Olympic Fair

Middle School and High School Teacher

The students, with a partner, will research and simulate Olympic events on a small scale as a homework assignment and for other PE classes.

Grade Level: 9 - 12th

Subject: P.E.

Length of Time: 1-2 Class Periods

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Objectives & Outcomes

Using research of an Olympic event, the students will be able to model the movements and other aspects of the event.  During school PE classes, the students will be able to teach other students about the sport, show movements/actions, etc.

Materials Needed

Access to Internet for research, athletic equipment relative to each sport

Prepare ahead of time:  Create a list of at least 1 Olympic sport for every two students in PE class, Worksheet/Questions with research requirements, assessment/rubrics for PE Olympic Fair, pick a sport for opening of assignment


Opening to Lesson

  • Teacher will present a video or photo of an Olympic sport for students to watch
  • Ask the students if they could simulate the movements/actions in the sport
  • Allow for discussion

Body of Lesson


  • Ask students if they would be able to participate in the sport if they were shown some of the movements
  • Allow for discussion
  • Show students the list of Olympic sports

Guided Practice

  • Explain the assignment to the students: They will research one Olympic sport, training involved, and some of the movements/actions involved; and then during an Olympic Fair, other classes from the school will visit the PE class and the students will educate/instruct visitors about the sport, which will include simulating movements/actions
  • Pair students
  • Assign one sport to each pair of students
  • Distribute Questions/Worksheet for responses and guidance
  • Guide students to the use of the Internet for research and information
  • Remind students they will be hosting students at the Olympic Fair as visitors will be asking questions
  • Encourage students to be specific with the details to present to the visitors
  • Students must also create alternatives for students unable to normally participate in a sport due to a disability or restriction
  • Encourage students to produce a creative handout or item to give to each visitor to the Olympic Fair (souvenir)
  • Prior to the Olympic Fair, have students review their research, supplies needed, including any athletic equipment that may be needed
  • Schedule the Olympic Fair for one or two days so other classes can visit during PE classes

Independent Practice

  • As a homework assignment, have students write a brief summary of the experience, what they learned, how visitors reacted, what they would do differently, and another comments related to the experience. A self-evaluation.


Using the homework responses have class discussion about the Olympic Fair, changes needed, plusses and minuses, etc.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment page used during Olympic Fair

Modification & Differentiation

Students work alone, in threes; select just 4 or 5 pairs of students to present information to classes; focus on one sport per week during the school year based on student research; have students include research on the history of the sport; allow students to pick the sport they will research.

How to become a PE teacher.

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