Elementary Education Degree

Someone choosing to study Elementary Education can expect to move into a career either teaching students or teaching adults how to teach young students. Elementary Education is typically a general education career path in which all subjects will have to be taught to students in grades kindergarten through five or six (depending on district). Degrees can be gained at the Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate level in Elementary Education.

Phases of Elementary Education

At one point, Elementary Education encompassed first through eighth grade, which changed to include kindergarten. With the introduction of junior high school, Elementary Education was lowered to include kindergarten through sixth grade. Those with a degree in Elementary Education are expected to teach all subjects in grades kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade, depending on the region. Some schools may require elementary school teachers to teach subjects like PE, art, and music.

Choosing Elementary Education

Choosing Elementary Education as a major, which will lead to a teaching position if proper credentials are also earned, can be a big step. It is a job market that has continual openings as teachers are always needed, either full time or as substitutes. Read on to learn how to take the first steps toward a degree in Elementary Education.

Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education

How Do I Know If a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education Is Right for Me?

The great majority of people who complete a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education will become certified elementary school teachers. Choosing to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education will allow for more options if teaching is to be the profession of choice.


Prior to enrolling in a Bachelor's Degree program for Elementary Education, you must show proof of a high school diploma or equivalent. Many colleges and universities will also ask potential teacher candidates to take a Basic Skills proficiency exam in Math, Reading, and Writing prior to being admitted into the teaching program. The Basic Skills test can be fulfilled by taking the Praxis CORE exam or another equivalent state exam. Other exams will be required prior to licensure/culmination. All programs will also require a negative TB test from a medical professional and a clear background check prior to admission to the education program.


Including basic general education classes which usually comprise the first two years of any Bachelor's Degree, an additional 2 to 3 years will be needed to complete an Elementary Education degree.

Find Information About Becoming a Teacher In Your State

Each state has different requirements for becoming a certified teacher. To find out specific requirements, click on your state.

What Type of Courses Will I Need for a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education?

The following are examples of courses you may need to take as part of a Bachelor's in Elementary Education program.

Educational Psychology

Psychology is an integral part of the classroom. Whether using reinforcement to create appropriate behaviors or sharing study techniques to make the test a bit easier, psychology can make a classroom run smoothly when the right techniques are used. This class will help you learn the techniques that are useful in the classroom.

Curriculum and Assessment with Instructional Technology

Technology has become an integral part of a 21st century classroom. This means that you must know how to use technology in an educational manner to further instruction and assess progress. This class will help you learn to do this and much more.

Developmental Reading

Readers develop in stages and at different rates. If the pieces or building blocks are not in place, then reading and comprehension will not occur. This class is designed to teach the future teacher these stages and how to address each one with students who are learning to become better readers.

Potential Course Topics and Research Interests in Elementary Education Bachelor's Programs

The four-year bachelor's degree in elementary education is classified as a generalist university program that prepares students to teach every elementary school subject after attaining licensure. In addition to classroom studies, each student-teacher is required to complete at least one block of teaching practicum; many states have implemented two or three such practicum blocks. While programs do vary between institutions, most programs contain the following elements:

  • Develop a method of lesson planning
  • Learn to objectively assess students' work for established learning objectives
  • Develop a familiarity with all of the subjects that are taught at the elementary level
  • Learn about the psychology of developing children and youth
  • Learn and practice a diverse array of effective teaching principles
  • Learn through practicum how best to interact with fellow teachers, administrators and support staff in order to form a collaborative teaching team
  • Survey the roles of other school and district stakeholders in order to effectively maintain the classroom and school environments
  • Develop skillsets that foster proactive, neutral, and evidence-based relationships with school and classroom stakeholders
  • Learn additional conflict resolution and classroom management skills
  • Access formal and informal mentorship opportunities throughout coursework and practicum
  • Access formal and informal peer and collegial support opportunities throughout coursework and practicum
  • Observe classroom procedures and routines while engaged as a helper and later, as a teacher in the practicum classroom
  • Survey of child developmental and cognitive milestones as they relate to elementary educational coursework and timelines
  • Critically review effective teaching practice for children in the same classroom environment but who are at different developmental levels
  • Critically review effective teaching practice for children who are from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Examine the relationship between schools and their community over time, as well as how schools impact greater society
  • Consider the concept of the ‘ideal' school through various ideologies
  • Learn foundational concepts related to language and literacy as they impact learning and teaching
  • Gain practical skills that are key to helping children attain language, reading fluency, and other language arts skills
  • Gain practical skills that are critical to helping students learn problem solving, numeracy, operations, and patterning
  • Gain practical skills that emphasize movement and healthy living in and outside of the classroom environment
  • Creating effective pedagogical groupings of students for instructional purposes

Online Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education

An online education offers the opportunity to further your own education from the comfort of your own home. Many people do not have the time to commute to daily classes between work and family, but turning on a computer in the evenings may be more feasible. This makes online classes a viable option for many.

Opportunity and Accessibility

An online education gives a chance for people to earn a degree who would have otherwise not been able to. With this route, students are able to participate in a program regardless of geographic location, physical ability, or scheduling restrictions. So, if you are unable to find a program at a college or university close enough to your home and if relocating is not an option, online schooling might be a great option for you. With online education, students are able to take a class from virtually anywhere, as long as they have good internet connection and a reliable computer.


In a lot of cases, students who thrive in an online learning environment are those who can be described as "self-starters". These are students who have the ability to motivate themselves. These people are able to stay on task without much external influences. In other cases, students feel they need physical interaction with peers and professors in order to stay motivated and on task. It is important to assess yourself. What type of learner are you? If you can describe yourself as a self-starter, you might be able to find great success in an online degree program.

Faster Completion

Many students report being able to complete degree requirements in a shorter amount amount of time online than they would have been able to via a traditional route. Since online degree programs often offer such a flexible schedule, students are able to compact in more courses in a shorter amount of time. Since accelerated programs tend to be more rigorous in nature, they might not be suited for everyone.

Example of a School's Bachelor's Degree Program

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Program Overview: This program is dedicated to preparing students to excel as elementary teachers. The courses are designed to create teachers who are willing and capable to teach elementary school aged children.

Required Courses: In addition to the general education requirements necessary for a Bachelor's Degree, EED students will be required to take classes from the Elementary Education program of study: Educational Psychology, Valuing Cultural Diversity, Students with Disabilities in a GE Setting, Serving Individuals with Disabilities & Their Families, and more.

Admission Requirements: Depending on your program of study, the admission date may vary. However, students will need to provide proof of high school graduation or equivalent, an appropriate ACT or SAT score, and an official school transcript. Other information may be required for certain programs.

Tuition: Undergraduate courses at UNLV are $199.25 per credit (base cost as of Spring 2016). Other service fees may apply.

Program Website

Master's Degree in Elementary Education

How Do I Know If a Master's Degree in Elementary Education Is Right for Me?

Those who seek a Master's Degree in Elementary Education typically want to advance their careers in the field of education. Many want to master their craft in the classroom while others want to become teacher leaders or administrators.


Most likely, you will need the following items when applying to a Master's Degree in Elementary Education program:

  • Complete a full application and submit by the deadline
  • Provide copies off transcripts of all undergraduate work with GPA
  • Provide proof of teacher's licensure or proof of an equivalent
  • Provide GRE and Praxis scores when necessary
  • Provide a statement of purpose along with reference letters


The average length of time to complete a Master's degree when attending full time is 1 to 3 years.


Finding an accredited program for Elementary Education is necessary since the program will likely lead to a teaching certificate. A valid teaching certificate cannot be obtained if the program is not accredited. CAEP, NCATE, and TEAC are the typical accrediting agencies.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for both online and in-person Master's Degree programs. Federal student aid through FAFSA is available for those who qualify, but grants and scholarships are also available in many states. Some schools will offer grants and district level loan forgiveness to teachers who agree to work in low income schools for a given length of time. Check with local agencies for specific information in your area.

A Master's Degree in Elementary Education typically allows teachers to advance on the salary scale. Many districts will allow this to be the basis of becoming an administrator if working on a higher degree or other certifications. Educators with a Master's Degree in Elementary Education also become directors of elementary programs, educational specialists, coordinators, coaches, department heads, and more.

What Type of Courses Will I Need for a Master's Degree in Elementary Education?

Foundations of Teaching Practice Integration

There are hundreds of teaching methods and theories that have been presented over the years. This class will share the most common with time to allow practice of writing for and presenting each method.

Instructional Planning and Presentation

An unprepared teacher or disorganized lesson can lead to total chaos in the classroom. This class will help you plan, organize, and present age appropriate lessons to keep instructional time on track.

Language Arts Instruction and Intervention

Elementary aged children are typically learning to read or building on literacy skills the most. This class will help you learn what is normal and how to help those who are struggling through varying interventions.

Potential Course Topics and Research Interests in Elementary Education Master's Programs

Pursuing a master's degree in elementary education allows educators to deepen their theoretical and practical experience in an area of interest like pedagogy, curriculum, or administration at the elementary school level. In addition to classroom studies, the emphasis is placed on research and writing about a specific aspect of the teaching practice or associated learning in order to make a meaningful contribution to the field of education. While programs do vary between institutions, most programs contain the following elements:

  • Critically evaluate computer based learning and media in the classroom and throughout the school from a pedagogical perspective. Analysis includes issues and benefits to differentiated instructional methodology, troubleshooting, and its effect on students with varying learning abilities
  • Assessment and achievement for schools, classroom environments and individual students, which includes practice, strategies for time management and reporting criteria
  • Examining curriculum policies and best practices from a practical perspective
  • Examining educational movements throughout history in order to inform the fields' next steps when matched with current research and political climate
  • Further research into teachable subjects that also touch on cross-educational areas like literacy and numeracy, adult education, counselling, special education, and administration
  • Research cognitive processes, motivation, and educational psychology; practical application of the data to how these phenomena affect students' learning of core subjects like reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Research based survey of foundational literacy in its various forms; related instructional and management practices in today's diverse classroom
  • Successful inclusion of people with exceptionalities in the classroom and in society; emphasis on differentiated instruction and utilization of special education resources and personnel
  • Self-reflection of teaching practice and methods by which improvement can be made, by evidence-based skill-building; scholarly, practical and pedagogical perspectives
  • Practice and advocacy of transformative learning for each student and in every classroom
  • Survey of English as a Second Language methodology and how to instruct for both language acquisition and subject-instructional purposes
  • Analyze practice of adult education; focus on how adults learn and reflect on knowledge and how teachers can motivate and encourage adult learners
  • Critical evaluation of current curriculum design for various teachable topics
  • Critical analysis of the underlying methodology behind teaching literacy skills, including foundation skills, comprehension, study strategies, effective assessment, and review
  • Examination of the characteristics of learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, behavior differences, autism spectrum disorder, and intellectual giftedness
  • Practical acquisition of learning and assessment supports for students with learning disabilities and other diagnoses
  • Evaluative approach to learning and cognition; how cognition specifically impact instruction, classroom management, and assessment practices
  • Literacy education and its impact on English pedagogy, how it is impacted by social and cultural influences, trends in literacy research, and assessment issues for mainstream, ESL and special education perspectives
  • Examination of research for the study elements, supports and applied motivation to aid students in the classroom environment and in task completion at home
  • Research into theory and practice of assessment and evaluation tools in learning with the intent to develop more effective tools
  • Research into the psychology of motivation for learners
  • Apply motivational practices to the instructional and classroom management framework

Online Master's Degree in Elementary Education

A Master's Degree in Elementary Education can typically be obtained online as an alternative to regular courses at a college. This may be a viable option for those working full time and/or with families. This eliminates the time needed to commute and attend class. However, online programs require participants to have good time management skills, as most assignments will be completed independently.

Variety of Programs

Since online degree programs can be taken from virtually anywhere, students are able to have a wider range of schools to choose from. Traditionally, students would need to consider geographic location and proximity to a college or university before starting a program - that is not the case with online schooling. In many cases, people have become discouraged to continue their education due their inability to commute to the desired campus. For an online degree program, two basic thing are needed: a reliable computer and internet access.

Flexible Time Schedule

One of the most commonly noted upsides to online degree programs is the flexible time schedule. Since weekly physical attendance in a college class or lecture hall is not required, students can complete their coursework whenever and wherever. This is especially great for students who have jobs and those who have families to care for. Online instructors usually post lecture videos to web portals. Students will then have the option to view the video on their own time. Online students can do their assignments and watch lecture videos early in the morning before work, on a lunch break, or late in the evening after dinner - whenever most convenient. Online schooling has taken away the fear of missing classes due to family obligations or work restrictions.

Example of a School's Master's Degree Program

Vanderbilt University

M. Ed. in Elementary Education

Program Overview: This program is intended for an advanced practitioner that is seeking to further their own studies and/or career in a current or related educational field.

Required Courses: A total of 31 semester hours are required for all Master's level students with at least 15 of these hours completed in higher level, professional studies courses.

Admission Requirements: This particular program is designed for those already holding a valid teaching license, however, the university also offers a Master's plus program to gain licensure for those who hold a liberal arts degree in other areas. In order to apply, students must show proof of an undergraduate degree with acceptable GPA, letters of reference, statement of purpose, GRE scores, and proof of valid teaching license (where necessary).

Tuition: The typical loan for this particular program per 9-month year is $23,678, which includes tuition, books, rent, utilities, meals, transportation, and personal spending amounts. Tuition is $1,421 per credit hour.

Program Website

Doctorate Degree in Elementary Education

How Do I Know If a Doctorate in Elementary Education Is Right for Me?

A Doctoral degree in Elementary Education typically requires a minimum of a Master's Degree and teaching license. Candidates will be expected to show proof of GRE scores, letters of reference, and official transcripts from all previous graduate work.

A Doctoral Degree can vary in length to complete due to the completion of the dissertation. This means the average Doctorate takes about four years, but can last six or more.

A Doctorate in Elementary Education, or any education based degree, must come from an accredited college or university in order to court toward an educational license. Since advanced degrees also typically lead to pay raises in the educational world, an unaccredited program would not be considered.

Earning a Doctorate in Elementary Education can open doors to new careers as a school board member, program director, or even teacher at the post secondary level. With a higher degree typically comes a higher salary and additional benefits and responsibility.

Costs of gaining a Doctorate will vary greatly among colleges and universities. On average, each graduate level credit area will be about $1,300 with other fees and charges added for different programs. However, each student should look into their specific program choice for exact charges. FAFSA, private loans, some grants, scholarships, and internships are available through the school.

What Type of Courses Will I Need to Take for a Doctorate in Elementary Education?

A doctorate in Elementary Education will serve as an advanced degree for those who have a teaching degree in Elementary Education. This may be someone who wishes to teach future teachers or even someone wishing to move into a higher position within their current school. Typically, a Doctorate degree will also eliminate the need for continuing education hours for the holder within the school system.

Approaches to Teaching

Most holders of Doctorate degrees will be a leader in the school environment or teacher of those wishing to become educators. This class will teach and review the different approaches to teaching and how each may be displayed in the classroom.

The Elementary School Program

As a school leader you may have to create a program from the beginning. This means scheduling, choosing a curriculum, and setting standards based on district level requirements. This class will offer the basis of how to proceed with such tasks.

Evaluation of Program

All school programs must meet certain states and district level standards. In order to make sure your program meets all requirements, this class will teach you how to offer a valid assessment of each program.

Potential Course Topics and Research Interests in Elementary Education PhD Programs

In order to obtain a doctorate in elementary education, experienced teachers may apply to become doctoral candidates within a proscribed educational path like curriculum and pedagogy, cognition, literacy, assessment, policy, leadership, or special education. Students continue with their research in a practical or clinical setting, depending on the program's criteria, and then upon defense of their dissertation, either return to the classroom or administrative pool, or into professorship with a strong scholarly foundation for their future work. Highly individual, Ph.D. and Ed.D. programs do have some similar foundational elements, like:

  • Survey the social and historical eras that have advanced teaching and pedagogy both in North America, Europe, and globally
  • Survey how institutionalized learning changed over time in both global and American contexts
  • Map the schemas of learning, motivation, and cognitive processes at the elementary level
  • Evaluative research to assess students' literacy and numeracy skills in their first language
  • Critical analysis of current educational policy and decision making processes from a global ideology
  • Cross-cultural research to show student growth, assessment, and achievement
  • Research educational policy creation, critique and management
  • Research school leadership and governance practices, map knowledge mobilization, and evaluate programming according to social criteria
  • Research subsets of exceptional learners and how to meet their needs in an inclusive and positive environment while creating opportunities for self-advocacy
  • Examine social data on power, culture, race, class, ethnicity, wealth, gender and family background and how these factors impact both the educational environment, the learner, and their relationship with formal learning
  • Critically examine theories of positive teaching practices and policies, with the intent to examine social change and educational mobility outcomes
  • Research data related to educational policy issues; cross reference with demographics and social data
  • Evaluate social, funding and political trends that influence educational policy development and deployment
  • Map educational policy creators and their cultural contexts
  • Research causative relationships between communication style and culture in the classroom environment and how this phenomenon affects students and impacts teacher discourse
  • Research social and gender perspectives of the teacher and in the classroom environment with the intent to promote educational and cultural equity and mobility
  • Research gender theory and its applications to education by way of classroom equality
  • Research correlative factors between education, culture, and technology
  • Research organizational behaviour within the educational framework
  • Analyze policy structure and process in general; analyze educational policy specifically
  • Analyze key theories of educational leadership and their historical and future impact on education and students
  • Critically evaluate the educational leadership process along with leadership roles and responsibilities in the classroom, extracurricular activities, school and district

Online Doctorate in Elementary Education

Gaining a Doctoral degree online can be a viable time saving option for those who choose to do so. While it is unlikely that the entire Doctorate can be gained online, those classes that are required are often taught in a long weekend session or a week long on campus seminar.

Two specific specialties are offered with a Doctorate are a Ph.D program and the Ed.D program. Both choices are to receive a Doctorate of Elementary Education. A Ph.D program is typically for those wishing to teach others at the post secondary level (college/university), while an Ed.D program is for those wishing to teach students or work at a board office at a local or district level. Both specialties require research and dissertations for completion.

Flexible Time Schedule

Since course requirements can be completed whenever and wherever, online schooling allows for students to maintain a flexible schedule. This is very important for working students and those who have family obligations. Since weekly attendance at a college campus is not required, students can seamlessly integrate their studies into their daily lives. A lot of doctoral candidates have a full load prior to even beginning a doctoral program (careers and families). These responsibilities act as restrictions and get in the way of a student's ability to physically attend class. For that reason, online degree programs are a viable option and could be considered. Online schooling omits the fear of missing class due to scheduling conflicts.

Opportunity and Accessibility

Online degree programs allow students to take part in courses regardless of their geographic location. Since commuting is often not required, students can earn a degree despite of physical disabilities and scheduling restrictions. "Classes" will be held online, often through web portals. With that said, instructors may post lecture videos, readings, and assignments. Students then have the opportunity to view the lectures and assignments whenever they can. With that said, two main things are needed: a reliable computer and steady internet connection.

Example of a School's Doctoral Program

University of Missouri

Ph.D in Elementary Education

Program Overview: This program prepares the learner for a future as a post secondary professor of education and/or as a district coordinator through research-based courses in all subject areas with mentoring at the university.

Required Courses: There are 72 hours required for this program. This is beyond the Bachelor's degree and includes internships and authentic research experiences.

Admission Requirements: Completion of an appropriate Master's degree with a GPA of 3.5 minimum; GRE scores within the acceptable range and in the last five years; Successful experience of at least two years in a related professional field; A statement of purpose; and appropriate correspondence with at least one faculty member for research purposes. These criteria do not guarantee admittance.

Tuition: Doctoral students in this program who are willing to carry an assistantship and remain in good standing with the university can receive a full tuition waiver in the Elementary Education program.

Program Website

Elementary Education Degree Scholarships

Elementary Education programs are designed for students who want to become Elementary School teachers. Students who study Elementary Education will often take classes of both theory and practice. In other words, you will learn about the theories behind how learning best occurs, then you will be able to practice those theories through student. Student teaching is done under the guidance of an experienced teacher.This program is usually combined with a certification or credential program.

As with any program, earning an Elementary Education degree can be quite costly. With that said, it is important to know about the various scholarships and grants available for students who are thinking of becoming Elementary School teachers.

The following scholarships might be right for you. Visit our Scholarships and Grants page to learn about numerous other scholarships that may be available to you.

Nancy Larson Foundation

The Nancy Larson Foundation sponsors scholarships for college students who plan on becoming elementary school teachers. To apply, you must have declared an Elementary Education major and must be of junior, senior, or graduate student standing.

Teacher Education Assistance College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program

The TEACH Grant Program offers grants of up to $4,000 a year to students who are in the process of completing or plan to complete classes needed to begin a career in teaching. To apply, applicants must be enrolled in a TEACH grant eligible program. To receive the TEACH Grant, the applicant must meet the basic eligibility requirements for federal student aid programs, complete the FAFSA form, be enrolled in a TEACH-Grant eligible program, meet specific academic achievement requirements, receive Teach Grant counseling, and sign a TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve.

To learn about more scholarships available to Elementary Education majors, visit our Scholarships and Grants page.

Career Pathways with a Degree in Elementary Education

Below are a few of the more common jobs held by those with a degree in Elementary Education.

Elementary School Teacher

Being an elementary school teacher means the possibility of teaching children in grades kindergarten through fifth (up to grade eight in some areas) the various subjects required by each district, state, and school. This job can be in a public or private school setting with salaries highly varied by area and type of school. Specialized and private school salary is often higher overall, but may include fewer benefits. The job outlook for this area, especially with a Doctorate is average to above average.

Click on the link to learn more about becoming an Elementary School Teacher.


Being a professor means working online or in person with students who also wish to teach at some point. A Ph.D in elementary education can allow you to teach college level classes to those who wish to become licensed teachers in the future. Average pay for full time professors is between 70 -100 thousand yearly, but can vary widely based on the college or university. Job growth in this area is slow, but increasing as more people seek higher levels of education.

Learn more about a career as a College Professor.

District Coordinator

A district coordinator will likely reside in a board office and visit schools to ensure standards of curriculum are being met at each level. A district coordinator may also be required to choose appropriate at the elementary level. A district coordinator would be required to work with and interact with district, state, and possibly national level authorities on education. The salary for a district coordinator will depend on the area and specific duties, but can range from $40,000 to over $100,000 yearly. Job growth in this area is slightly below average due to a limited number of positions in the area.

Specialty Elementary Education Degree Programs

Reading and Literacy

A reading specialist is one that specializes in teaching children how to read. The typical setting for this profession is in a classroom with only one to five children at a time. The specialist is used for interventions that may be necessary to get children back on track with reading if and when the need arises. A reading specialist may work at all grade levels if certification is received. Specialized classes and testing is required for licensure.

Curriculum and Instruction

This profession is often called an instructional coach. An instructional coach often oversees all or most schools in a district. This person's chief responsibility is to bring evidence based best practices into the school systems while working with teachers and school staff. A curriculum and instructional coach may be required to teach new materials, techniques, and use of technology to educators. A Master's or Doctorate degree is most often required for this type of position, as well as years of experience in the education field.

Best Colleges for Elementary Education

College Rankings BadgeWe are happy to release our Teacher.org's Best Colleges for Elementary Education rankings. This list was compiled by scoring several areas including, relative size of the program, graduation rates, default rates, tuition affordability, and online education options availability. More information about each college listed is available by clicking on the web address provided. Over 781 colleges were analyzed and the top 20 were included in our Best Colleges Ranking.

For more information on education degree rankings, see our methodology page: http://www.teacher.org/college-ranking-methodology/.

State University of New York at New Paltz
% Program Graduate Score: 55.08
Graduation Rate Score: 76.19
Tuition Affordability Score: 53.49

The State University of New York at New Paltz is home to an acclaimed Department of Elementary Education. A degree in Elementary Education aids pre-service teachers in developing the knowledge and skills to effectively instruct and assess students from junior kindergarten to grade 6. Faculty at the New Paltz campus is committed to staying abreast of research trends in education in order to train teachers to best assist today's students. Learn more by visiting the college website at newpaltz.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 2.8% Loan Default
SUNY Oneonta
% Program Graduate Score: 66.09
Graduation Rate Score: 75.42
Tuition Affordability Score: 52.57

Located in Oneonta, New York, the State University of New York - Oneonta campus offers a well-renowned program for students pursuing a bachelor of elementary education. SUNY Oneonta faculty is committed to providing undergraduate students with the best opportunities for research, theory and practice for instruction and assessment, as well as providing mentorship to teacher candidates who are ready to begin their careers as teachers in the elementary school environment. Learn more by visiting the college website at oneonta.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 3.1% Loan Default
SUNY College at Cortland
% Program Graduate Score: 69.55
Graduation Rate Score: 75.13
Tuition Affordability Score: 51.41

Located in Cortland, New York, the State University of New York at Cortland offers a robust undergraduate program for students seeking a degree and licensure in elementary education. Teacher candidates combine theory, practice and research to hone teaching skills in classroom settings from pre-K to grade 6. SUNY College-Cortland students commit to spending hundreds of hours in their practicum environments partnered with mentor teachers before graduation and licensure. Learn more by visiting the college website at www2.cortland.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 2.9% Loan Default
University of Nebraska at Kearney
% Program Graduate Score: 100.00
Graduation Rate Score: 57.52
Tuition Affordability Score: 60.27

At University of Nebraska-Kearney, students enrolled in the school's bachelor's in elementary education degree excel in practice, research and theory in order to become qualified to teach students from grades kindergarten through 6. With a well-rounded foundation in teachable subjects as well as instruction and assessment, professionally renowned faculty ensures that each student has a firm understanding of how to manage the inclusive elementary classroom environment. Learn more by visiting the college website at aaunk.unk.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • Online Education Options
  • 4.5% Loan Default
University of Wyoming
% Program Graduate Score: 42.94
Graduation Rate Score: 58.46
Tuition Affordability Score: 100.00

At the University of Wyoming-Laramie, students and faculty alike work toward the common goal of becoming quality educators in the state's elementary classrooms. With a curriculum founded on years of research and best practice in the education profession, undergraduates learn about children's development from birth through third grade and apply this knowledge to creating and measuring quality programming for young children. The interdisciplinary nature of the program means pre-service teachers are exposed to multiple perspectives from grades JK - 6. Learn more by visiting the college website at uwyo.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 10,000 - 20,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 4.2% Loan Default
The College of New Jersey
% Program Graduate Score: 47.31
Graduation Rate Score: 91.26
Tuition Affordability Score: 26.41

The College of New Jersey has an acclaimed faculty that is committed to leading undergraduate students toward their elementary teaching degree in a timely and sequential fashion. The College mandates that teachers from grades K - 6 must have a broad educational foundation in order to best serve their students; additionally, by providing access to caring, competent, highly qualified teachers and counselors, the college ensures student success as well as modeling these values as future classroom teachers. Learn more by visiting the college website at bulletin.tcnj.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 1.3% Loan Default
Salisbury University
% Program Graduate Score: 52.63
Graduation Rate Score: 72.21
Tuition Affordability Score: 46.36

Located in the heart of Maryland, Salisbury University offers an Elementary Education Program through the Department of Teacher Education. Teaching faculty members are motivated to prepare prospective teachers for entry into the state's elementary classroom environments. Through a mixture of theory, practice, and research based around a conceptual framework that includes the necessary values and dispositions that pre-service teachers should strive for, students learn how to administer assessment and instruction methods to ensure student success. Learn more by visiting the college website at salisbury.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 4.3% Loan Default
Appalachian State University
% Program Graduate Score: 35.56
Graduation Rate Score: 74.11
Tuition Affordability Score: 60.55

Designed by leading education faculty, Appalachian State University's Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is designed to take students from the lecture hall to the classroom as leading educators for grades kindergarten through 6. The undergraduate program's goal is to produce strong elementary teachers through understanding of pedagogical models and strong classroom practice. Learn more by visiting the college website at elemed.appstate.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 10,000 - 20,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 3.4% Loan Default
Winona State University
% Program Graduate Score: 57.35
Graduation Rate Score: 61.02
Tuition Affordability Score: 45.35

Winona State University is home to one of Minnesota's foremost elementary educator programs. With emphasis on design and implementation of curriculum, instruction and assessment, students leave the lecture hall well-prepared for the rigors of practical placement and later, teacher status. With a mandate to improve Minnesota's classrooms, Winona graduates are ready to shape the future of education, starting with elementary students. Learn more by visiting the college website at catalog.winona.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 4.1% Loan Default
East Carolina University
% Program Graduate Score: 42.12
Graduation Rate Score: 60.86
Tuition Affordability Score: 64.59

East Carolina University faculty is committed to creating the strongest elementary teacher cohort in the state. The program is nationally recognized for its innovative approach to teacher education, including research, practice and theory for instruction, assessment and classroom management. The Elementary Education program also offers on-campus undergraduate licensure for those who already hold a degree, and distance education programs for those who require flexible means of study. At every stage, ECU faculty ensures that teacher candidates are guided appropriately. Learn more by visiting the college website at ecu.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 20,000+ Students
  • 200+ Grads/Yr
  • Online Education Options
  • 5.1% Loan Default
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
% Program Graduate Score: 47.09
Graduation Rate Score: 57.84
Tuition Affordability Score: 53.35

Offered by the College of Education and Human Services at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, students may choose to focus on a degree specializing in Early Childhood - Middle Childhood, or Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence. With a broad foundation of coursework, pre-service teachers will learn how to instruct and assess students from grades junior kindergarten to eight in order to strengthen communities and build strong learners and achievers. Learn more by visiting the college website at uwosh.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 10,000 - 20,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 4.0% Loan Default
Westfield State University
% Program Graduate Score: 42.06
Graduation Rate Score: 63.23
Tuition Affordability Score: 45.70

Designed to create exemplary elementary educators, Westfield State University's Faculty of Education program is committed to creating a robust foundation of learning upon which education students can learn to assess and instruct in the classroom. Elementary Education majors earn concentrations in teaching, reading, and special programs that involve an ongoing partnership with area elementary schools. With a strong local network for support, mentorship and practicum, Westfield students are easily able to join theory with practice in the classroom. Learn more by visiting the college website at westfield.ma.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr
  • 2.6% Loan Default
Rider University
% Program Graduate Score: 71.33
Graduation Rate Score: 71.08
Tuition Affordability Score: 10.77

Rider University education faculty enables professionally skilled individuals to become elementary teachers each year through their dedicated Elementary Education program or their dual Early Education-Elementary program, with the intent of continually raising the bar of excellence for schools in the state. Future teachers are required to select a liberal arts concentration to provide a broad foundation of knowledge. Paired with learning on assessment, instruction and pedagogy, students become successful classroom teachers in the states elementary schools and beyond. Learn more by visiting the college website at rider.edu.

College Details
  • Private University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • 4.4% Loan Default
University of North Carolina Wilmington
% Program Graduate Score: 31.49
Graduation Rate Score: 76.73
Tuition Affordability Score: 62.08

University of North Carolina Wilmington offers a degree program that leads directly to a Bachelor of Arts In Elementary Education. The goal is to give each child in grades K through 6 a robust and effective education, as well as to make them into lifelong learners. To this end, program faculty strive to develop highly competent and caring individuals to graduate with a degree and pursue licensure in order to teach in North Carolina schools. Learn more by visiting the college website at uncw.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 10,000 - 20,000 Students
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr
  • Online Education Options
  • 4.4% Loan Default
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
% Program Graduate Score: 43.99
Graduation Rate Score: 55.57
Tuition Affordability Score: 51.19

Combining academics with practice, students who attend the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Elementary Education program are passionate about having a vital role in supporting students through their elementary education. With a broad foundation in teachable subjects, students alternate class time with placement blocks. Learn more by visiting the college website at uwrf.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr
  • 4.3% Loan Default
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
% Program Graduate Score: 37.35
Graduation Rate Score: 58.61
Tuition Affordability Score: 52.97

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville faculty provides an Early Childhood-Middle Childhood degree program, the course of study combines current educational theory and practice for those candidates who want to teach at the elementary level. Coursework and subsequent licensure prepares students to teach children and students from birth to grade 6. This inclusive program also provides information and training on students with disabilities and special needs; faculty ensures that theory is concurrent with practice for robust learning. Learn more by visiting the college website at uwplatt.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr
  • 4.0% Loan Default
Northwest Missouri State University
% Program Graduate Score: 52.96
Graduation Rate Score: 54.23
Tuition Affordability Score: 60.81

Students enrolled in Northwest Missouri's Elementary Education major gain knowledge and practice to work effectively with students from birth to age 8. Faculty are committed to mentoring pre-service teachers through evidence based practices, hands-on classroom work, and theory for assessment and instruction in order to mold educators who can manage and thrive in an elementary classroom. The program focuses imparting core values to students like how inquiry-based learning and responsive care-giving can build positive connections far beyond the classroom. Learn more by visiting the college website at nwmissouri.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr
  • 7.8% Loan Default
Kennesaw State University
% Program Graduate Score: 46.89
Graduation Rate Score: 46.89
Tuition Affordability Score: 67.10

At Kennesaw State University, the Bagwell College of Education is dedicated to helping future elementary educators establish excellence in their practice through cross-disciplinary foundations and concurrent teachings in the fields of instruction and assessment. Candidates graduate the Elementary Education degree program understanding how knowledge is conceptualized in the developing brain; classroom teaching practicum blocks prepare new educators for their own classroom environment under the mentorship of veteran elementary teachers. Learn more by visiting the college website at bagwell.kennesaw.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 20,000+ Students
  • 200+ Grads/Yr
  • Online Education Options
  • 7.1% Loan Default
University of Central Florida
% Program Graduate Score: 27.42
Graduation Rate Score: 72.68
Tuition Affordability Score: 62.31

Offered by the College of Education and Human Performance at the University of Central Florida, the Elementary Education undergraduate degree prepares students for classroom instruction from kindergarten through grade 6. With faculty guidance, candidates alternate blocks of research, theory, and practice in order to prepare themselves to enter the elementary classroom to begin changing lives of students. Students interested in seeking employment opportunities outside the formal K-12 school environment should pursue the university's Lifelong Learning (LLL) track for greater opportunity. Learn more by visiting the college website at education.ucf.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 20,000+ Students
  • 200+ Grads/Yr
  • 4.3% Loan Default
Pittsburg State University
% Program Graduate Score: 46.43
Graduation Rate Score: 54.20
Tuition Affordability Score: 63.69

Attaining a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree with a Major in Early Childhood/Late Childhood means that candidates from Pittsburgh State University will be ready to enter the classrooms of kindergarten through grade 6 students upon graduation. With a broad general education and concurrent learning of pedagogical subject matter, the program is interspersed with several practicum teaching blocks designed to give students an opportunity to match theory with practice under the mentorship of senior teachers. Learn more by visiting the college website at pittstate.edu.

College Details
  • Public University
  • 5,000 - 10,000 Students
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr
  • Online Education Options
  • 8.5% Loan Default

Elementary Education Schools By State

Select from the state list below to find colleges that offer a degree in elementary education. School programs, and if available, corresponding degree levels and total estimated degrees granted each year are listed. The schools listed are taken from reports provided by IPEDS for CIP Code(s): 13.1202.


SchoolProgram Details

Alabama A & M University

4900 Meridian Street,Normal, AL
Phone: (256) 372-5000

Alabama State University

915 S Jackson Street,Montgomery, AL
Phone: (334) 229-4100

Athens State University

300 N Beaty St,Athens, AL
Phone: (256) 233-8100

Auburn University at Montgomery

7440 East Drive,Montgomery, AL
Phone: (334) 244-3000

Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama,Auburn University, AL
Phone: (334) 844-4000

Faulkner University

5345 Atlanta Hwy,Montgomery, AL
Phone: (334) 272-5820

Huntingdon College

1500 East Fairview Avenue,Montgomery, AL
Phone: (334) 833-4222

Jacksonville State University

700 Pelham Road North,Jacksonville, AL
Phone: (256) 782-5781

Miles College

5500 Myron Massey Blvd,Fairfield, AL
Phone: (205) 929-1000 x1645

Oakwood University

7000 Adventist Blvd NW,Huntsville, AL
Phone: (256) 726-7000

Spring Hill College

4000 Dauphin St,Mobile, AL
Phone: (251) 380-4000

Stillman College

3601 Stillman Boulevard,Tuscaloosa, AL
Phone: (205) 349-4240

The University of Alabama

739 University Blvd,Tuscaloosa, AL
Phone: (205) 348-6010

Troy University

University Avenue,Troy, AL
Phone: (334) 670-3100
  • Online Degree Options
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr

Tuskegee University

Kresge Center, 3rd Floor,Tuskegee, AL
Phone: (334) 727-8011

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Administration Bldg Suite 1070,Birmingham, AL
Phone: (205) 934-4011
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

University of Alabama in Huntsville

301 Sparkman Dr,Huntsville, AL
Phone: (256) 824-6120

University of Mobile

5735 College Parkway Drive,Mobile, AL
Phone: (251) 675-5990

University of Montevallo

Station 6001,Montevallo, AL
Phone: (205) 665-6155

University of North Alabama

One Harrison Plaza,Florence, AL
Phone: (256) 765-4100
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

University of South Alabama

307 N University Blvd,Mobile, AL
Phone: (251) 460-6101


SchoolProgram Details

University of Alaska Anchorage

3211 Providence Drive,Anchorage, AK
Phone: (907) 786-1800

University of Alaska Fairbanks

505 South Chandalar Drive,Fairbanks, AK
Phone: (907) 474-7211

University of Alaska Southeast

11120 Glacier Highway,Juneau, AK
Phone: (877) 465-4827


SchoolProgram Details

Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix

411 N Central Avenue - Ste 520,Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (602) 496-4636

Arizona State University-Polytechnic

7001 E Williams Field Road,Mesa, AZ
Phone: (480) 727-1585

Arizona State University-Tempe

University Drive and Mill Avenue,Tempe, AZ
Phone: (480) 965-9011

Arizona State University-West

4701 W Thunderbird Road,Glendale, AZ
Phone: (602) 543-5500
  • Online Degree Options
  • 25-50 Grads/Yr

Grand Canyon University

3300 W Camelback Rd,Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (800) 800-9776
  • Online Degree Options
  • 200+ Grads/Yr

Northern Arizona University

1900 S. Knoles Dr, Babbitt Administrative Center,Flagstaff, AZ
Phone: (928) 523-9011
  • Online Degree Options
  • 200+ Grads/Yr

Ottawa University-Phoenix

9414 North 25th Avenue,Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (602) 371-1188

Prescott College

220 Grove Ave,Prescott, AZ
Phone: (877) 350-2100

University of Arizona

1401 E University,Tucson, AZ
Phone: (520) 621-2211

University of Phoenix-Arizona

1625 West Fountainhead Parkway,Tempe, AZ
Phone: (866) 766-0766
  • Online Degree Options
  • 200+ Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

University of Arkansas

Administration Bldg 425,Fayetteville, AR
Phone: (479) 575-2000

University of the Ozarks

415 N College Ave,Clarksville, AR
Phone: (479) 979-1000

Williams Baptist College

60 W Fulbright Avenue,Walnut Ridge, AR
Phone: (870) 886-6741


SchoolProgram Details

Ashford University

8620 Spectrum Center Boulevard,San Diego, CA
Phone: (866) 711-1700

Biola University

13800 Biola Ave,La Mirada, CA
Phone: (562) 903-6000

Hope International University

2500 E Nutwood Ave,Fullerton, CA
Phone: (714) 879-3901

National University

11255 North Torrey Pines Road,La Jolla, CA
Phone: (800) 628-8648

Pacific Union College

One Angwin Ave,Angwin, CA
Phone: (707) 965-6313

Point Loma Nazarene University

3900 Lomaland Dr,San Diego, CA
Phone: (619) 849-2200

University of the Pacific

3601 Pacific Ave,Stockton, CA
Phone: (209) 946-2011

William Jessup University

333 Sunset Blvd.,Rocklin, CA
Phone: (916) 577-2200


SchoolProgram Details

Colorado Christian University

8787 West Alameda Avenue,Lakewood, CO
Phone: (303) 963-3000

Regis University

3333 Regis Blvd,Denver, CO
Phone: (800) 388-2366 x2111

University of Phoenix-Colorado

10004 Park Meadows Dr,Lone Tree, CO
Phone: (866) 766-0766


SchoolProgram Details

Central Connecticut State University

1615 Stanley St,New Britain, CT
Phone: (860) 832-2278

Eastern Connecticut State University

83 Windham St,Willimantic, CT
Phone: (860) 465-5000

Southern Connecticut State University

501 Crescent Street,New Haven, CT
Phone: (203) 392-5200

University of Connecticut

352 Mansfield Road,Storrs, CT
Phone: (860) 486-2000

University of Hartford

200 Bloomfield Ave,West Hartford, CT
Phone: (860) 768-4100

Western Connecticut State University

181 White Street,Danbury, CT
Phone: (203) 837-8200


SchoolProgram Details

Delaware State University

1200 N. Dupont Highway,Dover, DE
Phone: (302) 857-6060

University of Delaware

104 Hullihen Hall,Newark, DE
Phone: (302) 831-2000

Wesley College

120 N State St,Dover, DE
Phone: (302) 736-2300

Wilmington University

320 Dupont Hwy,New Castle, DE
Phone: (877) 967-5464


SchoolProgram Details

Bethune-Cookman University

640 Dr Mary McLeod Bethune Blvd,Daytona Beach, FL
Phone: (386) 481-2000

Clearwater Christian College

3400 Gulf to Bay Blvd,Clearwater, FL
Phone: (727) 726-1153 x253

Daytona State College

1200 W. International Speedway Blvd.,Daytona Beach, FL
Phone: (386) 506-3000

Edward Waters College

1658 Kings Rd,Jacksonville, FL
Phone: (904) 470-8000

Flagler College-St Augustine

74 King Street,Saint Augustine, FL
Phone: (904) 829-6481

Flagler College-Tallahassee

444 Appleyard Dr,Tallahassee, FL
Phone: (850) 201-8070

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

1500 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd,Tallahassee, FL
Phone: (850) 599-3000

Florida Atlantic University

777 Glades Rd,Boca Raton, FL
Phone: (561) 297-3000

Florida Gulf Coast University

10501 Fgcu Blvd S,Fort Myers, FL
Phone: (239) 590-1000

Florida International University

11200 S. W. 8 Street,Miami, FL
Phone: (305) 348-2000

Florida Memorial University

15800 NW 42 Avenue,Miami Gardens, FL
Phone: (305) 626-3600

Florida SouthWestern State College

8099 College Parkway,Fort Myers, FL
Phone: (239) 489-9300

Florida Southern College

111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr,Lakeland, FL
Phone: (863) 680-4111

Florida State University

222 S. Copeland Street,Tallahassee, FL
Phone: (850) 644-2525

Jacksonville University

2800 University Blvd N,Jacksonville, FL
Phone: (904) 256-8000

Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale

1500 NW 49th St.,Fort Lauderdale, FL
Phone: (954) 776-4476

Lynn University

3601 N. Military Trail,Boca Raton, FL
Phone: (800) 888-5966

Northwest Florida State College

100 College Blvd,Niceville, FL
Phone: (850) 678-5111

Nova Southeastern University

3301 College Ave,Fort Lauderdale, FL
Phone: (954) 262-7300

Palm Beach Atlantic University

901 S. Flagler Drive,West Palm Beach, FL
Phone: (561) 803-2000

Rollins College

1000 Holt Avenue,Winter Park, FL
Phone: (407) 646-2000

Saint Leo University

33701 State Road 52,Saint Leo, FL
Phone: (352) 588-8200

Southeastern University

1000 Longfellow Blvd,Lakeland, FL
Phone: (863) 667-5000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 25-50 Grads/Yr

St Petersburg College

6021 142nd Ave N,Clearwater, FL
Phone: (727) 341-4772

St Thomas University

16401 NW 37th Ave,Miami Gardens, FL
Phone: (305) 625-6000

Stetson University

421 N Woodland Blvd,DeLand, FL
Phone: (386) 822-7000

The Baptist College of Florida

5400 College Dr,Graceville, FL
Phone: (850) 263-3261

The University of Tampa

401 W Kennedy Blvd,Tampa, FL
Phone: (813) 253-3333

The University of West Florida

11000 University Parkway,Pensacola, FL
Phone: (850) 474-2000

University of Central Florida

4000 Central Florida Blvd,Orlando, FL
Phone: (407) 823-2000

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL
Phone: (352) 392-3261

University of North Florida

1 UNF Drive,Jacksonville, FL
Phone: (904) 620-1000

University of Phoenix-Florida

8325 S Park Circle,Orlando, FL
Phone: (866) 766-0766

University of South Florida-Sarasota-Manatee

8350 N Tamiami Trail,Sarasota, FL
Phone: (941) 359-4200

University of South Florida

4202 East Fowler Ave,Tampa, FL
Phone: (813) 974-2011

Warner University

13895 Hwy 27,Lake Wales, FL
Phone: (863) 638-1426


SchoolProgram Details

Brenau University

500 Washington Street SE,Gainesville, GA
Phone: (770) 534-6299

Covenant College

14049 Scenic Highway,Lookout Mountain, GA
Phone: (706) 820-1560

Georgia Southern University

Brannen Hall, Room 2015, 2670 Southern Drive,Statesboro, GA
Phone: (912) 478-5391

Georgia Southwestern State University

800 Georgia Southwestern State University Dr.,Americus, GA
Phone: (877) 871-4594

Gordon State College

419 College Dr,Barnesville, GA
Phone: (678) 359-5555

Kennesaw State University

1000 Chastain Rd,Kennesaw, GA
Phone: (770) 423-6000

LaGrange College

601 Broad Street,Lagrange, GA
Phone: (706) 880-8000

Mercer University

1400 Coleman Avenue,Macon, GA
Phone: (478) 301-2700

Middle Georgia State College

100 College Station Drive,Macon, GA
Phone: (478) 471-2700

Paine College

1235 15th St,Augusta, GA
Phone: (706) 821-8200

Piedmont College

1021 Central Ave,Demorest, GA
Phone: (706) 778-3000

Reinhardt University

7300 Reinhardt Circle,Waleska, GA
Phone: (770) 720-5600

Toccoa Falls College

107 Kincaid Drive,Toccoa Falls, GA
Phone: (706) 886-6831

University of North Georgia

82 College Circle,Dahlonega, GA
Phone: (706) 864-1400

University of West Georgia

1601 Maple St,Carrollton, GA
Phone: (678) 839-5000

Wesleyan College

4760 Forsyth Rd,Macon, GA
Phone: (478) 477-1110


SchoolProgram Details

Brigham Young University-Hawaii

55-220 Kulanui Street,Laie, HI
Phone: (808) 675-3211

Chaminade University of Honolulu

3140 Waialae Avenue,Honolulu, HI
Phone: (808) 735-4711

Hawaii Pacific University

1164 Bishop Street, Suite 800,Honolulu, HI
Phone: (808) 544-0200

University of Hawaii at Manoa

2500 Campus Road, Hawaii Hall,Honolulu, HI
Phone: (808) 956-8111


SchoolProgram Details

Boise State University

1910 University Dr,Boise, ID
Phone: (208) 426-1011

Brigham Young University-Idaho

525 S Center,Rexburg, ID
Phone: (208) 496-1411

Idaho State University

921 S 8th Ave,Pocatello, ID
Phone: (208) 282-2700

Lewis-Clark State College

500 8th Ave,Lewiston, ID
Phone: (208) 792-5272

Northwest Nazarene University

623 S. University Blvd.,Nampa, ID
Phone: (208) 467-8011

The College of Idaho

2112 Cleveland Blvd,Caldwell, ID
Phone: (208) 459-5011

University of Idaho

875 Perimeter Drive,Moscow, ID
Phone: (888) 884-3246


SchoolProgram Details

Augustana College

639 38th St,Rock Island, IL
Phone: (309) 794-7000

Aurora University

347 S Gladstone Ave,Aurora, IL
Phone: (630) 892-6431

Benedictine University

5700 College Rd,Lisle, IL
Phone: (630) 829-6000

Blackburn College

700 College Ave,Carlinville, IL
Phone: (217) 854-3231

Bradley University

1501 W Bradley Ave,Peoria, IL
Phone: (309) 676-7611

Chicago State University

9501 S. King Drive,Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 995-2000

Concordia University-Chicago

7400 Augusta,River Forest, IL
Phone: (708) 771-8300

DePaul University

1 E Jackson Blvd,Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 362-8000

Eastern Illinois University

600 Lincoln Avenue,Charleston, IL
Phone: (217) 581-5000

Elmhurst College

190 Prospect Ave,Elmhurst, IL
Phone: (630) 617-3500

Eureka College

300 E. College Avenue,Eureka, IL
Phone: (309) 467-3721

Governors State University

1 University Pky,University Park, IL
Phone: (708) 534-5000

Greenville College

315 E. College Ave,Greenville, IL
Phone: (618) 664-2800

Illinois College

1101 W College Ave,Jacksonville, IL
Phone: (217) 245-3000

Illinois State University

North and School Streets,Normal, IL
Phone: (309) 438-2111

Judson University

1151 N State St,Elgin, IL
Phone: (847) 628-2500

Lewis University

One University Parkway,Romeoville, IL
Phone: (815) 838-0500

Loyola University Chicago

1032 W. Sheridan Rd,Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 274-3000

MacMurray College

447 East College Ave,Jacksonville, IL
Phone: (217) 479-7000

McKendree University

701 College Rd,Lebanon, IL
Phone: (618) 537-4481

Millikin University

1184 W Main St,Decatur, IL
Phone: (217) 424-6211

Monmouth College

700 E Broadway,Monmouth, IL
Phone: (309) 457-2311

National Louis University

122 S Michigan Ave,Chicago, IL
Phone: (800) 443-5522

North Central College

30 N Brainard St,Naperville, IL
Phone: (630) 637-5100

North Park University

3225 W Foster Ave,Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 244-6200

Northeastern Illinois University

5500 N Saint Louis Ave,Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 583-4050

Northern Illinois University

1425 W. Lincoln Hwy.,Dekalb, IL
Phone: (800) 892-3050

Olivet Nazarene University

One University Avenue,Bourbonnais, IL
Phone: (815) 939-5011

Principia College

1 Maybeck Place,Elsah, IL
Phone: (618) 374-2131

Quincy University

1800 College Ave,Quincy, IL
Phone: (217) 222-8020

Rockford University

5050 E State St,Rockford, IL
Phone: (815) 226-4186

Roosevelt University

430 S Michigan Ave,Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 341-3500

Saint Xavier University

3700 W 103rd St,Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 298-3000

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Lincoln Drive,Carbondale, IL
Phone: (618) 453-2121

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Il State Rte 157,Edwardsville, IL
Phone: (618) 650-2000

Trinity Christian College

6601 W College Dr,Palos Heights, IL
Phone: (708) 597-3000

Trinity International University-Illinois

2065 Half Day Rd,Deerfield, IL
Phone: (847) 945-8800

University of Illinois at Chicago

601 S Morgan,Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 996-7000

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

601 E John Street,Champaign, IL
Phone: (217) 333-1000

University of St Francis

500 N Wilcox St,Joliet, IL
Phone: (815) 740-3360

Western Illinois University

1 University Circle,Macomb, IL
Phone: (309) 295-1414
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Wheaton College

501 College Ave,Wheaton, IL
Phone: (630) 752-5000


SchoolProgram Details

Anderson University

1100 E 5th St,Anderson, IN
Phone: (765) 649-9071

Ball State University

2000 University Ave,Muncie, IN
Phone: (765) 289-1241

Bethel College-Indiana

1001 Bethel Circle,Mishawaka, IN
Phone: (574) 807-7000

Butler University

4600 Sunset Ave,Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 940-8000

Calumet College of Saint Joseph

2400 New York Ave,Whiting, IN
Phone: (219) 473-7770

Franklin College

101 Branigin Blvd,Franklin, IN
Phone: (317) 738-8000

Goshen College

1700 S Main St,Goshen, IN
Phone: (574) 535-7000

Grace College and Theological Seminary

200 Seminary Dr,Winona Lake, IN
Phone: (574) 372-5100

Hanover College

359 LaGrange Road,Hanover, IN
Phone: (812) 866-7000

Holy Cross College

54515 State Road 933 North,Notre Dame, IN
Phone: (574) 239-8377

Indiana Institute of Technology

1600 E Washington Blvd,Fort Wayne, IN
Phone: (800) 937-2448

Indiana State University

210 N 7th St,Terre Haute, IN
Phone: (812) 237-6311

Indiana University-Bloomington

107 South Indiana Ave.,Bloomington, IN
Phone: (812) 855-4848

Indiana University-East

2325 Chester Blvd,Richmond, IN
Phone: (765) 973-8200

Indiana University-Kokomo

2300 S Washington St,Kokomo, IN
Phone: (765) 453-2000

Indiana University-Northwest

3400 Broadway,Gary, IN
Phone: (219) 980-6500

Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne

2101 E Coliseum Blvd,Fort Wayne, IN
Phone: (260) 481-6100

Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

425 University Blvd,Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 274-5555

Indiana University-South Bend

1700 Mishawaka Ave,South Bend, IN
Phone: (574) 520-4872

Indiana University-Southeast

4201 Grant Line Rd,New Albany, IN
Phone: (812) 941-2000

Indiana Wesleyan University

4201 S Washington St,Marion, IN
Phone: (765) 674-6901

Manchester University

604 E. College Ave,North Manchester, IN
Phone: (260) 982-5000

Marian University

3200 Cold Spring Rd,Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 955-6000

Oakland City University

138 N Lucretia St,Oakland City, IN
Phone: (812) 749-4781 x404

Purdue University-Calumet Campus

2200 169th St,Hammond, IN
Phone: (219) 989-2400

Purdue University-North Central Campus

1401 S US Hwy 421,Westville, IN
Phone: (219) 785-5200

Purdue University

Hovde Hall of Administration,West Lafayette, IN
Phone: (765) 494-4600

Saint Josephs College

1498 South College Avenue,Rensselaer, IN
Phone: (219) 866-6000

Saint Mary's College

133 LeMans Hall,Notre Dame, IN
Phone: (574) 284-4000

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

1 St Mary of Woods Coll,Saint Mary of the Woods, IN
Phone: (812) 535-5151
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Taylor University

236 W Reade Ave,Upland, IN
Phone: (765) 998-2751

Trine University

1 University Ave,Angola, IN
Phone: (260) 665-4100

University of Evansville

1800 Lincoln Avenue,Evansville, IN
Phone: (812) 488-2000

University of Indianapolis

1400 E Hanna Ave,Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 788-3368

University of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne

2701 Spring St,Fort Wayne, IN
Phone: (260) 399-7700

University of Southern Indiana

8600 University Blvd,Evansville, IN
Phone: (812) 464-8600

Valparaiso University

US Highway 30 and Sturdy Road,Valparaiso, IN
Phone: (219) 464-5000


SchoolProgram Details

Briar Cliff University

3303 Rebecca Street,Sioux City, IA
Phone: (712) 279-5321

Buena Vista University

610 W 4th St,Storm Lake, IA
Phone: (712) 749-2400

Central College

812 University,Pella, IA
Phone: (877) 462-3687

Coe College

1220 First Ave NE,Cedar Rapids, IA
Phone: (319) 399-8000

Cornell College

600 First St. SW,Mount Vernon, IA
Phone: (319) 895-4000

Dordt College

498 4th Ave NE,Sioux Center, IA
Phone: (712) 722-6000

Drake University

2507 University Avenue,Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 271-2011

Graceland University-Lamoni

1 University Place,Lamoni, IA
Phone: (641) 784-5000

Grand View University

1200 Grandview Ave,Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 263-2800

Iowa State University

3410 Beardshear Hall,Ames, IA
Phone: (515) 294-5836

Iowa Wesleyan College

601 N Main Street,Mount Pleasant, IA
Phone: (319) 385-8021

Loras College

1450 Alta Vista,Dubuque, IA
Phone: (563) 588-7100

Luther College

700 College Drive,Decorah, IA
Phone: (563) 387-2000

Morningside College

1501 Morningside Ave,Sioux City, IA
Phone: (712) 274-5000

Mount Mercy University

1330 Elmhurst Dr NE,Cedar Rapids, IA
Phone: (319) 363-8213

Northwestern College

101 Seventh St SW,Orange City, IA
Phone: (712) 707-7000

Saint Ambrose University

518 W Locust St,Davenport, IA
Phone: (563) 333-6000

Simpson College

701 North C St,Indianola, IA
Phone: (515) 961-6251 x1517

University of Dubuque

2000 University Ave,Dubuque, IA
Phone: (563) 589-3000

University of Iowa

101 Jessup Hall,Iowa City, IA
Phone: (319) 335-3500

University of Northern Iowa

1227 W 27th St,Cedar Falls, IA
Phone: (319) 273-2311

Upper Iowa University

605 Washington St,Fayette, IA
Phone: (563) 425-5200

Waldorf College

106 S Sixth St,Forest City, IA
Phone: (641) 585-2450

Wartburg College

100 Wartburg Blvd.,Waverly, IA
Phone: (319) 352-8200

William Penn University

201 Trueblood Ave,Oskaloosa, IA
Phone: (641) 673-1001


SchoolProgram Details

Baker University

618 Eighth Street,Baldwin City, KS
Phone: (785) 594-6451

Benedictine College

1020 N 2nd St,Atchison, KS
Phone: (913) 367-5340

Bethany College

335 E Swensson St,Lindsborg, KS
Phone: (785) 227-3380 x8237

Bethel College-North Newton

300 E 27th St,North Newton, KS
Phone: (316) 283-2500

Central Christian College of Kansas

1200 S Main,McPherson, KS
Phone: (620) 241-0723 x331

Emporia State University

1 Kellogg Circle,Emporia, KS
Phone: (620) 341-1200

Fort Hays State University

600 Park St,Hays, KS
Phone: (785) 628-4000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr

Friends University

2100 W. University Ave.,Wichita, KS
Phone: (316) 295-5000

Kansas State University

Anderson Hall,Manhattan, KS
Phone: (785) 532-6011

Kansas Wesleyan University

100 E. Claflin Ave.,Salina, KS
Phone: (785) 827-5541 x1285

McPherson College

1600 E Euclid,McPherson, KS
Phone: (620) 242-0400

MidAmerica Nazarene University

2030 E College Way,Olathe, KS
Phone: (913) 782-3750

Newman University

3100 McCormick Ave,Wichita, KS
Phone: (316) 942-4291

Pittsburg State University

1701 S Broadway,Pittsburg, KS
Phone: (620) 231-7000

Southwestern College

100 College Street,Winfield, KS
Phone: (620) 229-6000

Sterling College

125 W. Cooper,Sterling, KS
Phone: (620) 278-2173

Tabor College

400 S Jefferson,Hillsboro, KS
Phone: (620) 947-3121 x1056

University of Kansas

Strong Hall, 1450 Jayhawk Blvd, Room 230,Lawrence, KS
Phone: (785) 864-2700

University of Saint Mary

4100 S 4th St Trafficway,Leavenworth, KS
Phone: (913) 682-5151

Washburn University

1700 SW College Avenue,Topeka, KS
Phone: (785) 670-1010


SchoolProgram Details

Asbury University

1 Macklem Dr,Wilmore, KY
Phone: (859) 858-3511

Bellarmine University

2001 Newburg Rd,Louisville, KY
Phone: (502) 272-8263

Berea College

101 Chestnut Street,Berea, KY
Phone: (859) 985-3000

Campbellsville University

1 University Dr,Campbellsville, KY
Phone: (270) 789-5000 x5000

Centre College

600 W Walnut St,Danville, KY
Phone: (859) 238-5200

Eastern Kentucky University

521 Lancaster Ave,Richmond, KY
Phone: (859) 622-1000

Georgetown College

400 East College Street,Georgetown, KY
Phone: (502) 863-8000

Kentucky Christian University

100 Academic Pkwy,Grayson, KY
Phone: (606) 474-3000

Kentucky State University

400 East Main Street,Frankfort, KY
Phone: (502) 597-6000

Kentucky Wesleyan College

3000 Frederica Street,Owensboro, KY
Phone: (270) 926-3111

Lindsey Wilson College

210 Lindsey Wilson St,Columbia, KY
Phone: (270) 384-2126

Midway College

512 E. Stephens St,Midway, KY
Phone: (859) 846-4421

Morehead State University

University Blvd,Morehead, KY
Phone: (606) 783-2000

Murray State University

218 Wells Hall,Murray, KY
Phone: (270) 809-3011

Northern Kentucky University

Nunn Drive,Highland Heights, KY
Phone: (859) 572-5100

Spalding University

901 S Fourth Street,Louisville, KY
Phone: (502) 585-9911

Thomas More College

333 Thomas More Parkway,Crestview Hills, KY
Phone: (859) 341-5800

Transylvania University

300 N Broadway,Lexington, KY
Phone: (859) 233-8300

Union College

310 College St,Barbourville, KY
Phone: (606) 546-4151

University of Kentucky

South Limestone,Lexington, KY
Phone: (859) 257-9000

University of Louisville

2301 S 3rd St,Louisville, KY
Phone: (502) 852-5555

University of Pikeville

147 Sycamore St,Pikeville, KY
Phone: (606) 218-5250

University of the Cumberlands

6191 College Station Drive,Williamsburg, KY
Phone: (606) 549-2200

Western Kentucky University

1906 College Heights Blvd,Bowling Green, KY
Phone: (270) 745-0111
  • Online Degree Options
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

Grambling State University

403 Main Street,Grambling, LA
Phone: (318) 247-3811

Louisiana College

1140 College Dr,Pineville, LA
Phone: (318) 487-7011

Louisiana State University-Alexandria

8100 Hwy 71 South,Alexandria, LA
Phone: (318) 445-3672

Louisiana State University-Shreveport

One University Place,Shreveport, LA
Phone: (318) 797-5000

Louisiana State University

156 Thomas Boyd Hall,Baton Rouge, LA
Phone: (225) 578-3202

Louisiana Tech University

305 Wisteria,Ruston, LA
Phone: (318) 257-2000

McNeese State University

4205 Ryan St,Lake Charles, LA
Phone: (337) 475-5000

Nicholls State University

University Station La Hwy 1,Thibodaux, LA
Phone: (877) 642-4655

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

University Parkway,Natchitoches, LA
Phone: (318) 357-6011

Our Lady of Holy Cross College

4123 Woodland Drive,New Orleans, LA
Phone: (504) 394-7744

Southeastern Louisiana University

548 Ned McGehee Ave.,Hammond, LA
Phone: (985) 549-2000

Southern University and A & M College

3rd Floor, J.S. Clark Adm. Building, P.O. Box 9374,Baton Rouge, LA
Phone: (225) 771-4500

Southern University at New Orleans

6400 Press Drive,New Orleans, LA
Phone: (504) 286-5000

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

104 University Circle,Lafayette, LA
Phone: (377) 482-1000

University of Louisiana at Monroe

700 University Avenue,Monroe, LA
Phone: (318) 342-1000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 25-50 Grads/Yr

University of New Orleans

2000 Lakeshore Drive,New Orleans, LA
Phone: (888) 514-4275

Xavier University of Louisiana

One Drexel Drive,New Orleans, LA
Phone: (504) 486-7411


SchoolProgram Details

Husson University

1 College Circle,Bangor, ME
Phone: (207) 941-7000

Saint Joseph's College of Maine

278 Whites Bridge Rd,Standish, ME
Phone: (207) 892-6766

Thomas College

180 W River Rd,Waterville, ME
Phone: (207) 859-1111

University of Maine at Farmington

224 Main St.,Farmington, ME
Phone: (207) 778-7000

University of Maine at Fort Kent

23 University Drive,Fort Kent, ME
Phone: (207) 834-7500

University of Maine at Presque Isle

181 Main St,Presque Isle, ME
Phone: (207) 768-9400

University of Maine

168 College Avenue,Orono, ME
Phone: (207) 581-1865

University of New England

11 Hills Beach Rd,Biddeford, ME
Phone: (207) 283-0171


SchoolProgram Details

Bowie State University

14000 Jericho Park Rd,Bowie, MD
Phone: (301) 860-4000

Coppin State University

2500 West North Avenue,Baltimore, MD
Phone: (410) 951-3000

Frostburg State University

101 Braddock Road,Frostburg, MD
Phone: (301) 687-4000

Loyola University Maryland

4501 N Charles St,Baltimore, MD
Phone: (410) 617-2000

Morgan State University

1700 East Cold Spring Lane,Baltimore, MD
Phone: (443) 885-3333

Mount St Mary's University

16300 Old Emmitsburg Road,Emmitsburg, MD
Phone: (301) 447-6122

Salisbury University

1101 Camden Ave,Salisbury, MD
Phone: (410) 543-6000

Stevenson University

1525 Greenspring Valley Rd,Stevenson, MD
Phone: (410) 486-7000

Towson University

8000 York Rd,Towson, MD
Phone: (410) 704-2000

University of Maryland-College Park

College Park, MD
Phone: (301) 405-1000

Washington Adventist University

7600 Flower Ave,Takoma Park, MD
Phone: (301) 891-4000


SchoolProgram Details

Anna Maria College

50 Sunset Lane,Paxton, MA
Phone: (508) 849-3300

Bay Path University

588 Longmeadow Street,Longmeadow, MA
Phone: (413) 565-1000

Becker College

61 Sever St,Worcester, MA
Phone: (877) 523-2537

Boston College

140 Commonwealth Avenue,Chestnut Hill, MA
Phone: (617) 552-8000

Boston University

One Silber Way,Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 353-2000

Bridgewater State University

131 Summer Street,Bridgewater, MA
Phone: (508) 531-1000

College of Our Lady of the Elms

291 Springfield St,Chicopee, MA
Phone: (413) 594-2761

Curry College

1071 Blue Hill Ave,Milton, MA
Phone: (617) 333-2900

Eastern Nazarene College

23 E Elm Ave,Quincy, MA
Phone: (617) 745-3000 x3706

Emmanuel College

400 The Fenway,Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 735-9715

Endicott College

376 Hale Street,Beverly, MA
Phone: (978) 927-0585

Fitchburg State University

160 Pearl St,Fitchburg, MA
Phone: (978) 345-2151

Framingham State University

100 State Street,Framingham, MA
Phone: (508) 620-1220

Gordon College

255 Grapevine Rd,Wenham, MA
Phone: (978) 927-2300

Lasell College

1844 Commonwealth Avenue,Newton, MA
Phone: (617) 243-2000

Salem State University

352 Lafayette St,Salem, MA
Phone: (978) 542-6000

Simmons College

300 The Fenway,Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 521-2000

Western New England University

1215 Wilbraham Rd,Springfield, MA
Phone: (413) 782-3111

Westfield State University

577 Western Ave,Westfield, MA
Phone: (413) 572-5300

Wheaton College

26 E Main St,Norton, MA
Phone: (508) 286-8200

Wheelock College

200 Riverway,Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 879-2000

Worcester State University

486 Chandler St,Worcester, MA
Phone: (508) 929-8000


SchoolProgram Details

Alma College

614 W Superior,Alma, MI
Phone: (989) 463-7111

Andrews University

4150 Administration Drive, Room 136,Berrien Springs, MI
Phone: (800) 253-2874

Baker College of Auburn Hills

1500 University Drive,Auburn Hills, MI
Phone: (248) 340-0600

Baker College of Clinton Township

34950 Little Mack Ave,Clinton Township, MI
Phone: (586) 791-6610

Baker College of Flint

1050 West Bristol Road,Flint, MI
Phone: (810) 766-4000

Baker College of Jackson

2800 Springport Rd,Jackson, MI
Phone: (517) 789-6123

Baker College of Muskegon

1903 Marquette Ave,Muskegon, MI
Phone: (231) 777-8800

Calvin College

3201 Burton Street SE,Grand Rapids, MI
Phone: (616) 526-6000

Central Michigan University

106 Warriner Hall,Mount Pleasant, MI
Phone: (989) 774-4000

Cornerstone University

1001 E Beltline Ave NE,Grand Rapids, MI
Phone: (616) 949-5300

Eastern Michigan University

202 Welch Hall,Ypsilanti, MI
Phone: (734) 487-1849

Ferris State University

1201 S State St,Big Rapids, MI
Phone: (231) 591-2000

Hope College

100 E. 8th Street, Suite 260,Holland, MI
Phone: (616) 395-7000

Lake Superior State University

650 W Easterday Ave,Sault Ste Marie, MI
Phone: (906) 632-6841

Madonna University

36600 Schoolcraft Rd,Livonia, MI
Phone: (734) 432-5300

Northern Michigan University

1401 Presque Isle Avenue,Marquette, MI
Phone: (906) 227-2650

Oakland University

2200 North Squirrel Road,Rochester Hills, MI
Phone: (248) 370-2100

Rochester College

800 West Avon Road,Rochester Hills, MI
Phone: (248) 218-2000

Saginaw Valley State University

7400 Bay Rd,University Center, MI
Phone: (989) 964-4000

University of Detroit Mercy

4001 W McNichols Rd,Detroit, MI
Phone: (313) 993-1000

University of Michigan-Flint

303 E. Kearsley Street,Flint, MI
Phone: (810) 762-3000

University of Michigan

503 Thompson Street,Ann Arbor, MI
Phone: (734) 764-1817

Wayne State University

656 West Kirby Street,Detroit, MI
Phone: (313) 577-2424

Western Michigan University

1903 West Michigan Avenue,Kalamazoo, MI
Phone: (269) 387-1000


SchoolProgram Details

Augsburg College

2211 Riverside Ave,Minneapolis, MN
Phone: (612) 330-1000

Bemidji State University

1500 Birchmont Dr,Bemidji, MN
Phone: (800) 475-2001

Bethany Lutheran College

700 Luther Dr,Mankato, MN
Phone: (507) 344-7000

Bethel University

3900 Bethel Dr,Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 638-6400

College of Saint Benedict

37 S. College Ave.,Saint Joseph, MN
Phone: (320) 363-5011

Concordia College at Moorhead

901 S 8th St,Moorhead, MN
Phone: (218) 299-4200

Concordia University-Saint Paul

1282 Concordia Ave,Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 641-8278
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Crown College

8700 College View Drive,Saint Bonifacius, MN
Phone: (952) 446-4100

Hamline University

1536 Hewitt Avenue,Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 523-2800

Martin Luther College

1995 Luther Ct,New Ulm, MN
Phone: (507) 354-8221 x399

Metropolitan State University

700 East Seventh Street,Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 793-1212

Minnesota State University Moorhead

1104 Seventh Avenue South,Moorhead, MN
Phone: (800) 593-7246

Minnesota State University-Mankato

South Rd and Ellis Ave,Mankato, MN
Phone: (507) 389-1866

North Central University

910 Elliot Ave,Minneapolis, MN
Phone: (612) 343-4400

Saint Cloud State University

720 Fourth Ave. South,Saint Cloud, MN
Phone: (320) 308-0121

Saint Johns University

2850 Abbey Plaza,Collegeville, MN
Phone: (320) 363-2011

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

700 Terrace Heights,Winona, MN
Phone: (507) 457-1600

Southwest Minnesota State University

1501 State St,Marshall, MN
Phone: (507) 537-7678

St Catherine University

2004 Randolph Ave,Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 690-6000

The College of Saint Scholastica

1200 Kenwood Ave,Duluth, MN
Phone: (218) 723-6000

University of Minnesota-Crookston

2900 University Ave,Crookston, MN
Phone: (800) 862-6466

University of Minnesota-Morris

309 Behmler Hall,Morris, MN
Phone: (320) 589-6035

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

100 Church Street SE,Minneapolis, MN
Phone: (612) 625-5000

University of Northwestern-St Paul

3003 Snelling Ave N,Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 631-5100

University of St Thomas

2115 Summit Ave,Saint Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 962-5000

Winona State University

175 West Mark Street,Winona, MN
Phone: (507) 457-5000


SchoolProgram Details

Alcorn State University

1000 ASU Dr Ste 359,Alcorn State, MS
Phone: (601) 877-6100

Belhaven University

1500 Peachtree St,Jackson, MS
Phone: (601) 968-5940

Blue Mountain College

201 W Main St,Blue Mountain, MS
Phone: (662) 685-4771

Delta State University

Hwy 8 West,Cleveland, MS
Phone: (662) 846-3000

Jackson State University

1440 J R Lynch Street,Jackson, MS
Phone: (601) 979-2121

Mississippi College

200 South Capitol Street,Clinton, MS
Phone: (601) 925-3000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Mississippi State University

Lee Boulevard,Mississippi State, MS
Phone: (662) 325-2323

Mississippi University for Women

1100 College Street,Columbus, MS
Phone: (662) 329-4750

Mississippi Valley State University

14000 Highway 82 West,Itta Bena, MS
Phone: (662) 254-9041

Rust College

150 Rust Ave,Holly Springs, MS
Phone: (601) 252-8000

Tougaloo College

500 W County Line Rd,Tougaloo, MS
Phone: (601) 977-7700

University of Mississippi

Oxford, Mississippi,University, MS
Phone: (662) 915-7211

University of Southern Mississippi

118 College Drive # 0001,Hattiesburg, MS
Phone: (601) 266-1000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr

William Carey University

498 Tuscan Ave,Hattiesburg, MS
Phone: (601) 318-6051


SchoolProgram Details

Avila University

11901 Wornall Rd,Kansas City, MO
Phone: (816) 942-8400

Central Methodist University-College of Graduate and Extended Studies

411 Central Methodist Square,Fayette, MO
Phone: (660) 248-6392

Central Methodist University-College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

411 Central Methodist Square,Fayette, MO
Phone: (660) 248-3391

College of the Ozarks

100 Opportunity Avenue,Point Lookout, MO
Phone: (417) 334-6411

Culver-Stockton College

One College Hill,Canton, MO
Phone: (573) 288-6000

Drury University

900 N.Benton,Springfield, MO
Phone: (417) 873-7879

Evangel University

1111 N Glenstone,Springfield, MO
Phone: (417) 865-2811

Fontbonne University

6800 Wydown Blvd,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (314) 862-3456

Hannibal-LaGrange University

2800 Palmyra Rd,Hannibal, MO
Phone: (573) 221-3675

Harris-Stowe State University

3026 Laclede Ave,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (314) 340-3366

Lincoln University

820 Chestnut Street,Jefferson City, MO
Phone: (573) 681-5000

Lindenwood University

209 S Kingshighway,Saint Charles, MO
Phone: (636) 949-2000

Maryville University of Saint Louis

650 Maryville University Drive,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (800) 627-9855

Missouri Baptist University

One College Park Dr,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (877) 434-1115

Missouri Southern State University

3950 E. Newman Road,Joplin, MO
Phone: (417) 625-9300

Missouri State University-Springfield

901 S National,Springfield, MO
Phone: (417) 836-5000

Missouri Valley College

500 E College St,Marshall, MO
Phone: (660) 831-4000

Missouri Western State University

4525 Downs Dr,Saint Joseph, MO
Phone: (816) 271-4200

Northwest Missouri State University

800 University Drive,Maryville, MO
Phone: (660) 562-1212

Park University

8700 NW River Park Dr,Parkville, MO
Phone: (816) 741-2000

Rockhurst University

1100 Rockhurst Rd,Kansas City, MO
Phone: (816) 501-4000

Southeast Missouri State University

One University Plaza, MS4675,Cape Girardeau, MO
Phone: (573) 651-2000

Southwest Baptist University

1600 University Ave,Bolivar, MO
Phone: (800) 526-5859

University of Central Missouri

202 Administration Building,Warrensburg, MO
Phone: (660) 543-4111
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

University of Missouri-Columbia

105 Jesse Hall,Columbia, MO
Phone: (573) 882-2121

University of Missouri-Kansas City

5100 Rockhill Rd,Kansas City, MO
Phone: (816) 235-1000

University of Missouri-St Louis

One University Boulevard,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (314) 516-5000

University of Phoenix-Missouri

Riverpoint Executive Center II, 13801 Riverport Dr,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (866) 766-0766

Washington University in St Louis

One Brookings Drive,Saint Louis, MO
Phone: (314) 935-5000

Westminster College

501 Westminster Ave,Fulton, MO
Phone: (573) 642-3361

William Jewell College

500 College Hill,Liberty, MO
Phone: (816) 415-5979

William Woods University

One University Avenue,Fulton, MO
Phone: (573) 642-2251 x2251


SchoolProgram Details

Carroll College

1601 N Benton Ave,Helena, MT
Phone: (406) 447-4300

Montana State University-Billings

1500 University Drive,Billings, MT
Phone: (406) 657-2011

Montana State University-Northern

300 W 11th St,Havre, MT
Phone: (406) 265-3700

Montana State University

Montana State University,Bozeman, MT
Phone: (406) 994-0211

Rocky Mountain College

1511 Poly Drive,Billings, MT
Phone: (406) 657-1000

The University of Montana-Western

710 S Atlantic,Dillon, MT
Phone: (406) 683-7011

University of Great Falls

1301 Twentieth St S,Great Falls, MT
Phone: (406) 761-8210


SchoolProgram Details

Chadron State College

1000 Main St,Chadron, NE
Phone: (308) 432-6000

College of Saint Mary

7000 Mercy Rd.,Omaha, NE
Phone: (402) 399-2400

Concordia University-Nebraska

800 N Columbia Ave,Seward, NE
Phone: (800) 535-5494

Creighton University

2500 California Plaza,Omaha, NE
Phone: (402) 280-2700

Doane College-Crete

1014 Boswell Avenue,Crete, NE
Phone: (402) 826-2161

Grace University

1311 S 9th St,Omaha, NE
Phone: (402) 449-2800

Hastings College

710 N Turner Ave,Hastings, NE
Phone: (402) 463-2402 x7405

Midland University

900 N. Clarkson,Fremont, NE
Phone: (800) 642-8382

Nebraska Wesleyan University

5000 St Paul Ave,Lincoln, NE
Phone: (402) 466-2371

Peru State College

600 Hoyt Street,Peru, NE
Phone: (402) 872-3815

Union College

3800 S 48th Street,Lincoln, NE
Phone: (402) 486-2600

University of Nebraska at Kearney

905 W 25th St,Kearney, NE
Phone: (308) 865-8441

University of Nebraska at Omaha

6001 Dodge St,Omaha, NE
Phone: (402) 554-2800

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

14th and R St,Lincoln, NE
Phone: (402) 472-7211

Wayne State College

1111 Main St,Wayne, NE
Phone: (402) 375-7000


SchoolProgram Details

Nevada State College

1125 Nevada State Drive,Henderson, NV
Phone: (702) 992-2000

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

4505 S Maryland Pky,Las Vegas, NV
Phone: (702) 895-3011

University of Nevada-Reno

North Virginia Street,Reno, NV
Phone: (775) 784-1110

University of Phoenix-Nevada

3755 Breakthrough Way,Las Vegas, NV
Phone: (866) 766-0766

New Hampshire

SchoolProgram Details

Keene State College

229 Main Street,Keene, NH
Phone: (603) 352-1909

New England College

98 Bridge St,Henniker, NH
Phone: (603) 428-2211
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Plymouth State University

17 High Street,Plymouth, NH
Phone: (603) 535-5000

Rivier University

420 South Main St,Nashua, NH
Phone: (603) 888-1311

Saint Anselm College

100 Saint Anselm Drive,Manchester, NH
Phone: (603) 641-7000

Southern New Hampshire University

2500 North River Road,Manchester, NH
Phone: (603) 668-2211
  • Online Degree Options
  • 25-50 Grads/Yr

New Jersey

SchoolProgram Details

Caldwell University

120 Bloomfield Avenue,Caldwell, NJ
Phone: (973) 618-3000

Felician College

262 S Main St,Lodi, NJ
Phone: (201) 559-6000

Georgian Court University

900 Lakewood Ave,Lakewood, NJ
Phone: (732) 987-2200

Kean University

1000 Morris Avenue,Union, NJ
Phone: (908) 737-5326

Rider University

2083 Lawrence Road,Lawrenceville, NJ
Phone: (609) 896-5000

Saint Peter's University

2641 Kennedy Blvd,Jersey City, NJ
Phone: (201) 761-6000

Seton Hall University

400 S Orange Ave,South Orange, NJ
Phone: (973) 761-9000

The College of New Jersey

2000 Pennington Road,Ewing, NJ
Phone: (609) 771-1855

William Paterson University of New Jersey

300 Pompton Rd,Wayne, NJ
Phone: (973) 720-2000

New Mexico

SchoolProgram Details

Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus

1500 S Ave K,Portales, NM
Phone: (575) 562-1011

New Mexico Highlands University

University Ave,Las Vegas, NM
Phone: (505) 425-7511

New Mexico State University-Main Campus

2850 Weddell Street,Las Cruces, NM
Phone: (575) 646-0111

University of New Mexico-Main Campus

1700 Lomas Blvd NE,Albuquerque, NM
Phone: (505) 277-0111

University of Phoenix-New Mexico

5700 Pasadena NE,Albuquerque, NM
Phone: (866) 766-0766

Western New Mexico University

1000 W. College Ave,Silver City, NM
Phone: (505) 538-6336

New York

SchoolProgram Details

Alfred University

One Saxon Drive,Alfred, NY
Phone: (607) 871-2111

Boricua College

3755 Broadway,New York, NY
Phone: (212) 694-1000

CUNY Brooklyn College

2900 Bedford Ave,Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 951-5000

CUNY City College

160 Convent Ave,New York, NY
Phone: (212) 650-7000

CUNY Hunter College

695 Park Ave,New York, NY
Phone: (212) 772-4000

CUNY Lehman College

250 Bedford Park Blvd W,Bronx, NY
Phone: (718) 960-8000

CUNY Medgar Evers College

1650 Bedford Ave,Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 270-4900

CUNY Queens College

65-30 Kissena Blvd,Flushing, NY
Phone: (718) 997-5000

CUNY York College

94-20 Guy R. Brewer Blvd,Jamaica, NY
Phone: (718) 262-2000

Canisius College

2001 Main St,Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 883-7000

Cazenovia College

22 Sullivan St,Cazenovia, NY
Phone: (800) 654-3210

College of Staten Island CUNY

2800 Victory Blvd,Staten Island, NY
Phone: (718) 982-2000

Concordia College-New York

171 White Plains Rd,Bronxville, NY
Phone: (914) 337-9300

Daemen College

4380 Main St,Amherst, NY
Phone: (716) 839-3600

Dowling College

150 Idle Hour Blvd,Oakdale, NY
Phone: (631) 244-3000

Elmira College

One Park Place,Elmira, NY
Phone: (607) 735-1800

Five Towns College

305 North Service Road,Dix Hills, NY
Phone: (631) 424-7000

Hofstra University

100 Hofstra University,Hempstead, NY
Phone: (516) 463-6600

Houghton College

1 Willard Ave,Houghton, NY
Phone: (585) 567-9200

Iona College

715 North Ave,New Rochelle, NY
Phone: (914) 633-2000

LIU Brooklyn

1 University Plaza,Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 488-1011

LIU Post

720 Northern Blvd,Brookville, NY
Phone: (516) 299-2900

Manhattan College

4513 Manhattan College Parkway,Riverdale, NY
Phone: (718) 862-8000

Manhattanville College

2900 Purchase St,Purchase, NY
Phone: (914) 694-2200

Marymount Manhattan College

221 E 71st St,New York, NY
Phone: (212) 517-0400

Medaille College

18 Agassiz Circle,Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 880-2000

Molloy College

1000 Hempstead Ave,Rockville Centre, NY
Phone: (516) 323-3000

New York Institute of Technology

Northern Blvd,Old Westbury, NY
Phone: (516) 686-7516
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

New York University

70 Washington Sq South,New York, NY
Phone: (212) 998-1212

Niagara University

Lewiston Road,Niagara University, NY
Phone: (716) 285-1212

Nyack College

1 South Blvd,Nyack, NY
Phone: (845) 675-4400

Pace University-New York

1 Pace Plaza,New York, NY
Phone: (212) 346-1200

SUNY Buffalo State

1300 Elmwood Ave,Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 878-4000

SUNY College at Cortland

Miller Administration Building, Graham Avenue,Cortland, NY
Phone: (607) 753-2011

SUNY College at Geneseo

1 College Circle,Geneseo, NY
Phone: (585) 245-5000

SUNY College at Old Westbury

223 Store Hill Rd,Old Westbury, NY
Phone: (516) 876-3000

SUNY College at Oswego

7060 State Route 104,Oswego, NY
Phone: (315) 312-2500

SUNY College at Plattsburgh

101 Broad Street,Plattsburgh, NY
Phone: (518) 564-2000

SUNY College at Potsdam

44 Pierrepont Ave,Potsdam, NY
Phone: (315) 267-2000

SUNY Oneonta

Ravine Parkway,Oneonta, NY
Phone: (607) 436-3500

SUNY at Fredonia

280 Central Ave,Fredonia, NY
Phone: (716) 673-3111

Saint John Fisher College

3690 East Ave,Rochester, NY
Phone: (585) 385-8000

Saint Joseph's College-New York

245 Clinton Ave,Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 940-5300

Skidmore College

815 N Broadway,Saratoga Springs, NY
Phone: (518) 580-5000

St Bonaventure University

3261 W. State Road,Saint Bonaventure, NY
Phone: (716) 375-2000

St Francis College

180 Remsen St,Brooklyn Heights, NY
Phone: (718) 522-2300

St John's University-New York

8000 Utopia Pky,Queens, NY
Phone: (718) 990-6161

St. Thomas Aquinas College

125 Rte 340,Sparkill, NY
Phone: (845) 398-4000

State University of New York at New Paltz

1 Hawk Drive,New Paltz, NY
Phone: (877) 696-7411

The College of Saint Rose

432 Western Ave,Albany, NY
Phone: (518) 454-5111

The Sage Colleges

65 1st Street,Troy, NY
Phone: (518) 244-2000

Utica College

1600 Burrstone Rd,Utica, NY
Phone: (315) 792-3111

Wagner College

One Campus Rd,Staten Island, NY
Phone: (718) 390-3100

Yeshiva University

500 W 185th St,New York, NY
Phone: (212) 960-5400

North Carolina

SchoolProgram Details

Appalachian State University

Dougherty Administration Building,Boone, NC
Phone: (828) 262-2000

Barton College

200 ACC Drive NE,Wilson, NC
Phone: (252) 399-6300

Belmont Abbey College

100 Belmont-Mt Holly Road,Belmont, NC
Phone: (704) 461-6700

Bennett College

900 E Washington St,Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 517-2100

Campbell University

450 Leslie Campbell Ave,Buies Creek, NC
Phone: (910) 893-1200 x1265

Catawba College

2300 W Innes St,Salisbury, NC
Phone: (704) 637-4111

Chowan University

One University Place,Murfreesboro, NC
Phone: (252) 398-6500

East Carolina University

East 5th Street,Greenville, NC
Phone: (252) 328-6131
  • Online Degree Options
  • 200+ Grads/Yr

Elizabeth City State University

1704 Weeksville Rd,Elizabeth City, NC
Phone: (252) 335-3400

Elon University

100 Campus Drive,Elon, NC
Phone: (336) 278-2000

Fayetteville State University

1200 Murchison Rd,Fayetteville, NC
Phone: (910) 672-1111

Gardner-Webb University

Main St,Boiling Springs, NC
Phone: (704) 406-2361

Greensboro College

815 W Market St,Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 272-7102

Guilford College

5800 W Friendly Avenue,Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 316-2000

High Point University

833 Montlieu Ave,High Point, NC
Phone: (336) 841-9000

Johnson C Smith University

100 Beatties Ford Road,Charlotte, NC
Phone: (704) 378-1000

Lees-McRae College

191 Main Street,Banner Elk, NC
Phone: (828) 898-5241

Lenoir-Rhyne University

625 7th Avenue NE,Hickory, NC
Phone: (828) 328-1741

Mars Hill University

100 Athletic St,Mars Hill, NC
Phone: (828) 689-4968

Methodist University

5400 Ramsey St,Fayetteville, NC
Phone: (910) 630-7000

Montreat College

310 Gaither Circle,Montreat, NC
Phone: (828) 669-8012

North Carolina A & T State University

1601 E Market St,Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 334-7500

North Carolina Central University

1801 Fayetteville Street,Durham, NC
Phone: (919) 530-6100
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

North Carolina State University at Raleigh

2101 Hillsborough Street,Raleigh, NC
Phone: (919) 515-2011

North Carolina Wesleyan College

3400 N Wesleyan Blvd,Rocky Mount, NC
Phone: (252) 985-5100

Pfeiffer University

48380 US Hwy 52N,Misenheimer, NC
Phone: (704) 463-1360

Queens University of Charlotte

1900 Selwyn Ave,Charlotte, NC
Phone: (704) 337-2200

Shaw University

118 East South Street,Raleigh, NC
Phone: (919) 546-8200

University of Mount Olive

634 Henderson St,Mount Olive, NC
Phone: (919) 658-2502

University of North Carolina Wilmington

601 South College Road,Wilmington, NC
Phone: (910) 962-3000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 100-200 Grads/Yr

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

103 South Bldg Cb 9100,Chapel Hill, NC
Phone: (919) 962-2211

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

9201 University City Blvd,Charlotte, NC
Phone: (704) 687-2000

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

1400 Spring Garden St,Greensboro, NC
Phone: (336) 334-5000

University of North Carolina at Pembroke

One University Drive,Pembroke, NC
Phone: (910) 521-6000

Wake Forest University

1834 Wake Forest Road,Winston Salem, NC
Phone: (336) 758-5000

Wingate University

220 North Camden Road,Wingate, NC
Phone: (704) 233-8000

Winston-Salem State University

601 Martin Luther King Jr Dr,Winston-Salem, NC
Phone: (336) 750-2000

Yupiit School District

Highway 107,Cullowhee, NC
Phone: (828) 227-7100

North Dakota

SchoolProgram Details

Dickinson State University

291 Campus Drive,Dickinson, ND
Phone: (701) 483-2507

Mayville State University

330 Third Street NE,Mayville, ND
Phone: (701) 788-2301

Minot State University

500 University Ave W,Minot, ND
Phone: (701) 858-3000

University of Jamestown

608 6th St NE,Jamestown, ND
Phone: (701) 252-3467

University of Mary

7500 University Dr,Bismarck, ND
Phone: (701) 255-7500

University of North Dakota

264 Centennial Drive, Stop 8193,Grand Forks, ND
Phone: (800) 225-5863
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Valley City State University

101 College St SW,Valley City, ND
Phone: (701) 845-7990


SchoolProgram Details

Franciscan University of Steubenville

1235 University Blvd,Steubenville, OH
Phone: (740) 283-3771

Ohio State University-Newark Campus

1179 University Dr,Newark, OH
Phone: (740) 366-9333

Ohio State University

190 N. Oval Mall,Columbus, OH
Phone: (292) 646-8600

Ohio Wesleyan University

61 S Sandusky Street,Delaware, OH
Phone: (740) 368-2000

The University of Findlay

1000 North Main Street,Findlay, OH
Phone: (419) 422-8313

Union Institute & University

440 E McMillan St,Cincinnati, OH
Phone: (800) 861-6400

University of Rio Grande

218 N College Ave,Rio Grande, OH
Phone: (740) 245-7206

Wilmington College

1870 Quaker Way,Wilmington, OH
Phone: (800) 341-9318


SchoolProgram Details

Cameron University

2800 West Gore Blvd,Lawton, OK
Phone: (580) 581-2200

East Central University

1100 E. 14th Street,Ada, OK
Phone: (580) 332-8000

Langston University

102 Page Hall,Langston, OK
Phone: (405) 466-3428

Mid-America Christian University

3500 SW 119th St,Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: (405) 691-3800

Northeastern State University

600 N Grand,Tahlequah, OK
Phone: (918) 456-5511

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

709 Oklahoma Blvd,Alva, OK
Phone: (580) 327-1700

Oklahoma Baptist University

500 W University,Shawnee, OK
Phone: (405) 275-2850

Oklahoma Christian University

2501 E Memorial Rd,Edmond, OK
Phone: (405) 425-5000

Oklahoma City University

2501 N Blackwelder,Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: (405) 208-5000

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

323 Eagle Ave,Goodwell, OK
Phone: (580) 349-2611

Oklahoma State University-Main Campus

107 Whitehurst,Stillwater, OK
Phone: (405) 744-5000

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

2201 Silver Lake Rd,Bartlesville, OK
Phone: (918) 333-6151

Oral Roberts University

7777 S Lewis Ave.,Tulsa, OK
Phone: (918) 495-6161

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

1405 N 4th Ave,Durant, OK
Phone: (580) 745-2000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Southern Nazarene University

6729 NW 39th Expy,Bethany, OK
Phone: (405) 789-6400

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

100 Campus Dr,Weatherford, OK
Phone: (580) 772-6611
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

University of Central Oklahoma

100 N University Dr,Edmond, OK
Phone: (405) 974-2000

University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus

660 Parrington Oval,Norman, OK
Phone: (405) 325-0311

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

17th Street and Grand Avenue,Chickasha, OK
Phone: (405) 224-3140

University of Tulsa

800 South Tucker Drive,Tulsa, OK
Phone: (918) 631-2000


SchoolProgram Details

Concordia University-Portland

2811 NE Holman Street,Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 288-9371

George Fox University

414 N Meridian St,Newberg, OR
Phone: (503) 538-8383

Linfield College-McMinnville Campus

900 SE Baker,McMinnville, OR
Phone: (503) 883-2200

Multnomah University

8435 NE Glisan St,Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 255-0332

Northwest Christian University

828 E. 11th Ave.,Eugene, OR
Phone: (541) 343-1641

Southern Oregon University

1250 Siskiyou Blvd,Ashland, OR
Phone: (541) 552-7672

University of Portland

5000 N Willamette Blvd,Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 943-8000


SchoolProgram Details

Alvernia University

400 Saint Bernardine St,Reading, PA
Phone: (610) 796-8200

California University of Pennsylvania

250 University Ave,California, PA
Phone: (724) 938-4400
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Chatham University

Woodland Rd,Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: (412) 365-1100

Chestnut Hill College

9601 Germantown Ave,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 248-7000

Drexel University

3141 Chestnut St,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 895-2000

Eastern University

1300 Eagle Rd,Saint Davids, PA
Phone: (610) 341-5800

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

219 Meadville Street,Edinboro, PA
Phone: (814) 732-2000

Grove City College

100 Campus Dr,Grove City, PA
Phone: (724) 458-2000

Holy Family University

9801 Frankford Avenue,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 637-7700

King's College

133 N River St,Wilkes-Barre, PA
Phone: (570) 208-5900

Lancaster Bible College

901 Eden Rd,Lancaster, PA
Phone: (717) 569-7071

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Academy Street,Mansfield, PA
Phone: (570) 662-4000

Marywood University

2300 Adams Ave,Scranton, PA
Phone: (570) 348-6211

Messiah College

One College Ave,Mechanicsburg, PA
Phone: (717) 766-2511

Misericordia University

301 Lake St,Dallas, PA
Phone: (570) 674-6400

Neumann University

One Neumann Drive,Aston, PA
Phone: (610) 459-0905

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

201 Old Main,University Park, PA
Phone: (814) 865-4700

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks

Tulpehocken Road,Reading, PA
Phone: (610) 396-6000

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Harrisburg

777 West Harrisburg Pike,Middletown, PA
Phone: (717) 948-6250

Point Park University

201 Wood St,Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: (412) 391-4100

Robert Morris University

6001 University Boulevard,Moon Township, PA
Phone: (800) 762-0097

Rosemont College

1400 Montgomery Ave,Rosemont, PA
Phone: (610) 527-0200

Saint Francis University

117 Evergreen Dr,Loretto, PA
Phone: (814) 472-3000

Saint Joseph's University

5600 City Avenue,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (610) 660-1000

Seton Hill University

1 Seton Hill Dr,Greensburg, PA
Phone: (724) 834-2200

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

1871 Old Main Drive,Shippensburg, PA
Phone: (717) 477-7447

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

1 Morrow Way,Slippery Rock, PA
Phone: (724) 738-9000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Temple University

1801 North Broad Street,Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 204-7000

Thiel College

75 College Ave,Greenville, PA
Phone: (724) 589-2000

University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

450 Schoolhouse Road,Johnstown, PA
Phone: (814) 269-7000

University of Valley Forge

1401 Charlestown Road,Phoenixville, PA
Phone: (610) 917-0450

Waynesburg University

51 W College St,Waynesburg, PA
Phone: (724) 627-8191

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

University Avenue and High Street,West Chester, PA
Phone: (610) 436-1000

Wilkes University

84 West South Street,Wilkes-Barre, PA
Phone: (570) 408-5000

York College Pennsylvania

441 Country Club Rd,York, PA
Phone: (717) 846-7788

Rhode Island

SchoolProgram Details

Rhode Island College

600 Mount Pleasant Ave,Providence, RI
Phone: (401) 456-8000

Roger Williams University

One Old Ferry Road,Bristol, RI
Phone: (401) 253-1040

Salve Regina University

100 Ochre Point Avenue,Newport, RI
Phone: (401) 847-6650

University of Rhode Island

Green Hall, 35 Campus Avenue,Kingston, RI
Phone: (401) 874-1000

South Carolina

SchoolProgram Details

Anderson University

316 Boulevard,Anderson, SC
Phone: (864) 231-2000

Benedict College

1600 Harden Street,Columbia, SC
Phone: (803) 256-4220

Bob Jones University

1700 Wade Hampton Boulavard,Greenville, SC
Phone: (864) 242-5100

Charleston Southern University

9200 University Blvd,Charleston, SC
Phone: (843) 863-7000

Claflin University

400 Magnolia Street,Orangeburg, SC
Phone: (803) 535-5000

Clemson University

201 Sikes Hall,Clemson, SC
Phone: (864) 656-4636

Coastal Carolina University

103 Tom Trout Drive,Conway, SC
Phone: (843) 347-3161

Coker College

300 E College Ave,Hartsville, SC
Phone: (843) 383-8000

College of Charleston

66 George St,Charleston, SC
Phone: (843) 953-5500

Columbia College

1301 Columbia College Dr,Columbia, SC
Phone: (803) 786-3012

Converse College

580 E Main St,Spartanburg, SC
Phone: (864) 596-9000

Erskine College

2 Washington St,Due West, SC
Phone: (864) 379-2131

Francis Marion University

4822 East Palmetto Street,Florence, SC
Phone: (843) 661-1362

Furman University

3300 Poinsett Highway,Greenville, SC
Phone: (864) 294-2000

Lander University

320 Stanley Avenue,Greenwood, SC
Phone: (864) 388-8000

Limestone College

1115 College Drive,Gaffney, SC
Phone: (800) 795-7151 x0

Morris College

100 West College Street,Sumter, SC
Phone: (803) 934-3200

Newberry College

2100 College St,Newberry, SC
Phone: (803) 276-5010

North Greenville University

7801 N. Tigerville Road,Tigerville, SC
Phone: (864) 977-7000

Presbyterian College

503 South Broad Street,Clinton, SC
Phone: (864) 833-2820

South Carolina State University

300 College St NE,Orangeburg, SC
Phone: (803) 536-7000

Southern Wesleyan University

907 Wesleyan Drive,Central, SC
Phone: (864) 644-5000

University of South Carolina-Aiken

471 University Pkwy,Aiken, SC
Phone: (803) 648-6851

University of South Carolina-Columbia

Columbia-Campus,Columbia, SC
Phone: (803) 777-7000

University of South Carolina-Upstate

800 University Way,Spartanburg, SC
Phone: (864) 503-5000

Voorhees College

481 Porter Drive,Denmark, SC
Phone: (803) 780-1234

Winthrop University

701 Oakland Ave,Rock Hill, SC
Phone: (803) 323-2211

South Dakota

SchoolProgram Details

Augustana College

2001 S Summit Ave,Sioux Falls, SD
Phone: (605) 274-5516

Black Hills State University

1200 University St,Spearfish, SD
Phone: (800) 255-2478

Dakota State University

820 N Washington Ave,Madison, SD
Phone: (605) 256-5111

Dakota Wesleyan University

1200 W University Ave,Mitchell, SD
Phone: (605) 995-2600

Mount Marty College

1105 W. 8th Street,Yankton, SD
Phone: (855) 686-2789

Northern State University

1200 S Jay St,Aberdeen, SD
Phone: (605) 626-3011

University of Sioux Falls

1101 W 22nd St,Sioux Falls, SD
Phone: (605) 331-5000

University of South Dakota

414 E Clark St,Vermillion, SD
Phone: (605) 677-5301
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

Bethel University

325 Cherry Ave,McKenzie, TN
Phone: (731) 352-4000

Bryan College-Dayton

721 Bryan Drive,Dayton, TN
Phone: (423) 775-2041

Carson-Newman University

1646 S Russell Ave,Jefferson City, TN
Phone: (865) 471-2000

Cumberland University

1 Cumberland Square,Lebanon, TN
Phone: (615) 444-2562

Freed-Hardeman University

158 E Main St,Henderson, TN
Phone: (800) 348-3481

Johnson University

7900 Johnson Dr,Knoxville, TN
Phone: (865) 573-4517

King University

1350 King College Rd,Bristol, TN
Phone: (423) 968-1187

Lee University

1120 N Ocoee St,Cleveland, TN
Phone: (423) 614-8000

Lincoln Memorial University

6965 Cumberland Gap Pkwy,Harrogate, TN
Phone: (423) 869-3611

Lipscomb University

One University Park Drive,Nashville, TN
Phone: (615) 966-1000

Martin Methodist College

433 West Madison Street,Pulaski, TN
Phone: (931) 363-9800

Southern Adventist University

4881 Taylor Cir,Collegedale, TN
Phone: (423) 236-2000

Tennessee Wesleyan College

204 East College Street,Athens, TN
Phone: (423) 745-7504

Trevecca Nazarene University

333 Murfreesboro Rd,Nashville, TN
Phone: (615) 248-1200

Tusculum College

60 Shiloh Road,Greeneville, TN
Phone: (423) 636-7300

Union University

1050 Union University Dr,Jackson, TN
Phone: (731) 668-1818

Vanderbilt University

2101 West End Avenue,Nashville, TN
Phone: (615) 322-7311


SchoolProgram Details

Abilene Christian University

1600 Campus Court,Abilene, TX
Phone: (325) 674-2000

Baylor University

500 Speight Ave.,Waco, TX
Phone: (254) 710-1011

Concordia University-Texas

11400 Concordia University Dr.,Austin, TX
Phone: (512) 313-3000

Dallas Baptist University

3000 Mountain Creek Parkway,Dallas, TX
Phone: (214) 333-7100

East Texas Baptist University

One Tiger Drive,Marshall, TX
Phone: (903) 935-7963

Houston Baptist University

7502 Fondren Rd,Houston, TX
Phone: (281) 649-3000

Howard Payne University

1000 Fisk St.,Brownwood, TX
Phone: (325) 646-2502

LeTourneau University

2100 S Mobberly Ave,Longview, TX
Phone: (903) 233-3000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 50-100 Grads/Yr

Southwestern Adventist University

100 W Hillcrest,Keene, TX
Phone: (817) 645-3921
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr

Texas Lutheran University

1000 W. Court St,Seguin, TX
Phone: (830) 372-8000

The University of Texas at El Paso

500 W. University Ave,El Paso, TX
Phone: (915) 747-5000

The University of Texas at San Antonio

One UTSA Circle,San Antonio, TX
Phone: (210) 458-4011

University of Dallas

1845 E Northgate Drive,Irving, TX
Phone: (972) 721-5000

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

900 College St,Belton, TX
Phone: (800) 727-8642

University of St Thomas

3800 Montrose Blvd,Houston, TX
Phone: (713) 522-7911

University of the Incarnate Word

4301 Broadway,San Antonio, TX
Phone: (210) 829-6000

Wayland Baptist University

1900 W 7th St.,Plainview, TX
Phone: (806) 291-1000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 25-50 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

Brigham Young University-Provo

Main Campus,Provo, UT
Phone: (801) 422-4636

Dixie State University

225 S 700 E,Saint George, UT
Phone: (435) 652-7500

Southern Utah University

351 West University Blvd,Cedar City, UT
Phone: (435) 586-7700

University of Phoenix-Utah

5373 S. Green Street,Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: (866) 766-0766

University of Utah

201 Presidents Circle, ROOM 201,Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: (801) 581-7200

Utah State University

Old Main Hill,Logan, UT
Phone: (435) 797-1000

Utah Valley University

800 W University Parkway,Orem, UT
Phone: (801) 863-8000

Weber State University

3850 Dixon Parkway Dr. Dept. 1031,Ogden, UT
Phone: (801) 626-6000

Westminster College

1840 South 1300 East,Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: (801) 484-7651


SchoolProgram Details

Champlain College

246 S. Willard St,Burlington, VT
Phone: (802) 860-2700

Green Mountain College

One Brennan Circle,Poultney, VT
Phone: (802) 287-8000

Johnson State College

337 College Hill,Johnson, VT
Phone: (802) 635-2356

Lyndon State College

1001 College Rd,Lyndonville, VT
Phone: (802) 626-6200

Saint Michael's College

One Winooski Park,Colchester, VT
Phone: (802) 654-2000

University of Vermont

85 S Prospect St,Burlington, VT
Phone: (802) 656-3131


SchoolProgram Details

Hampton University

E Queen Street,Hampton, VA
Phone: (757) 727-5000

Liberty University

1971 University Blvd,Lynchburg, VA
Phone: (434) 582-2000

Marymount University

2807 N Glebe Rd,Arlington, VA
Phone: (703) 522-5600

Virginia Wesleyan College

1584 Wesleyan Dr,Norfolk, VA
Phone: (757) 455-3200


SchoolProgram Details

Central Washington University

400 East University Way,Ellensburg, WA
Phone: (509) 963-1111

Heritage University

3240 Fort Rd,Toppenish, WA
Phone: (509) 865-8500

Northwest University

5520 108th Ave NE,Kirkland, WA
Phone: (425) 822-8266

Pacific Lutheran University

1010 122nd St So,Tacoma, WA
Phone: (253) 531-6900

Saint Martin's University

5000 Abbey Way SE,Lacey, WA
Phone: (360) 491-4700

Walla Walla University

204 S College Ave,College Place, WA
Phone: (509) 527-2615

Washington State University

French Administration Building,Pullman, WA
Phone: (509) 335-3564

Western Washington University

516 High Street,Bellingham, WA
Phone: (360) 650-3000

Whitworth University

300 W Hawthorne Rd,Spokane, WA
Phone: (509) 777-1000

Washington, DC

SchoolProgram Details

American University

4400 Massachusetts Ave NW,Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 885-1000

Catholic University of America

620 Michigan Avenue, NE,Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 319-5000

University of the District of Columbia

4200 Connecticut Ave NW,Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 274-5012

West Virginia

SchoolProgram Details

Alderson Broaddus University

101 College Hill Drive,Philippi, WV
Phone: (304) 457-1700

Bethany College

31 E Campus Dr,Bethany, WV
Phone: (304) 829-7000

Bluefield State College

219 Rock St,Bluefield, WV
Phone: (304) 327-4000

Concord University

100 Vermillion Street,Athens, WV
Phone: (888) 384-5249 x5967

Davis & Elkins College

100 Campus Dr,Elkins, WV
Phone: (304) 637-1900

Glenville State College

200 High Street,Glenville, WV
Phone: (304) 462-7361

Marshall University

1 John Marshall Dr,Huntington, WV
Phone: (800) 642-3463

Shepherd University

301 North King St,Shepherdstown, WV
Phone: (304) 876-5000

University of Charleston

2300 MacCorkle Avenue, SE,Charleston, WV
Phone: (304) 357-4800

West Liberty University

208 University Drive,West Liberty, WV
Phone: (304) 336-5000

West Virginia State University

Rte 25,Institute, WV
Phone: (304) 766-3000

West Virginia University at Parkersburg

300 Campus Drive,Parkersburg, WV
Phone: (304) 424-8000

West Virginia University

Stewart Hall, 1500 University Avenue,Morgantown, WV
Phone: (304) 293-0111

West Virginia Wesleyan College

59 College Ave,Buckhannon, WV
Phone: (304) 473-8000

Wheeling Jesuit University

316 Washington Ave,Wheeling, WV
Phone: (304) 243-2000
  • Online Degree Options
  • 1-25 Grads/Yr


SchoolProgram Details

Alverno College

3400 S 43rd St,Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 382-6000

Cardinal Stritch University

6801 N Yates Rd,Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 410-4000

Carroll University

100 N East Ave,Waukesha, WI
Phone: (262) 547-1211

Carthage College

2001 Alford Park Dr,Kenosha, WI
Phone: (262) 551-8500

Concordia University-Wisconsin

12800 N Lake Shore Dr,Mequon, WI
Phone: (262) 243-5700

Edgewood College

1000 Edgewood College Drive,Madison, WI
Phone: (608) 663-4861

Lakeland College

W3718 South Drive, Cth M,Plymouth, WI
Phone: (920) 565-1000

Maranatha Baptist University

745 West Main Street,Watertown, WI
Phone: (920) 261-9300 x2320

Marian University

45 S National Ave,Fond Du Lac, WI
Phone: (920) 923-7600

Marquette University

1250 W Wisconsin Avenue,Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 288-7710

Saint Norbert College

100 Grant St,De Pere, WI
Phone: (920) 337-3181

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

105 Garfield Avenue,Eau Claire, WI
Phone: (715) 836-2637

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

1725 State St,La Crosse, WI
Phone: (608) 785-8000

University of Wisconsin-Madison

500 Lincoln Dr,Madison, WI
Phone: (608) 262-1234

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

800 Algoma Blvd,Oshkosh, WI
Phone: (920) 424-1234

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

1 University Plaza,Platteville, WI
Phone: (608) 342-1421

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

410 S 3rd St,River Falls, WI
Phone: (715) 425-3913

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

2100 Main St,Stevens Point, WI
Phone: (715) 346-0123

University of Wisconsin-Superior

Belknap & Catlin,Superior, WI
Phone: (715) 394-8101

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

800 W Main St,Whitewater, WI
Phone: (262) 472-1234

Viterbo University

900 Viterbo Drive,La Crosse, WI
Phone: (608) 796-3000

Wisconsin Lutheran College

8800 W Bluemound Rd,Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 443-8800


SchoolProgram Details

University of Wyoming

Corner of Ninth and Ivinson,Laramie, WY
Phone: (307) 766-1121