Language Arts

20 of the Best Anti-Bullying Picture Books for Teachers

By: Kylie Hall | Aug 16, 2017

In the past five years, bullying has become a hot topic in school yards and parent-teacher meetings across the country. It isn’t that bullying incidents have increased dramatically, it is just that parents and teachers and students are all far more aware and conscious of the threat of bullying. One ...
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Character in the Classroom

By: Tricia Koechig | Mar 13, 2017

We have just begun our literary unit of recognizing and identifying major and minor characters in a story and analyzing their character traits. As a Fifth-grade teacher, studying characters and their development throughout a literary piece is essential to expand the thought processes of my students. They may be 10, ...
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Promoting Literacy Using Anchor Texts

By: Michelle Areaux | Nov 4, 2016

For most teachers, we spend countless hours planning and creating fun lessons for our students to enjoy. In reality, most of those lessons never see the light of day because we are forced to now design each daily lesson around a standardized test that, honestly, does not measure what our ...
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Text Coding for Struggling Readers

By: Michelle Areaux | Aug 24, 2016

All educators are thrown different reading strategies that are supposed to close the gap with our reluctant and struggling readers. Every year it seems a new and powerful method is developed that will be the saving grace all teachers dream for. As wonderful as that sounds, many of us understand ...
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Spreading The Word About Literacy Through the INT’L BOOK PROJECT

By: Michelle Areaux | Jun 8, 2016

If you are like me, you are always searching for ways to promote literacy among your students. During the school year, we all deal with reluctant readers, those that have difficulty comprehending, and those that do not have access to quality books. This struggle can be disheartening to both educators ...
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