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Students choose or be assigned a notable person from the past, research and find quotes or speeches written by that person and role play the person in the classroom, reading some of the speech, and/or the quotes, allowing other students to guess who it is.

Grade Level: 7th Grade

Subject: Social Studies

Length of Time: Two 45-Minute Periods

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Objectives & Outcomes

  • The students will be able research a notable person from the past in American (or other) History, discovering quotes and speeches, learning the context of the comments. 
  • The students will be able to role play their notable person.

Materials Needed

Research materials, Internet, or other sources for students to use, library visit in school is an option

Teacher will need:  Research one historical figure to use in the Opening of the lesson.  Find quotes or speeches, other information.  A prepared Handout with a different figure shown and instructions for the assignment.


Opening to Lesson

  • After students are seated, teacher role-plays a historical figure, reciting quotes or parts of a speech.  (Change voice, mannerisms, etc.)
  • Ask students if they can guess who the person might be.
  • Allow students to respond before revealing who it might be.

Body of Lesson


  • The teacher will reveal the historic figure and ask students what other facts they may know about the person.
  • Ask students where they could find such information.
  • Read aloud the instructions for the assignment from the prepared Handout.  
  • Remind students they are not to reveal their assigned person to anyone.

Guided Practice

  • Distribute the prepared Handout to each student revealing the figure they are assigned to research.
  • Allow students to begin their research, finding the quotes, speeches and other pertinent information.  (This may be done in one period or as homework.)
  • Once completed with the research, give students the opportunity to practice their voices, mannerisms, etc.
  • Have one student at a time role-play their historical figure in front of the room.
  • Allow other students to write down who they think it might be, not permitting them to call out names.
  • After a few minutes, allow students to share their guesses.
  • Repeat until all students have a chance to role-play.

Independent Practice


  • Prepare a worksheet with some of the role-playing quotes or other notable quotes/speeches; from a list of choices, students will be able to match the quote to the figure.
  • Give a list of additional historical figures and “quotable quotes” for students to discover who said them.




Remind students that historical figures at one time were just like them, perhaps sitting in a classroom researching others, too.  Have students write a new personal quote of their own onto a blank sheet of paper, or use Word, include their name and then display them throughout the room.

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Assessment & Evaluation

Students will receive a list of a variety of quotes from historical figures and try to discover who said them, and the context of the quote or speech.

Modification & Differentiation

Assign the research for homework and then have students return to school next day to do role-playing.  Students dress like the historical figure.  Two historical figures from same era “talk” to each other, or from different eras.

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