnicity, wealth, gender and family background; attempt causative linkages about how these factors impact the secondary environment
  • Analyze current educational policy and decision making processes through the secondary school perspective
  • Cross-cultural research to map student growth, assessment, and achievement at the secondary level
  • Research educational policy creation and management at the secondary level
  • Collect data on educational policies, their creators, and relevant cultural contexts in order to create causative links
  • Research causative relationships between communication style and culture in the classroom environment and how this phenomenon affects secondary students
  • Research secondary school leadership and governance practices and map knowledge mobilization
  • Examine theories of positive teaching practices and policies for secondary students
  • Research the social and historical eras that have advanced institutional secondary school teaching
  • Research and map the schemas of learning, motivation, and cognitive processes at the secondary level
  • Conduct research to assess students' literacy and numeracy skills in their first language
  • Research correlative factors between secondary educational goals, culture, and technology
  • Research organizational behaviour with the goal to improve educational systems
  • Analyze educational leadership and their historical and future impact on education and students in high schools
  • Critically evaluate the educational leadership process at the secondary level
  • Research data related to educational policy problems in secondary schools
  • Evaluate social, funding and political trends that influence educational policy development and deployment
  • Research social and gender perspectives of the teacher and in the classroom environment with the intent to promote educational and cultural equity and mobility

Online Doctorate in Secondary Education

Choosing to get a Doctorate Degree online typically means a hybrid program that is a combination of online courses and brief face to face seminars during the dissertation process. However, an online education is a true time saver for those working and/or raising a family in addition to attending school.

Doctorates of Secondary Education typically come in one of two forms, Ph.D or Ed.D. Ed.D. students typically plan to stay in the school system or at a local board of education long term.


Online degree programs generally offer tons of flexibility. This means that students have the opportunity to complete course requirements whenever and wherever. In most cases, doctoral candidates have their plates full. Most have full time jobs to maintain and families to keep up with. Since online schooling does not require students to re-organize their lives, they are able to set their own schedule. Instead of commuting to campus to attend class, instructors post lecture videos. Students are able to watch the videos at their convenience. When and where degree candidates choose to study is completely up to them.

Opportunity and Accessibility

With the growth and availability of online degree programs, students have a lot of programs to choose from. In many cases, people would not even consider earning a higher degree, since they don't have the option to relocate and they don't have easy access to a campus. These apprehensions are cancelled out with online schooling. Online schooling allows for degree candidates to join programs regardless of their geographic location, scheduling restrictions, or physical ability. Basically, two main things are needed- a reliable computer and good internet service.


Take some time to think about yourself. Are you able to motivate yourself to complete tasks? Are you able to plan for success without much external motivation? If so, you may be a self-starter. With that said, online schooling might be a great way for you to earn your degree in secondary education. Since frequent face-to-face lectures and classes are not required, some students may have trouble staying motivated. For those, interaction may be necessary for student success. On the other hand, if you are able to motivate yourself, you might find a lot of success through online education.

Example of a School's Doctorate in Secondary Education Program

Kennesaw State University

Ed.D in Secondary Education - Mathematics

Program Overview: This Ed.D program is designed for candidates that hold a Master's Degree and wish to develop the skills, knowledge, and disposition to serve as learner-centered specialists.

Required Courses: A minimum of 30 - 33 credit hours are required for graduation, but only with previous approval.

Admission Requirements: A Master's Degree from an accredited institution in Education or a related field is a requirement. A clear and renewable teaching certificate, at least three years professional experience, and a competitive GRE score are also needed. This is in addition to letters of reference and a complete application that can be found online.

Tuition: Tuition is different for residents and non-residents and may vary from approximately $2,000 to $4,000 per semester with a full course load of 12 credits.

Program Website

Specialty Secondary Education Degree Programs

Secondary Education- Math

A secondary math teacher may be responsible for teaching basic math classes or specialized classes such as algebra, calculus, geometry, or trigonometry. Typically a math teacher will teach a mixture of these classes over time. Math is a high need area in schools and grants are often available to help with certification costs. Math teachers will be required to show understanding of both teaching methods and math concepts.

Secondary Education - Sciences

A secondary science teacher may be responsible for grade level basic science courses or specialized classes such as biology, chemistry, advanced placement classes, or other science related areas. This is a high need area which may offer grants to help cover loan repayment. Science teachers can study a general science with a minor or major in specific areas.

Secondary Education - English

A secondary English teacher will be required to teach reading and writing skills to students at varying levels. Some teachers may be required to teach advanced placement English classes to prepare students for placement exams. English teachers will need to be highly proficient in writing, well versed in reading techniques, and qualified in teaching techniques.

Secondary Education - Social Studies

A secondary social studies teacher will take numerous classes in history, world studies, and civics in order to be able to teach at various secondary levels. This is in addition to technology, technique, and curriculum classes that are required of most educators. Social studies teachers may teach world history, civics, and some advanced classes for students.

Secondary Education - Physical Education (PE)

A secondary physical education teacher will be in charge of teaching gym classes. A degree in this area will require physical education classes, growth and development courses, and safety education courses. These teachers will be required to teach sports and sportsmanship to students in middle and/or high school.

Secondary Education Degree Scholarships

Those who study Secondary Education often go on to becoming high school or middle school teachers. These teachers often teach a single subject or specialize in a grouping of subjects. Secondary Education programs combine the elements of theory and practice within the curriculum. These programs provide the foundation and experience needed to work with students from urban to rural communities and across ability levels.

Earning a degree in Secondary Education may require some financial forethought. There are many grants and scholarships available for students who want to become secondary education teachers, the following are just a few of them.

Cortland's Urban Recruitment of Educators (CURE) Scholarship

To apply to the CURE Scholarship, you must major in an area of Education and must maintain high academic achievement. In addition, applicants must demonstrate a commitment to teach in high-needs schools in urban areas. Although all candidates can apply, first priority is given to applicants from groups that have been traditionally underrepresented or undeserved in the field.

Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers

If you are studying to become a High School Physics teacher, this $2,000 scholarship may be right for you. The American Association of Physics Teachers offers the Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers. Applicant must be an undergraduate student enrolled in an accredited college or university (or high school senior accepted for such enrollment) pursuing a degree leading to becoming a high school Physics teacher.

To learn about other Scholarships and Grants available to you, click on the link.

Career Pathways with a Degree in Secondary Education

Earning a degree in Secondary Education can open up many career opportunities. Secondary Education degrees are usually paired with a subject(s)-specific credential. Depending on your area of focus, the following may be possible careers with a degree in Secondary Education.

Advanced Placement Teacher:

Advanced placement teachers typically teach one or two advanced classes in a specific subject area (History, Biology, English). These teachers also tend to teach basic level classes in addition to the advanced class(es). A Bachelor's Degree can be earned for advanced placement teaching, but a Master's or experience is preferred. The average salary for a teacher is between $40,000- $55,000 each year.

Middle School Teacher:

A middle school teacher will teach grades 6 through 8, typically only one subject area across grade levels. This type of teacher starts teaching students higher level thinking skills that will be necessary for future classes. The average salary for a Bachelor's Degree level teacher is between $40,000-$55,000 yearly.

Learn more about becoming a Middle School Teacher.

High School Teacher:

A high school teacher is typically responsible for a single subject area, but may teach to several grade levels. The high school teacher usually minors in a general subject area such as reading, math, science, social studies, or an elective during a Bachelor's Degree program. However, degrees can be gained at the Master's and Doctoral level as well. Job growth for secondary education is rising at an average to above average rate.

If you are interested in becoming a High School Teacher, click on the link to learn more.

Academic Coach:

An academic coach will need a minimum of three to five years experience as well as a Master's or Doctoral Degree. An academic coach teaches fellow educators to implement new strategies and plans to ensure standards and goals are being met within a school and region. Academic coaches may cover all areas or could be subject specific for a school or county. An academic coach salary will range between $40,000 and $75,000 yearly depending on the area. Job growth is steady, but slightly below average.

Secondary Education Schools By State

Select from the state list below to find colleges that offer a degree in secondary education. School programs, and if available, corresponding degree levels and total estimated degrees granted each year are listed. The schools listed are taken from reports provided by IPEDS for CIP Code(s): 13.1205.


SchoolProgram Details

Alabama A & M University

4900 Meridian Street,Normal, AL
Phone: (256) 372-5000

Alabama State University

915 S Jackson Street,Montgomery, AL
Phone: (334) 229-4100

Auburn University at Montgomery

7440 East Drive,Montgomery, AL
Phone: (334) 244-3000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama,Auburn University, AL
Phone: (334) 844-4000

Jacksonville State University

700 Pelham Road North,Jacksonville, AL
Phone: (256) 782-5781

Samford University

800 Lakeshore Drive,Birmingham, AL
Phone: (205) 726-2011

Spring Hill College

4000 Dauphin St,Mobile, AL
Phone: (251) 380-4000

The University of Alabama

739 University Blvd,Tuscaloosa, AL
Phone: (205) 348-6010
  • Online Degree Options
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr

Troy University

University Avenue,Troy, AL
Phone: (334) 670-3100

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Administration Bldg Suite 1070,Birmingham, AL
Phone: (205) 934-4011

University of Montevallo

Station 6001,Montevallo, AL
Phone: (205) 665-6155

University of North Alabama

One Harrison Plaza,Florence, AL
Phone: (256) 765-4100

University of South Alabama

307 N University Blvd,Mobile, AL
Phone: (251) 460-6101

University of West Alabama

Station One,Livingston, AL
Phone: (205) 652-3400
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

University of Alaska Southeast

11120 Glacier Highway,Juneau, AK
Phone: (877) 465-4827


SchoolProgram Details

Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix

411 N Central Avenue - Ste 520,Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (602) 496-4636

Arizona State University-Polytechnic

7001 E Williams Field Road,Mesa, AZ
Phone: (480) 727-1585
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Arizona State University-Skysong

1475 N Scottsdale Road - Ste 200,Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: (480) 884-1860
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Arizona State University-Tempe

University Drive and Mill Avenue,Tempe, AZ
Phone: (480) 965-9011

Arizona State University-West

4701 W Thunderbird Road,Glendale, AZ
Phone: (602) 543-5500
  • Online Degree Options
  • 25-50 Grads/Yr

Grand Canyon University

3300 W Camelback Rd,Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (800) 800-9776
  • Online Degree Options
  • 200+ Grads/Yr

Northern Arizona University

1900 S. Knoles Dr, Babbitt Administrative Center,Flagstaff, AZ
Phone: (928) 523-9011
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Ottawa University-Phoenix

9414 North 25th Avenue,Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (602) 371-1188

University of Arizona

1401 E University,Tucson, AZ
Phone: (520) 621-2211

University of Phoenix-Arizona

1625 West Fountainhead Parkway,Tempe, AZ
Phone: (866) 766-0766


SchoolProgram Details

Harding University

915 E. Market Ave.,Searcy, AR
Phone: (501) 279-4000

Southern Arkansas University Main Campus

100 E. University,Magnolia, AR
Phone: (870) 235-4000

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

2801 S University Ave,Little Rock, AR
Phone: (501) 569-3000

University of Arkansas at Monticello

Highway 425 South,Monticello, AR
Phone: (870) 367-6811

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

1200 N University Mail Slot 4789,Pine Bluff, AR
Phone: (870) 575-8000

University of Arkansas

Administration Bldg 425,Fayetteville, AR
Phone: (479) 575-2000

University of the Ozarks

415 N College Ave,Clarksville, AR
Phone: (479) 979-1000


SchoolProgram Details

Brandman University

16355 Laguna Canyon Road,Irvine, CA
Phone: (949) 341-9800

Chapman University

One University Dr.,Orange, CA
Phone: (714) 997-6815

Concordia University-Irvine

1530 Concordia West,Irvine, CA
Phone: (949) 854-8002

Dominican University of California

50 Acacia Ave,San Rafael, CA
Phone: (415) 457-4440

Loyola Marymount University

One Lmu Drive,Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (310) 338-2700

National University

11255 North Torrey Pines Road,La Jolla, CA
Phone: (800) 628-8648
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Pacific Union College

One Angwin Ave,Angwin, CA
Phone: (707) 965-6313

Saint Mary's College of California

1928 Saint Marys Road,Moraga, CA
Phone: (925) 631-4000

Santa Clara University

500 El Camino Real,Santa Clara, CA
Phone: (408) 554-4000

University of Phoenix-California

3090 Bristol Street,Costa Mesa, CA
Phone: (866) 766-0766

University of San Diego

5998 Alcala Park,San Diego, CA
Phone: (619) 260-4600


SchoolProgram Details

Colorado College

14. E Cache La Poudre St.,Colorado Springs, CO
Phone: (719) 389-6000

University of Phoenix-Colorado

10004 Park Meadows Dr,Lone Tree, CO
Phone: (866) 766-0766


SchoolProgram Details

Eastern Connecticut State University

83 Windham St,Willimantic, CT
Phone: (860) 465-5000

University of Bridgeport

126 Park Avenue,Bridgeport, CT
Phone: (203) 576-4000

University of Hartford

200 Bloomfield Ave,West Hartford, CT
Phone: (860) 768-4100

Western Connecticut State University

181 White Street,Danbury, CT
Phone: (203) 837-8200


SchoolProgram Details

University of Delaware

104 Hullihen Hall,Newark, DE
Phone: (302) 831-2000

Wesley College

120 N State St,Dover, DE
Phone: (302) 736-2300

Wilmington University

320 Dupont Hwy,New Castle, DE
Phone: (877) 967-5464


SchoolProgram Details

Flagler College-St Augustine

74 King Street,Saint Augustine, FL
Phone: (904) 829-6481

Florida Gulf Coast University

10501 Fgcu Blvd S,Fort Myers, FL
Phone: (239) 590-1000

Florida Institute of Technology

150 West University Boulevard,Melbourne, FL
Phone: (321) 674-8000

Florida State University

222 S. Copeland Street,Tallahassee, FL
Phone: (850) 644-2525

Stetson University

421 N Woodland Blvd,DeLand, FL
Phone: (386) 822-7000

The University of Tampa

401 W Kennedy Blvd,Tampa, FL
Phone: (813) 253-3333

University of Miami

University of Miami,Coral Gables, FL
Phone: (305) 284-2211

University of North Florida

1 UNF Drive,Jacksonville, FL
Phone: (904) 620-1000


SchoolProgram Details

Berry College

2277 Martha Berry Hwy NW,Mount Berry, GA
Phone: (706) 232-5374

Brenau University

500 Washington Street SE,Gainesville, GA
Phone: (770) 534-6299

Clark Atlanta University

223 James P Brawley Drive, S.W.,Atlanta, GA
Phone: (404) 880-8000

Columbus State University

4225 University Ave,Columbus, GA
Phone: (706) 507-8800

Georgia College and State University

231 W Hancock Street,Milledgeville, GA
Phone: (478) 445-2770

Georgia Southern University

Brannen Hall, Room 2015, 2670 Southern Drive,Statesboro, GA
Phone: (912) 478-5391

Kennesaw State University

1000 Chastain Rd,Kennesaw, GA
Phone: (770) 423-6000

Mercer University

1400 Coleman Avenue,Macon, GA
Phone: (478) 301-2700

Piedmont College

1021 Central Ave,Demorest, GA
Phone: (706) 778-3000

Thomas University

1501 Millpond Rd,Thomasville, GA
Phone: (800) 538-9784 x1000

Toccoa Falls College

107 Kincaid Drive,Toccoa Falls, GA
Phone: (706) 886-6831

University of West Georgia

1601 Maple St,Carrollton, GA
Phone: (678) 839-5000

Valdosta State University

1500 N Patterson St,Valdosta, GA
Phone: (229) 333-5800


SchoolProgram Details

Chaminade University of Honolulu

3140 Waialae Avenue,Honolulu, HI
Phone: (808) 735-4711

Hawaii Pacific University

1164 Bishop Street, Suite 800,Honolulu, HI
Phone: (808) 544-0200

University of Hawaii at Manoa

2500 Campus Road, Hawaii Hall,Honolulu, HI
Phone: (808) 956-8111

University of Phoenix-Hawaii

745 Fort Street,Honolulu, HI
Phone: (866) 766-0766


SchoolProgram Details

Idaho State University

921 S 8th Ave,Pocatello, ID
Phone: (208) 282-2700

University of Idaho

875 Perimeter Drive,Moscow, ID
Phone: (888) 884-3246


SchoolProgram Details

Aurora University

347 S Gladstone Ave,Aurora, IL
Phone: (630) 892-6431

Benedictine University

5700 College Rd,Lisle, IL
Phone: (630) 829-6000

Bradley University

1501 W Bradley Ave,Peoria, IL
Phone: (309) 676-7611

Chicago State University

9501 S. King Drive,Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 995-2000

Concordia University-Chicago

7400 Augusta,River Forest, IL
Phone: (708) 771-8300

DePaul University

1 E Jackson Blvd,Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 362-8000

Greenville College

315 E. College Ave,Greenville, IL
Phone: (618) 664-2800

Judson University

1151 N State St,Elgin, IL
Phone: (847) 628-2500

Lake Forest College

555 N Sheridan Road,Lake Forest, IL
Phone: (847) 234-3100

Lewis University

One University Parkway,Romeoville, IL
Phone: (815) 838-0500

Loyola University Chicago

1032 W. Sheridan Rd,Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 274-3000

National Louis University

122 S Michigan Ave,Chicago, IL
Phone: (800) 443-5522

Northwestern University

633 Clark St,Evanston, IL
Phone: (847) 491-3741

Olivet Nazarene University

One University Avenue,Bourbonnais, IL
Phone: (815) 939-5011

Rockford University

5050 E State St,Rockford, IL
Phone: (815) 226-4186

Roosevelt University

430 S Michigan Ave,Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 341-3500

Saint Xavier University

3700 W 103rd St,Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 298-3000

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Il State Rte 157,Edwardsville, IL
Phone: (618) 650-2000

Trinity International University-Illinois

2065 Half Day Rd,Deerfield, IL
Phone: (847) 945-8800

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

601 E John Street,Champaign, IL
Phone: (217) 333-1000

Wheaton College

501 College Ave,Wheaton, IL
Phone: (630) 752-5000


SchoolProgram Details

Ball State University

2000 University Ave,Muncie, IN
Phone: (765) 289-1241
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Butler University

4600 Sunset Ave,Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 940-8000

Earlham College

801 National Rd West,Richmond, IN
Phone: (765) 983-1200

Huntington University

2303 College Ave,Huntington, IN
Phone: (260) 356-6000

Indiana University-Bloomington

107 South Indiana Ave.,Bloomington, IN
Phone: (812) 855-4848

Indiana University-East

2325 Chester Blvd,Richmond, IN
Phone: (765) 973-8200

Indiana University-Kokomo

2300 S Washington St,Kokomo, IN
Phone: (765) 453-2000

Indiana University-Northwest

3400 Broadway,Gary, IN
Phone: (219) 980-6500

Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne

2101 E Coliseum Blvd,Fort Wayne, IN
Phone: (260) 481-6100

Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

425 University Blvd,Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 274-5555

Indiana University-South Bend

1700 Mishawaka Ave,South Bend, IN
Phone: (574) 520-4872

Indiana University-Southeast

4201 Grant Line Rd,New Albany, IN
Phone: (812) 941-2000

Marian University

3200 Cold Spring Rd,Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 955-6000

Purdue University-North Central Campus

1401 S US Hwy 421,Westville, IN
Phone: (219) 785-5200

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

1 St Mary of Woods Coll,Saint Mary of the Woods, IN
Phone: (812) 535-5151

University of Southern Indiana

8600 University Blvd,Evansville, IN
Phone: (812) 464-8600

Valparaiso University

US Highway 30 and Sturdy Road,Valparaiso, IN
Phone: (219) 464-5000


SchoolProgram Details

Briar Cliff University

3303 Rebecca Street,Sioux City, IA
Phone: (712) 279-5321

Clarke University

1550 Clarke Dr,Dubuque, IA
Phone: (563) 588-6300

Cornell College

600 First St. SW,Mount Vernon, IA
Phone: (319) 895-4000

Dordt College

498 4th Ave NE,Sioux Center, IA
Phone: (712) 722-6000

Drake University

2507 University Avenue,Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 271-2011

Grand View University

1200 Grandview Ave,Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 263-2800

Mount Mercy University

1330 Elmhurst Dr NE,Cedar Rapids, IA
Phone: (319) 363-8213

Waldorf College

106 S Sixth St,Forest City, IA
Phone: (641) 585-2450


SchoolProgram Details

Baker University

618 Eighth Street,Baldwin City, KS
Phone: (785) 594-6451

Benedictine College

1020 N 2nd St,Atchison, KS
Phone: (913) 367-5340

Fort Hays State University

600 Park St,Hays, KS
Phone: (785) 628-4000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Kansas State University

Anderson Hall,Manhattan, KS
Phone: (785) 532-6011

Kansas Wesleyan University

100 E. Claflin Ave.,Salina, KS
Phone: (785) 827-5541 x1285

Newman University

3100 McCormick Ave,Wichita, KS
Phone: (316) 942-4291

Southwestern College

100 College Street,Winfield, KS
Phone: (620) 229-6000

Tabor College

400 S Jefferson,Hillsboro, KS
Phone: (620) 947-3121 x1056

University of Kansas

Strong Hall, 1450 Jayhawk Blvd, Room 230,Lawrence, KS
Phone: (785) 864-2700


SchoolProgram Details

Bellarmine University

2001 Newburg Rd,Louisville, KY
Phone: (502) 272-8263

Eastern Kentucky University

521 Lancaster Ave,Richmond, KY
Phone: (859) 622-1000

Georgetown College

400 East College Street,Georgetown, KY
Phone: (502) 863-8000

Morehead State University

University Blvd,Morehead, KY
Phone: (606) 783-2000

Murray State University

218 Wells Hall,Murray, KY
Phone: (270) 809-3011

Spalding University

901 S Fourth Street,Louisville, KY
Phone: (502) 585-9911

Thomas More College

333 Thomas More Parkway,Crestview Hills, KY
Phone: (859) 341-5800

Union College

310 College St,Barbourville, KY
Phone: (606) 546-4151

University of Kentucky

South Limestone,Lexington, KY
Phone: (859) 257-9000

University of the Cumberlands

6191 College Station Drive,Williamsburg, KY
Phone: (606) 549-2200

Western Kentucky University

1906 College Heights Blvd,Bowling Green, KY
Phone: (270) 745-0111
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

Centenary College of Louisiana

2911 Centenary Boulevard,Shreveport, LA
Phone: (318) 869-5011

Louisiana State University-Shreveport

One University Place,Shreveport, LA
Phone: (318) 797-5000

Louisiana State University

156 Thomas Boyd Hall,Baton Rouge, LA
Phone: (225) 578-3202

Louisiana Tech University

305 Wisteria,Ruston, LA
Phone: (318) 257-2000

McNeese State University

4205 Ryan St,Lake Charles, LA
Phone: (337) 475-5000

Nicholls State University

University Station La Hwy 1,Thibodaux, LA
Phone: (877) 642-4655

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

University Parkway,Natchitoches, LA
Phone: (318) 357-6011

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

104 University Circle,Lafayette, LA
Phone: (377) 482-1000

University of Louisiana at Monroe

700 University Avenue,Monroe, LA
Phone: (318) 342-1000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 25-50 Grads/Yr

University of New Orleans

2000 Lakeshore Drive,New Orleans, LA
Phone: (888) 514-4275


SchoolProgram Details

Unity College

90 Quaker Hill Road,Unity, ME
Phone: (207) 509-7100

University of Maine at Farmington

224 Main St.,Farmington, ME
Phone: (207) 778-7000

University of Maine at Presque Isle

181 Main St,Presque Isle, ME
Phone: (207) 768-9400

University of Maine

168 College Avenue,Orono, ME
Phone: (207) 581-1865


SchoolProgram Details

Bowie State University

14000 Jericho Park Rd,Bowie, MD
Phone: (301) 860-4000

Frostburg State University

101 Braddock Road,Frostburg, MD
Phone: (301) 687-4000

Goucher College

1021 Dulaney Valley Rd,Baltimore, MD
Phone: (410) 337-6000

McDaniel College

2 College Hill,Westminster, MD
Phone: (410) 848-7000

Morgan State University

1700 East Cold Spring Lane,Baltimore, MD
Phone: (443) 885-3333

Mount St Mary's University

16300 Old Emmitsburg Road,Emmitsburg, MD
Phone: (301) 447-6122

Notre Dame of Maryland University

4701 N Charles St,Baltimore, MD
Phone: (410) 435-0100

Salisbury University

1101 Camden Ave,Salisbury, MD
Phone: (410) 543-6000

Towson University

8000 York Rd,Towson, MD
Phone: (410) 704-2000

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

J.T. Williams Hall,Princess Anne, MD
Phone: (410) 651-2200

University of Maryland-College Park

College Park, MD
Phone: (301) 405-1000

University of Maryland-University College

3501 University Blvd East,Adelphi, MD
Phone: (301) 985-7000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 25-50 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

American International College

1000 State Street,Springfield, MA
Phone: (413) 737-7000

Boston College

140 Commonwealth Avenue,Chestnut Hill, MA
Phone: (617) 552-8000

Brandeis University

415 South St,Waltham, MA
Phone: (781) 736-2000

College of Our Lady of the Elms

291 Springfield St,Chicopee, MA
Phone: (413) 594-2761

Eastern Nazarene College

23 E Elm Ave,Quincy, MA
Phone: (617) 745-3000 x3706

Emmanuel College

400 The Fenway,Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 735-9715

Endicott College

376 Hale Street,Beverly, MA
Phone: (978) 927-0585

Fitchburg State University

160 Pearl St,Fitchburg, MA
Phone: (978) 345-2151

Gordon College

255 Grapevine Rd,Wenham, MA
Phone: (978) 927-2300

Lasell College

1844 Commonwealth Avenue,Newton, MA
Phone: (617) 243-2000

Lesley University

29 Everett St,Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 868-9600

Northeastern University Global Network

360 Huntington Ave,Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 373-2000

Salem State University

352 Lafayette St,Salem, MA
Phone: (978) 542-6000

Simmons College

300 The Fenway,Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 521-2000

Smith College

Elm St,Northampton, MA
Phone: (413) 584-2700

Westfield State University

577 Western Ave,Westfield, MA
Phone: (413) 572-5300

Wheaton College

26 E Main St,Norton, MA
Phone: (508) 286-8200

Worcester State University

486 Chandler St,Worcester, MA
Phone: (508) 929-8000


SchoolProgram Details

Andrews University

4150 Administration Drive, Room 136,Berrien Springs, MI
Phone: (800) 253-2874

Baker College of Auburn Hills

1500 University Drive,Auburn Hills, MI
Phone: (248) 340-0600

Baker College of Clinton Township

34950 Little Mack Ave,Clinton Township, MI
Phone: (586) 791-6610

Baker College of Flint

1050 West Bristol Road,Flint, MI
Phone: (810) 766-4000

Baker College of Jackson

2800 Springport Rd,Jackson, MI
Phone: (517) 789-6123

Baker College of Muskegon

1903 Marquette Ave,Muskegon, MI
Phone: (231) 777-8800

Central Michigan University

106 Warriner Hall,Mount Pleasant, MI
Phone: (989) 774-4000

Eastern Michigan University

202 Welch Hall,Ypsilanti, MI
Phone: (734) 487-1849

Northern Michigan University

1401 Presque Isle Avenue,Marquette, MI
Phone: (906) 227-2650

Oakland University

2200 North Squirrel Road,Rochester Hills, MI
Phone: (248) 370-2100

Rochester College

800 West Avon Road,Rochester Hills, MI
Phone: (248) 218-2000

Saginaw Valley State University

7400 Bay Rd,University Center, MI
Phone: (989) 964-4000

University of Michigan-Dearborn

4901 Evergreen Rd,Dearborn, MI
Phone: (313) 593-5000

University of Michigan

503 Thompson Street,Ann Arbor, MI
Phone: (734) 764-1817

Wayne State University

656 West Kirby Street,Detroit, MI
Phone: (313) 577-2424


SchoolProgram Details

Hamline University

1536 Hewitt Avenue,Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 523-2800

Minnesota State University-Mankato

South Rd and Ellis Ave,Mankato, MN
Phone: (507) 389-1866

North Central University

910 Elliot Ave,Minneapolis, MN
Phone: (612) 343-4400

University of St Thomas

2115 Summit Ave,Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 962-5000


SchoolProgram Details

Alcorn State University

1000 ASU Dr Ste 359,Alcorn State, MS
Phone: (601) 877-6100

Belhaven University

1500 Peachtree St,Jackson, MS
Phone: (601) 968-5940

Delta State University

Hwy 8 West,Cleveland, MS
Phone: (662) 846-3000

Jackson State University

1440 J R Lynch Street,Jackson, MS
Phone: (601) 979-2121

Mississippi College

200 South Capitol Street,Clinton, MS
Phone: (601) 925-3000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Mississippi State University

Lee Boulevard,Mississippi State, MS
Phone: (662) 325-2323

Mississippi University for Women

1100 College Street,Columbus, MS
Phone: (662) 329-4750

University of Southern Mississippi

118 College Drive # 0001,Hattiesburg, MS
Phone: (601) 266-1000

William Carey University

498 Tuscan Ave,Hattiesburg, MS
Phone: (601) 318-6051


SchoolProgram Details

Drury University

900 N.Benton,Springfield, MO
Phone: (417) 873-7879

Evangel University

1111 N Glenstone,Springfield, MO
Phone: (417) 865-2811

Harris-Stowe State University

3026 Laclede Ave,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (314) 340-3366

Lincoln University

820 Chestnut Street,Jefferson City, MO
Phone: (573) 681-5000

Missouri Baptist University

One College Park Dr,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (877) 434-1115

Missouri Southern State University

3950 E. Newman Road,Joplin, MO
Phone: (417) 625-9300

Missouri State University-Springfield

901 S National,Springfield, MO
Phone: (417) 836-5000

Park University

8700 NW River Park Dr,Parkville, MO
Phone: (816) 741-2000

Rockhurst University

1100 Rockhurst Rd,Kansas City, MO
Phone: (816) 501-4000

Southeast Missouri State University

One University Plaza, MS4675,Cape Girardeau, MO
Phone: (573) 651-2000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

University of Central Missouri

202 Administration Building,Warrensburg, MO
Phone: (660) 543-4111
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

University of Missouri-Columbia

105 Jesse Hall,Columbia, MO
Phone: (573) 882-2121

University of Missouri-Kansas City

5100 Rockhill Rd,Kansas City, MO
Phone: (816) 235-1000

University of Missouri-St Louis

One University Boulevard,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (314) 516-5000

Washington University in St Louis

One Brookings Drive,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (314) 935-5000

Webster University

470 E Lockwood Ave.,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (314) 961-2660

Westminster College

501 Westminster Ave,Fulton, MO
Phone: (573) 642-3361


SchoolProgram Details

Montana State University-Northern

300 W 11th St,Havre, MT
Phone: (406) 265-3700

University of Great Falls

1301 Twentieth St S,Great Falls, MT
Phone: (406) 761-8210


SchoolProgram Details

Concordia University-Nebraska

800 N Columbia Ave,Seward, NE
Phone: (800) 535-5494

Creighton University

2500 California Plaza,Omaha, NE
Phone: (402) 280-2700

Grace University

1311 S 9th St,Omaha, NE
Phone: (402) 449-2800

University of Nebraska at Omaha

6001 Dodge St,Omaha, NE
Phone: (402) 554-2800


SchoolProgram Details

Sierra Nevada College

999 Tahoe Blvd.,Incline Village, NV
Phone: (775) 831-1314

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

4505 S Maryland Pky,Las Vegas, NV
Phone: (702) 895-3011

University of Nevada-Reno

North Virginia Street,Reno, NV
Phone: (775) 784-1110

New Hampshire

SchoolProgram Details

Keene State College

229 Main Street,Keene, NH
Phone: (603) 352-1909

Plymouth State University

17 High Street,Plymouth, NH
Phone: (603) 535-5000

Rivier University

420 South Main St,Nashua, NH
Phone: (603) 888-1311

Southern New Hampshire University

2500 North River Road,Manchester, NH
Phone: (603) 668-2211
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

University of New Hampshire-Main Campus

105 Main St., Thompson Hall,Durham, NH
Phone: (603) 862-1234

New Jersey

SchoolProgram Details

Drew University

36 Madison Ave,Madison, NJ
Phone: (973) 408-3000

Rider University

2083 Lawrence Road,Lawrenceville, NJ
Phone: (609) 896-5000

Seton Hall University

400 S Orange Ave,South Orange, NJ
Phone: (973) 761-9000

The College of New Jersey

2000 Pennington Road,Ewing, NJ
Phone: (609) 771-1855

William Paterson University of New Jersey

300 Pompton Rd,Wayne, NJ
Phone: (973) 720-2000

New Mexico

SchoolProgram Details

New Mexico State University-Main Campus

2850 Weddell Street,Las Cruces, NM
Phone: (575) 646-0111

University of New Mexico-Main Campus

1700 Lomas Blvd NE,Albuquerque, NM
Phone: (505) 277-0111

Western New Mexico University

1000 W. College Ave,Silver City, NM
Phone: (505) 538-6336
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

New York

SchoolProgram Details

Bard College

Annandale Road,Annandale-On-Hudson, NY
Phone: (845) 758-6822

Canisius College

2001 Main St,Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 883-7000

D'Youville College

320 Porter Ave,Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 829-8000

Dowling College

150 Idle Hour Blvd,Oakdale, NY
Phone: (631) 244-3000

Houghton College

1 Willard Ave,Houghton, NY
Phone: (585) 567-9200

Iona College

715 North Ave,New Rochelle, NY
Phone: (914) 633-2000

Ithaca College

953 Danby Rd,Ithaca, NY
Phone: (607) 274-3011

LIU Post

720 Northern Blvd,Brookville, NY
Phone: (516) 299-2900

Le Moyne College

1419 Salt Springs Rd,Syracuse, NY
Phone: (315) 445-4100

Manhattan College

4513 Manhattan College Parkway,Riverdale, NY
Phone: (718) 862-8000

Mercy College

555 Broadway,Dobbs Ferry, NY
Phone: (800) 637-2969
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Molloy College

1000 Hempstead Ave,Rockville Centre, NY
Phone: (516) 323-3000

Mount Saint Mary College

330 Powell Avenue,Newburgh, NY
Phone: (845) 561-0800

Nazareth College

4245 East Ave,Rochester, NY
Phone: (585) 389-2525

Pace University-New York

1 Pace Plaza,New York, NY
Phone: (212) 346-1200

Rochester Institute of Technology

1 Lomb Memorial Dr,Rochester, NY
Phone: (585) 475-2411

SUNY College at Plattsburgh

101 Broad Street,Plattsburgh, NY
Phone: (518) 564-2000

SUNY Empire State College

One Union Ave,Saratoga Springs, NY
Phone: (518) 587-2100

SUNY at Fredonia

280 Central Ave,Fredonia, NY
Phone: (716) 673-3111

St John's University-New York

8000 Utopia Pky,Queens, NY
Phone: (718) 990-6161

St. Thomas Aquinas College

125 Rte 340,Sparkill, NY
Phone: (845) 398-4000

The College of Saint Rose

432 Western Ave,Albany, NY
Phone: (518) 454-5111

The Sage Colleges

65 1st Street,Troy, NY
Phone: (518) 244-2000

Union Graduate College

80 Nott Terrace,Schenectady, NY
Phone: (518) 631-9900

Utica College

1600 Burrstone Rd,Utica, NY
Phone: (315) 792-3111

Yeshiva University

500 W 185th St,New York, NY
Phone: (212) 960-5400

North Carolina

SchoolProgram Details

Guilford College

5800 W Friendly Avenue,Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 316-2000

North Carolina A & T State University

1601 E Market St,Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 334-7500

Salem College

601 S Church St,Winston Salem, NC
Phone: (336) 721-2600

University of Mount Olive

634 Henderson St,Mount Olive, NC
Phone: (919) 658-2502

University of North Carolina Wilmington

601 South College Road,Wilmington, NC
Phone: (910) 962-3000

Wake Forest University

1834 Wake Forest Road,Winston Salem, NC
Phone: (336) 758-5000


SchoolProgram Details

Chugach School District

302 Buchtel Common,Akron, OH
Phone: (330) 972-7111

Cincinnati Christian University

2700 Glenway Ave,Cincinnati, OH
Phone: (513) 244-8100

Kent State University at Kent

Executive Office, 2nd Floor Library,Kent, OH
Phone: (330) 672-3000

Lake Erie College

391 W Washington St,Painesville, OH
Phone: (440) 375-7000

Lourdes University

6832 Convent Blvd,Sylvania, OH
Phone: (419) 885-3211

Miami University-Oxford

501 East High St,Oxford, OH
Phone: (513) 529-1809

Ohio University-Main Campus

020 Chubb Hall,Athens, OH
Phone: (740) 593-1000

Union Institute & University

440 E McMillan St,Cincinnati, OH
Phone: (800) 861-6400

University of Cincinnati-Main Campus

2624 Clifton Avenue,Cincinnati, OH
Phone: (513) 556-6000

University of Dayton

300 College Park,Dayton, OH
Phone: (937) 229-1000

University of Toledo

2801 W Bancroft,Toledo, OH
Phone: (419) 530-4636

Wright State University-Main Campus

3640 Colonel Glenn Highway,Dayton, OH
Phone: (937) 775-3333

Xavier University

3800 Victory Parkway,Cincinnati, OH
Phone: (513) 745-3000


SchoolProgram Details

East Central University

1100 E. 14th Street,Ada, OK
Phone: (580) 332-8000

Langston University

102 Page Hall,Langston, OK
Phone: (405) 466-3428

Mid-America Christian University

3500 SW 119th St,Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: (405) 691-3800

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

709 Oklahoma Blvd,Alva, OK
Phone: (580) 327-1700

Oklahoma State University-Main Campus

107 Whitehurst,Stillwater, OK
Phone: (405) 744-5000

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

100 Campus Dr,Weatherford, OK
Phone: (580) 772-6611


SchoolProgram Details

Concordia University-Portland

2811 NE Holman Street,Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 288-9371

Northwest Christian University

828 E. 11th Ave.,Eugene, OR
Phone: (541) 343-1641

Pacific University

2043 College Way,Forest Grove, OR
Phone: (877) 722-8648

University of Portland

5000 N Willamette Blvd,Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 943-8000

Western Oregon University

345 North Monmouth Ave,Monmouth, OR
Phone: (503) 838-8000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

Albright College

1621 N. 13th St.,Reading, PA
Phone: (610) 921-2381

Arcadia University

450 S Easton Rd,Glenside, PA
Phone: (215) 572-2900

California University of Pennsylvania

250 University Ave,California, PA
Phone: (724) 938-4400
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Carlow University

3333 Fifth Ave,Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: (412) 578-6000

Cedar Crest College

100 College Drive,Allentown, PA
Phone: (610) 606-4666

Chatham University

Woodland Rd,Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: (412) 365-1100

Chestnut Hill College

9601 Germantown Ave,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 248-7000

Delaware Valley University

700 E Butler Ave,Doylestown, PA
Phone: (215) 345-1500

Drexel University

3141 Chestnut St,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 895-2000

Duquesne University

Administration Bldg 600 Forbes Ave,Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: (412) 396-6000

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

200 Prospect Street,East Stroudsburg, PA
Phone: (570) 422-3211

Grove City College

100 Campus Dr,Grove City, PA
Phone: (724) 458-2000

Gwynedd Mercy University

1325 Sumneytown Pike,Gwynedd Valley, PA
Phone: (215) 646-7300

Holy Family University

9801 Frankford Avenue,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 637-7700

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

15200 Kutztown Rd,Kutztown, PA
Phone: (610) 683-4000

La Salle University

1900 W Olney Ave,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 951-1000

Lehigh University

27 Memorial Drive West,Bethlehem, PA
Phone: (610) 758-3000

Marywood University

2300 Adams Ave,Scranton, PA
Phone: (570) 348-6211

Mercyhurst University

501 E 38th St,Erie, PA
Phone: (814) 824-2000

Mount Aloysius College

7373 Admiral Peary Hwy,Cresson, PA
Phone: (814) 886-4131

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

201 Old Main,University Park, PA
Phone: (814) 865-4700

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Erie-Behrend College

4701 College Drive,Erie, PA
Phone: (814) 898-6000

Point Park University

201 Wood St,Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: (412) 391-4100

Saint Joseph's University

5600 City Avenue,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (610) 660-1000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Temple University

1801 North Broad Street,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 204-7000

University of Pennsylvania

34th & Spruce Street,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 898-5000

University of Pittsburgh-Bradford

300 Campus Drive,Bradford, PA
Phone: (814) 362-7500

University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg

150 Finoli Drive,Greensburg, PA
Phone: (724) 837-7040

University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

450 Schoolhouse Road,Johnstown, PA
Phone: (814) 269-7000

University of Scranton

800 Linden Street,Scranton, PA
Phone: (570) 941-7400

University of Valley Forge

1401 Charlestown Road,Phoenixville, PA
Phone: (610) 917-0450

Villanova University

800 Lancaster Avenue,Villanova, PA
Phone: (610) 519-4500

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

University Avenue and High Street,West Chester, PA
Phone: (610) 436-1000

Rhode Island

SchoolProgram Details

Providence College

1 Cunningham Square,Providence, RI
Phone: (401) 865-1000

Rhode Island College

600 Mount Pleasant Ave,Providence, RI
Phone: (401) 456-8000

Roger Williams University

One Old Ferry Road,Bristol, RI
Phone: (401) 253-1040

Salve Regina University

100 Ochre Point Avenue,Newport, RI
Phone: (401) 847-6650

University of Rhode Island

Green Hall, 35 Campus Avenue,Kingston, RI
Phone: (401) 874-1000

South Carolina

SchoolProgram Details

Anderson University

316 Boulevard,Anderson, SC
Phone: (864) 231-2000

Bob Jones University

1700 Wade Hampton Boulavard,Greenville, SC
Phone: (864) 242-5100

Citadel Military College of South Carolina

171 Moultrie St,Charleston, SC
Phone: (843) 225-3294

Clemson University

201 Sikes Hall,Clemson, SC
Phone: (864) 656-4636

Coastal Carolina University

103 Tom Trout Drive,Conway, SC
Phone: (843) 347-3161

College of Charleston

66 George St,Charleston, SC
Phone: (843) 953-5500

Converse College

580 E Main St,Spartanburg, SC
Phone: (864) 596-9000

Lander University

320 Stanley Avenue,Greenwood, SC
Phone: (864) 388-8000

South Carolina State University

300 College St NE,Orangeburg, SC
Phone: (803) 536-7000

University of South Carolina-Aiken

471 University Pkwy,Aiken, SC
Phone: (803) 648-6851

University of South Carolina-Columbia

Columbia-Campus,Columbia, SC
Phone: (803) 777-7000

University of South Carolina-Upstate

800 University Way,Spartanburg, SC
Phone: (864) 503-5000

Winthrop University

701 Oakland Ave,Rock Hill, SC
Phone: (803) 323-2211

South Dakota

SchoolProgram Details

Augustana College

2001 S Summit Ave,Sioux Falls, SD
Phone: (605) 274-5516

Black Hills State University

1200 University St,Spearfish, SD
Phone: (800) 255-2478
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Dakota Wesleyan University

1200 W University Ave,Mitchell, SD
Phone: (605) 995-2600

University of Sioux Falls

1101 W 22nd St,Sioux Falls, SD
Phone: (605) 331-5000

University of South Dakota

414 E Clark St,Vermillion, SD
Phone: (605) 677-5301


SchoolProgram Details

Belmont University

1900 Belmont Blvd,Nashville, TN
Phone: (615) 460-6000

Carson-Newman University

1646 S Russell Ave,Jefferson City, TN
Phone: (865) 471-2000

Christian Brothers University

650 East Parkway South,Memphis, TN
Phone: (901) 321-3000

Cumberland University

1 Cumberland Square,Lebanon, TN
Phone: (615) 444-2562

East Tennessee State University

1276 Gilbreath Drive,Johnson City, TN
Phone: (423) 439-1000

Freed-Hardeman University

158 E Main St,Henderson, TN
Phone: (800) 348-3481

Tennessee Technological University

1 William L. Jones Drive,Cookeville, TN
Phone: (931) 372-3223

Tennessee Wesleyan College

204 East College Street,Athens, TN
Phone: (423) 745-7504

The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

615 McCallie Ave,Chattanooga, TN
Phone: (423) 425-4111

The University of Tennessee-Martin

544 University Street,Martin, TN
Phone: (731) 881-7000

Trevecca Nazarene University

333 Murfreesboro Rd,Nashville, TN
Phone: (615) 248-1200

Vanderbilt University

2101 West End Avenue,Nashville, TN
Phone: (615) 322-7311


SchoolProgram Details

Abilene Christian University

1600 Campus Court,Abilene, TX
Phone: (325) 674-2000

Austin College

900 N Grand Ave,Sherman, TX
Phone: (903) 813-2000

Concordia University-Texas

11400 Concordia University Dr.,Austin, TX
Phone: (512) 313-3000

LeTourneau University

2100 S Mobberly Ave,Longview, TX
Phone: (903) 233-3000

Lubbock Christian University

5601 19th Street,Lubbock, TX
Phone: (806) 796-8800

McMurry University

S 14th and Sayles Blvd,Abilene, TX
Phone: (325) 793-3800

Rice University

6100 S Main,Houston, TX
Phone: (713) 348-0000

Stephen F Austin State University

2008 Alumin Drive, Rusk 206,Nacogdoches, TX
Phone: (936) 468-2011

Texas A & M University-Commerce

2600 South Neal,Commerce, TX
Phone: (888) 868-2682

Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi

6300 Ocean Dr.,Corpus Christi, TX
Phone: (361) 825-5700

Texas Christian University

2800 S University Dr,Fort Worth, TX
Phone: (817) 257-7000

Texas State University

601 University Dr,San Marcos, TX
Phone: (512) 245-2111

Texas Tech University

Broadway and University Avenue,Lubbock, TX
Phone: (806) 742-2011

The University of Texas-Pan American

1201 W University Dr,Edinburg, TX
Phone: (956) 665-2011

Trinity University

One Trinity Place,San Antonio, TX
Phone: (210) 999-7011

University of North Texas

1501 W.Chestnut Ave.,Denton, TX
Phone: (940) 565-2000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 25-50 Grads/Yr

University of St Thomas

3800 Montrose Blvd,Houston, TX
Phone: (713) 522-7911

University of the Incarnate Word

4301 Broadway,San Antonio, TX
Phone: (210) 829-6000

Wayland Baptist University

1900 W 7th St.,Plainview, TX
Phone: (806) 291-1000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

University of Phoenix-Utah

5373 S. Green Street,Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: (866) 766-0766

Utah State University

Old Main Hill,Logan, UT
Phone: (435) 797-1000


SchoolProgram Details

Champlain College

246 S. Willard St,Burlington, VT
Phone: (802) 860-2700

Saint Michael's College

One Winooski Park,Colchester, VT
Phone: (802) 654-2000


SchoolProgram Details

Liberty University

1971 University Blvd,Lynchburg, VA
Phone: (434) 582-2000

Marymount University

2807 N Glebe Rd,Arlington, VA
Phone: (703) 522-5600

Old Dominion University

5115 Hampton Blvd,Norfolk, VA
Phone: (757) 683-3000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

Pacific Lutheran University

1010 122nd St So,Tacoma, WA
Phone: (253) 531-6900

Seattle Pacific University

3307 3rd Ave W,Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 281-2000

University of Washington-Seattle Campus

1400 NE Campus Parkway,Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 543-2100

Washington State University

French Administration Building,Pullman, WA
Phone: (509) 335-3564

Western Washington University

516 High Street,Bellingham, WA
Phone: (360) 650-3000

Whitworth University

300 W Hawthorne Rd,Spokane, WA
Phone: (509) 777-1000

Washington, DC

SchoolProgram Details

American University

4400 Massachusetts Ave NW,Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 885-1000

Catholic University of America

620 Michigan Avenue, NE,Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 319-5000

George Washington University

2121 I Street, NW,Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 994-1000

Howard University

2400 Sixth St NW,Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 806-6100

West Virginia

SchoolProgram Details

Alderson Broaddus University

101 College Hill Drive,Philippi, WV
Phone: (304) 457-1700

Concord University

100 Vermillion Street,Athens, WV
Phone: (888) 384-5249 x5967

Glenville State College

200 High Street,Glenville, WV
Phone: (304) 462-7361

Marshall University

1 John Marshall Dr,Huntington, WV
Phone: (800) 642-3463

Salem International University

223 W Main St,Salem, WV
Phone: (304) 326-1109

Shepherd University

301 North King St,Shepherdstown, WV
Phone: (304) 876-5000

West Liberty University

208 University Drive,West Liberty, WV
Phone: (304) 336-5000

West Virginia State University

Rte 25,Institute, WV
Phone: (304) 766-3000

West Virginia University

Stewart Hall, 1500 University Avenue,Morgantown, WV
Phone: (304) 293-0111
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

West Virginia Wesleyan College

59 College Ave,Buckhannon, WV
Phone: (304) 473-8000


SchoolProgram Details

Cardinal Stritch University

6801 N Yates Rd,Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 410-4000

Lakeland College

W3718 South Drive, Cth M,Plymouth, WI
Phone: (920) 565-1000

Marian University

45 S National Ave,Fond Du Lac, WI
Phone: (920) 923-7600

Marquette University

1250 W Wisconsin Avenue,Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 288-7710

Northland International University

W10085 Pike Plains Rd,Dunbar, WI
Phone: (715) 324-6900

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

410 S 3rd St,River Falls, WI
Phone: (715) 425-3913

Viterbo University

900 Viterbo Drive,La Crosse, WI
Phone: (608) 796-3000

Wisconsin Lutheran College

8800 W Bluemound Rd,Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 443-8800