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11 Strategies to Encourage Students to Own Their Learning

By: Amy Konen | Jan 19, 2018

How often have you run out of time during a lesson and it simply ends with a lot of teacher talk and not enough time for student processing?  Many times, I have found myself doing the talking when it is time to head out for lunch and kids simply pack ...
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5 Potential Triggers to Be Aware of During the Holiday Season

By: Amy Konen | Dec 21, 2017

It’s here, it’s here!  My favorite time of the year!  I love the hustle and bustle of shoppers and crowds.  I love that everyone comes home to be together and that I get to play Christmas music twenty-four hours a day and sit in the glow of my twinkly tree.  ...
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5 Questions to Tackle in Organizing the Physical Space in Your Classroom

By: Jon Konen | Nov 21, 2017

Five rows with six desks in each row…each row is two feet from the next with every desk pointed to the front of the room where the chalkboard and teacher desk are located. Does this paint the picture of the standard old school classroom? Starting in first grade, I could ...
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10 Strategies to Assist in Developing the Soft Skill of Note Taking

By: Amy Konen | Nov 21, 2017

Do you have students in your class that become frustrated when they are asked to take notes on the material you are presenting?  Do they try and write every single word that you say and ask you to repeat your words to try and capture it all?  Do they become ...
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11 Total Participation Techniques That Involve Movement

By: Amy Konen | Nov 8, 2017

“Simple biology supports the obvious link between movement and learning” (Jensen, 2005). Jensen explains that oxygen is necessary for brain function, more blood flow equals more oxygen and physical activity increases blood flow (2005). Other outcomes of increased movement are: more cortical mass, greater number of connections among neurons, and gene ...
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5 Questions in Establishing a Culture for Learning

By: Jon Konen | Oct 30, 2017

What do Google, Facebook, Nike, Apple, and Walt Disney have in common? They are five of the top ten corporations in which people said they loved to work, according to a recent USA Today article. They all have a positive and enticing work culture.  Mirriam-Webster defines corporate culture as the ...
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50 Amazing Field Trip Spots in the U.S.

By: Kylie Hall | Oct 26, 2017

Field Trips. They are children’s favorite part of elementary school and probably high school too. But field trips don’t have to just be about getting a day off from class. Savvy teachers who understand their students need something that will hold their attention understand there are plenty of events and ...
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6 Questions to Tackle in Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

By: Jon Konen | Oct 24, 2017

Have you seen the magic between the best teachers and the most difficult students? It seems these teachers know how to connect and correct behavior through positive and meaningful conversations. As an administrator, you want to video these interactions and hit “play” for others to see the subtleness, yet effective ...
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11 Ways to Make Every Student an Engaged Learner

By: Amy Konen | Oct 23, 2017

When I went back into the classroom, I found myself having an easier time with behaviors, creating my learning environment, and keeping myself and my students organized.  As a first year teacher 24 years ago, these were the areas that kept me up at nights and became objects of my ...
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